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Some Native and Naturalized Plants of the
Palomar, Cuyamaca & Laguna Mt. Region

Including Yellow Pine Forest, Mt. Meadow, Southern Oak Woodland,
Riparian Woodland, Chamise Chaparral and Manzanita Chaparral

Compiled by W.P. Armstrong Between 1970 and 2003
Disclaimer: This list is intended as a useful supplement for students in my Botany 105, Botany 110
and Botany 115 classes at Palomar College. The list essentially covers the route of our field trips to
these beautiful mountains. It is not meant to be a thorough, scholarly list of all the plant species in
this diversified montane region. For a complete and up-to-date list of plant species in the Cuyamaca
and Laguna Mountains, please refer to J. Hirshberg and D. Clemons (1996) "Vascular Plants of the
Cuyamaca and Laguna Mountains, California," Phytologia 81: 69-102.

The montane region of San Diego County is a component of the Peninsular Ranges. This
forested region, plus the adjacent chaparral slopes and canyons, contains a very rich and
diverse flora.  The list contains about 25 percent of all the native and naturalized vascular
plant species in San Diego County.

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    Aceraceae: Maple Family

  1. Acer macrophyllum Big-Leaf Maple
  2. A. negundo ssp. californicum Calif. Box Elder

    Agavaceae (Liliaceae): Agave Family

  3. Nolina parryi Beargrass (northern foothills of Palomar Mt.)
  4. Yucca whipplei Chaparral Yucca

    Alismataceae: Water-Plantain Family

  5. Alisma plantago-aquatica American Water-Plantain (Julian & Laguna Mts.)

    Amaranthaceae: Amaranth Family

  6. Amaranthus albus Tumble Pigweed
  7. A. blitoides Mat Amaranth
  8. A. californicus Calif. Amaranth

    Amaryllidaceae: Amaryllis Family (Liliaceae)

  9. Allium amplectens Narrow-Leaf Onion (Chimney Creek Trail)
  10. A. campanulatum Sierra Onion (Palomar Mt.)
  11. A. fimbriatum var. fimbriatum Desert Fringed Onion (rocky desert slopes)
  12. A. haematochiton Red-Skinned Onion
  13. A. parryi Parry's Fringed Onion (Julian & Cuyamaca Lake; Garnet Peak
  14. A. peninsulare Red-Flowered Onion (foothills & valleys)
  15. A. praecox Wild Onion (foothills & valleys)
  16. Bloomeria crocea Golden Stars
  17. Brodiaea orcuttii Orcutt Brodiaea
  18. B. terrestris ssp. kernensis (B. coronaria) Harvest Brodiaea
  19. Dichelostemma (Brodiaea) capitatum ssp. capitatum Wild Hyacinth

    Anacardiaceae: Sumac Family

  20. Pistacia chinensis Chinese Pistachio (ornamental with red autumnal foliage)
  21. Rhus ovata Sugar Bush
  22. R. trilobata Basket Bush
  23. Toxicodendron diversilobum Poison Oak

    Apiaceae: Carrot Family

  24. Angelica tomentosa Wood Angelica
  25. Anthriscus caucaulis Bur Chervil
  26. Apiastrum angustifolium Mock Parsely
  27. Apium graveolens Wild Celery
  28. Berula erecta Water Parsnip (pinnate lvs, lflts cut or lobed; Palomar Mt.)
  29. Bowlesia incana Bowlesia (burned slopes)
  30. Cicuta douglasii Water Hemlock (lflts serrate; 2 X pinnate; upper Doane Valley)
  31. Conium maculatum Poison Hemlock
  32. Daucus carota Wild Carrot or Queen Anne's Lace (Cuyamaca Lake)
  33. D. pusillus Wild Carrot or Rattlesnake Weed (foothills on burned slopes)
  34. Hydrocotyle ranunculoides Marsh Pennywort
  35. Lomatium dasycarpum ssp. d. Woolly-Fruit Lomatium (Cuyamaca L., Garnet Pk)
  36. L. lucidum Shiny Lomatium (Palomar Mt.)
  37. Oenanthe sarmentosa Pacific Oenanth (per with lvs similar to Apium; Doane Creek)
  38. Osmorrhiza brachypoda Sweet Cicely (resemble meadow rue, slender fruit)
  39. O. chilensis Mountain Sweet Cicely (Doane Valley, Palomar Mt.)
  40. Perideridia gairdneri Gaidner's Yumpah
  41. P. parishii ssp. latifolia Southern Yumpah (lvs simple or ternate; 3-5 divisions)
  42. Sanicula bipinnatifida Purple Sanicle
  43. S. crassicaulis (var. crassicaulis) Yellow-Flowered Snakeroot
  44. S. graveolens Sierra Sanicle (Garnet Peak)
  45. S. tuberosa Turkey Pea (Will Valley; Volcan Mtn.)
  46. Tauschia arguta Tauschia (burned slopes on Palomar Mt.)
  47. Torilis arvensis Hedge Parsley (Dyche Valley; Volcan Mtn.)
  48. Yabea (Caucalis) microcarpa Small-Fruited Caucalis

