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Worldwide Lemnaceae Species List

Spirodela - Landoltia - Lemna - Wolffia - Wolffiella

Family Lemnaceae*

* The following subdivisions of the Lemnaceae follow Les, et al. 2002. Phylogeny and      
Systematics of Lemnaceae, Duckweed Family. Systematic Botany 27 (2): 221-240.

Subfamily Lemnoideae

  Spirodela species:

The following two species were formerly placed in Section Spirodela:

    1. Spirodela intermedia W. Koch.
    2. Spirodela polyrrhiza (L.) Schleiden
   ** Spirodela sichuanensis M.G.Liu & K.M.Xie On KEW-MBG List

  Landoltia species:

    3. Landoltia punctata (Meyer) Les & Crawford

Landoltia replaces Spirodela punctata (Meyer) Thompson
in the former Section Oligorrhizae of the genus Spirodela

  Lemna species:

    Section Lemna

    4. Lemna disperma Hegelmaier
    5. Lemna ecuadoriensis Landolt Not On KEW-MBG List
    6. Lemna gibba L.
    7. Lemna japonica Landolt
    8. Lemna minor L.
    9. Lemna obscura (Austin) Daubs)
  10. Lemna trisulca L.

Lemna trisulca Landolt was formerly placed in
Section Hydrophylla within the genus Lemna

  11. Lemna turionifera Landolt

    Section Alatae

  12. Lemna aequinoctialis Welwitsch
  13. Lemna perpusilla Torrey

    Section Biformes

  14. Lemna tenera Kurz

    Section Uninerves

  15. Lemna minuta C.S. Kunth
  16. Lemna valdiviana Philippi
  17. Lemna yungensis Landolt

Subfamily Wolffioideae

  Wolffiella species

    Section Stipitatae

  18. Wolffiella hyalina (Delile) Monod
  19. Wolffiella repanda (Hegelm.) Monod

    Section Rotundae

  20. Wolffiella rotunda Landolt

    Section Wolffiella

  21. Wolffiella caudata Landolt
  22. Wolffiella denticulata (Hegelm.) Hegelmaier
  23. Wolffiella gladiata (Hegelm.) Hegelmaier
  24. Wolffiella lingulata (Hegelm.) Hegelmaier
  25. Wolffiella neotropica Landolt
  26. Wolffiella oblonga (Phil.) Hegelmaier
  27. Wolffiella welwitschii (Hegelm.) Monod

  Wolffia species:

    Section Pseudorrhizae

  28. Wolffia microscopica (Griff.) Kurz

    Section Pigmentatae

  29. Wolffia borealis (Engelm.) Landolt ex Landolt & Wildi     
  30. Wolffia brasiliensis Weddell

    Section Wolffia

  31. Wolffia angusta Landolt
  **  Wolffia arhiza Wimmer On KEW-MBG List
  32. Wolffia arrhiza (L.) Horkel ex Wimmer
  33. Wolffia columbiana Karsten
  34. Wolffia cylindracea Hegelmaier
  35. Wolffia elongata Landolt

Wolffia elongata Landolt was formerly placed in
Section Elongatae within the genus Wolffia

  36. Wolffia globosa (Roxb.) Hartog & Plas
  37. Wolffia neglecta Landolt

    Section (Unassigned)

  38. Wolffia australiana (Bentham) Hartog &Plas

Wolffia australiana (Bentham) Hartog &Plas was formerly
placed in Section Wolffia within the genus Wolffia

** The On-line Plant List By Kew & Missouri Botanical Garden gives 39 accepted species for the subfamily Lemnoideae (duckweeds). The above species #5 (Lemna ecuadoriensis Landolt) is on the Les, et al. 2002 list, but not on the Kew-MBG List. Two spp. not on the Les, et al. 2002 list are Spirodela sichuanensis M.G.Liu & K.M.Xie and Wolffia arhiza Wimm. The above species #32 (Wolffia arrhiza (L.) Horkel ex Wimmer) is also listed as an accepted species on the Kew-MBG List. If Wolffia arhiza Wimm. is treated as a synonym, then the total number of species on the Kew-MBG LIST is 38.


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