    Apocynaceae: Dogbane Family

  49. Apocynum androsaemifolium (A. pumilum) Spreading Dogbane (Doane Nature Trail)
  50. A. cannabinum Indian Hemp or Dogbane (San Luis Rey River)

    Araliaceae: Aralia Family

  51. Aralia californica Calif. Aralia or Spikenard

    Asclepiadaceae: Milkweed Family

  52. Asclepias californica Woolly Milkweed
  53. A. eriocarpa Indian Milkweed (Palomar Mountain State Park)
  54. Asclepias fascicularis Mexican Milkweed
  55. Sacostemma cynanchoides ssp. hartwegii Climbing Milkweed

    Aspleniaceae: Spleenwort Family

  56. Asplenium verspertinum Spleenwort (Pauma Valley)

    Azollaceae: Azolla Family

  57. Azolla filiculoides Mosquito Fern

    Asteraceae: Sunflower Family

  58. Achillea millefolium (A. lanulosa) Common Yarrow
  59. Acourtia (Perezia) microcephala Purple Head
  60. Agoseris grandiflora (ak tapering at apex, lf segs not retrorse; Thunder Springs)
  61. Agoseris retrorsa Forest Dandelion (achene truncate with abrupt beak)
  62. Ambrosia (Franseria) acanthicarpa Sand Bur
  63. Ambrosia psilostachya Western Ragweed
  64. Anthemis cotula Mayweed
  65. Artemisia douglasiana Douglas Mugwort (Palomar Mt.)
  66. A. dracunculus Dragon Sagewort or Tarragon (Doane Valley)
  67. A. ludoviciana ssp. ludoviciana Western Mugwort (narrow lvs.; trail to Oasis Springs)
  68. A. tridentata ssp. tridentata Big Sagebrush (Basin Sagebrush)
  69. Aster bernardinus Purple Meadow Aster
  70. A chilensis PurpleAster
  71. A. exilis Slender Aster
  72. Baccharis salicifolia (B. glutinosa; B. viminea) Mule Fat
  73. Blennosperma nanum var. nanum Meadow Daisy (Cuyamaca Lake)
  74. Brickellia californica Calif. Brickellia
  75. Chaenactis artemisiifolia White Pincushion Flower
  76. C. glabriuscula var. glabriuscula Yellow Pincushion Flower
  77. C. parishii (above Pioneer Mail)
  78. Chamomilla suaveolens Pineapple Weed
  79. Cirsium occidentale var. californicum Calif. Thistle
  80. C. scariosum (C. drummondii & C. tioganum) Birdnest Thistle
  81. Conyza canadensis Horseweed
  82. Dimorphotheca sinuata Cape Marigold (roadside introduction)
  83. Ericameria (Haplopappus) cuneata var. macrocephala Laguna Dwarf Goldenbush
  84. E. parishii var. parishii Parish Goldenbush (Cuyamaca Peak & Garnet Peak)
  85. E. pinifolia Pine Goldenbush (Palomar Observatory)
  86. Erigeron divergens (numerous slender rays, fuzzy oblanceolate lvs; Laguna Mdws)
  87. E. foliosus var. foliosus Leafy Daisy or Fleabane (Garnet Peak Trail)
  88. E. foliosus var. stenophyllus Leafy Daisy or Fleabane
  89. Eriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorum Golden Yarrow
  90. E. wallacei (var. rubellum) Woolly Daisy (white rays; Cuyamaca Lake)
  91. E. wallacei (var. wallacei) Wallace's Woolly Daisy (yellow rays; Laguna Camp)
  92. Euthamia (Solidago) occidentaIis Western Goldenrod
  93. Filago californica Calif. Fluffweed
  94. F. gallica Narrowleaf Filago
  95. Gnaphalium californicum Green Everlasting
  96. G. canescens ssp. beneolens Fragrant Everlasting
  97. G. canescens ssp. microcephalum White Everlasting (lf bases not decurrent)
  98. G. palustre Cudweed
  99. G. stramineum (C. chilense) Cotton-Batting Plant (Camp Mataguay)
  100. Grindelia hirsutula var. hallii San Diego Gum Plant
  101. Gutierrezia californica (G. bracteata) Matchweed
  102. G. sarothrae (G. bracteata) Matchweed (Laguna Mts.)
  103. Hazardia squarrosa var. grindelioides Sawtooth Goldenbush (E. Grade, Palomar Mt.)
  104. Helianthella californica var. nevadensis (Volcan Mounutain)
  105. Helianthus californicus Calif. Sunflower
  106. H. gracilentus Slender Sunflower (Garnet Peak)
  107. Helenium puberulum Sneezeweed
  108. Hemizonia mohavensis Mojave Tarweed (presumed extinct; Lost Valley, Palomar Mt.)
  109. Heterotheca grandiflora Telegraph Weed
  110. H. sessiliflora ssp. echioides (resembles small telegraph weed; Doane Valley)
  111. Hieracium albiflorum White Hawkweed
  112. Hulsea californica Calif. Hulsea (above Pioneer Mail)
  113. H. vestita ssp. callicarpha Beautiful Hulsea (Palomar Mt.--North)
  114. Hymenopappus filifolius var. lugens Pine Cutleaf
  115. Hymenothrix wrightii Wright Hymenothrix
  116. Hypochoeris glabra Smooth Cat's Ears
  117. Lactuca serriola Prickly Lettuce
  118. Lasthenia (Baeria) californica Goldfields
  119. L. glaberrima (Cuyamaca Lake)
  120. Layia platyglossa ssp. campestris Tidy Tips
  121. Lepidospartum squamatum Scale Broom
  122. Lessengia (Corethrogyne) filaginifolia var. f. Sand Aster (lvs. resemble Gnaphalium)
  123. L. glandulifera var. glandulifera Sticky Lessingia
  124. L. glandulifera var. tomentosa Warner Springs Lessingia (Hwy 76 E of Warner Spr.)
  125. Machaeranthera asteroides var. lagunensis Laguna Aster
  126. Madia elegans ssp. densifolia Common Madia (Middle Peak)
  127. M. elegans ssp. elegans Elegant Madia (Palomar Mt.)
  128. M. gracilis Gum Weed (Garnet Peak Trail, Volcan Mtn.)
  129. M. minima Tarweed (tiny glandular-hairy annual)
  130. Malacothrix clevelandii Mt. Dandelion (East Grade Road, Palomar Mt.)
  131. Micropus californicus var. californicus Cottonweed (corolla & style lateral on ak.)
  132. Monoptilon bellioides Desert Star (above Pioneer Mail)
  133. Pentachaeta (Chaetopappa) aurea Golden Daisy
  134. Rafinesquia californica California Chicory (E. Grade Rd., Palomar Mt.)
  135. Senecio californicus Calif. Butterweed
  136. S. flaccidus var. monoensis Creek Senecio
  137. S. flaccidus var. douglasii Creek Senecio (Laguna Mts.)
  138. S. ganderi Gander's Senecio (Las Posas soils; Magee Ridge, Palomar Mt.)
  139. Solidago californica Calif. Goldenrod
  140. Sonchus asper ssp. asper Prickly Sowthistle
  141. S. oleraceus Sow Thistle
  142. Stebbinoseris heterocarpa Brown Puffs
  143. Stephanomeria exigua ssp. deanei Small Stephanomeria (Doane Valley)
  144. S. virgata Virgate Stephanomeria (Kwaaymii Point & Garnet Peak Trail)
  145. S. diegensis San Diego Wreath Plant (in foothills)
  146. Stylocline gnaphalioides Everlasting Nest-Straw
  147. Taraxacum officinale Common Dandelion
  148. Tragopogon dubius Goat's Beard (Cuyamaca Lake--near Iris)
  149. Uropappus lindleyi (Microseris linearifolia) Silver Puffs
  150. Wyethia ovata Mule Ears
  151. Xanthium strumarium Cocklebur

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    Berberidaceae: Barberry (Oregon Grape) Family

  152. Berberis aquifolium var. dictyota (B. dictyota) California Mahonia (Cuyamaca Dam)
  153. B. aquifolium var. repens (B. amplectens) Dull-lf Mahonia (Inspiration Point)
  154. B. pinnata ssp. pinnata Shinyleaf Mahonia (Julian & Pine Valley)

    Betulaceae: Birch Family

  155. AInus rhombifoIia White Alder

    Bignoniaceae: Bignonia Family

  156. Catalpa bignonioides(or C. speciosa) Western Catalpa

    Blechnaceae: Chain Fern Family

  157. Woodwardia fimbriata Giant Chain Fern

    Boraginaceae: Borage Family

  158. Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia Yellow Fiddleneck
  159. Cryptantha intermedia White Forget-Me-Not (Garnet Peak Trail)
  160. C. micrantha Purple Rooted Forget-Me-Not (fls larger than desert populations)
  161. C. muricata White Forget-Me-Not (Palomar Mt, Penny Pines & Garnet Pk Trail)
  162. C. simulans White Forget-Me-Not (Doane Valley)
  163. Harpagonella palmeri Grappling Hook (Las Posas soils, Magee Ridge, Palomar Mt.)
  164. Heliotropium currassavicum var. oculatum Wild Heliotrope
  165. Myosotis discolor Blue Forget-Me-Not (Lower Doane Valley, near trail to Weir)
  166. Pectocarya penicillata Comb Bur (Pauma Valley & Lake Henshaw)
  167. Plagiobothrys acanthocarpus (prostrate, nutlets glochidiate; Cuyamaca Lake?)
  168. P. bracteatus Tiny Popcorn Flower (Cuyamaca Lake)
  169. P. collinus (californicus) var. fulvescens Popcorn Flower (Cuyamaca Lake)
  170. P. hispidulus Harsh Allocarya (Cuyamaca Lake)
  171. P. nothofulvus Red-Stain Plagiobothrys
  172. P. tenellus Slender Popcorn Flower

    Brassicaceae: Mustard Family

  173. Arabis glabra var. glabra Tower Mustard
  174. A. perennans Nevada Rock Cress (fls. purple, dendritic hairs, siliques flat)
  175. A. sparsiflora var. californica Rock Cress
  176. Barbarea orthoceras Winter Cress
  177. Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd's Purse
  178. Cardamine californica var. californica Milkmaids
  179. Caulanthus heterophyllus var. heterophyllus Jewel Flower (burned slopes)
  180. C. simulans? (Garnet Peak Trail)
  181. Descurainia pinnata ssp. menziesii Tansy Mustard
  182. D. richardsonii ssp. incisa Tansy Mustard (Doane Valley)
  183. Draba cuneifolia var. integrifolia Desert Whitlow
  184. D. verna Vernal Whitlow (French Valley Meadow)
  185. Erysimum capitatum ssp. capitatum Western Wallflower
  186. Hirschfeldia incana (Brassica geniculata) Perennial Mustard
  187. Lepidium nitidum var. nitidum Shining Peppergrass (Cuyamaca Lake; Volcan Mtn.)
  188. L. virginicum var. pubescens Tall Peppergrass (Doane Valley, Garnet Pk)
  189. Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum (Nasturtium officinale) Water Cress
  190. Sisymbrium altissimum Tumble Mustard (slender leaf divisions)
  191. S. officinale Hedge Mustard (siliques appressed)
  192. Streptanthus bernardinus Laguna Mts. Jewel Flower (Inspiration Point)
  193. S. campestris Southern Jewel Flower
  194. Thysanocarpus curvipes Fringe Pod (lvs auriculate)

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    Cactaceae: Cactus Family

  195. Opuntia occidentalis Western Prickly Pear (Pauma Valley)
  196. O. phaecantha Prickly Pear

    Callitricaceae: Water Starwort Family

  197. Callitriche heterophylla var. bolanderi Water Starwort (Julian)
  198. C. verna Water Starwort (Cuyamaca Lake & Cuyamaca State Park meadow)

    Campanulaceae: Bellflower Family

  199. Githopsis diffusa ssp. candida White Bluecup (Palomar Mountain, East Grade Rd.)
  200. Downingia concolor var. brevior Maroon-Spotted Downingia
  201. Heterocodon rariflorum Heterocodon (Palomar Mt.)
  202. Lobelia cardinalis var. pseudosplendens Scarlet Lobelia
  203. L. dunnii var. serrata Lobelia (corolla blue; Palomar Mt.)
  204. Triodanis biflora Venus Looking Glass

    Caprifoliaceae: Honeysuckle Family

  205. Lonicera hispidula var. vacillans California Honeysuckle (Doane Nature Trail)
  206. L. interrupta Chaparral Honeysuckle
  207. L. subspicata var. denudata Montane Honeysuckle (common)
  208. Sambucus mexicana (S. caerulea) Elderberry
  209. Symphoricarpos albus var. laevigatus (Most common montane snowberry)
  210. S. mollis Snowberry (N. county cismontane & N. Baja Calif.)
  211. S. rotundifolius var. parishii (Uncommon; Inner corolla lobes glabrous)

    Caryophyllaceae: Pink Family

  212. Arenaria douglasii Douglas' Sandwort (Palomar Mt.)
  213. Cerastium glomeratum Mouse-Ear Chickweed (caps. cyl. & bent, 10 teeth)
  214. Dianthus barbatus ssp. barbatus Sweet William [Doane Nature Trail; introduced]
  215. Loeflingia squarrosa var. squarrosa Loeflingia (burned slopes--Palomar Mt.)
  216. Saponaria officinalis Bouncing Bet
  217. Silene antirrhina Catchfly (East Grade Road, Palomar Mt.)
  218. S. gallica Windmill Pink
  219. S. laciniata ssp. major Southern Indian Pink
  220. S. lemmonii Lemmon Campion (stamens exerted, fls nodding; Palomar Mt.)
  221. S. parishii var. viscida Parish's Campion (Hot Springs Mt.)
  222. Silene verecunda ssp. platyota Cuyamaca Campion (Palomar Mt.)
  223. Stellaria media Common Chickweed

    Celastraceae: Staff-Tree Family

  224. Euonymus occidentalis var. parishii Western Burning Bush

    Ceratophyllaceae: Hornwort Famnily

  225. Ceratophyllum demersum Hornwort

    Chenopodiaceae: Goosefoot Family

  226. Chenopodium album Lamb's Quarters
  227. C. fremontii Fremont Goosefoot
  228. C. incognitum Montane Goosefoot
  229. C. leptophyllum Narrow-Leaved Goosefoot
  230. Salsola tragus Russian Thistle

    Cistaceae: Rock-Rose Family

  231. Helianthemum scoparium Rock Rose (Garnet Peak)

    Convolvulaceae: Morning Glory Family

  232. Calystegia (Convolvulus) longipes Piute Morning Glory
  233. C. macrostegia ssp. arida Chaparral Morning Glory
  234. C. occidentalis ssp. fulcrata Mountain Morning Glory

    Cornaceae: Dogwood Family

  235. Cornua nuttallii Flowering Dogwood
  236. C. sericea ssp. occidentalis Creek Dogwood

    Crassulaceae: Stonecrop Family

  237. Dudleya abramsii ssp. abramsii Abram's Dudleya (desert slopes of Laguna Mts.)
  238. D. edulis Ladies Fingers (sothwest slopes of Cuyamaca Peak)
  239. D. lanceolata Coastal Dudleya (cismontane foothills)
  240. D. pulverulenta ssp. pulverulenta Chalk Lettuce

    Cucurbitaceae : Gourd Family

  241. Cucurbita foetidissima Coyote Melon
  242. Marah macrocarpus var. macrocarpus Wild Cucumber

    Cupressaceae: Cypress Family

  243. Calocedrus decurrens Incense Cedar
  244. Cupressus forbesii (C. guadalupensis ssp. f.) Tecate Cypress (Guatay Mt.)
  245. C. glabra (C. arizonica ssp. g.) Smooth-Bark Arizona Cypress (planted along roads)
  246. C. stephensonii (C. arizonica ssp. s.) Cuyamaca Cypress (Cuyamaca Peak)
  247. Juniperus californica Calif. Juniper (desert slopes of Laguna Mts.)

    Cuscutaceae: Dodder Family

  248. Cuscuta californica var. californica California Dodder
  249. C. subinclusa (C. ceanothi) Canyon Dodder

    Cyperaceae: Sedge Family

  250. Carex alma Sturdy Sedge
  251. C. globosa Round-Fruit Sedge (Cuyamaca Lake)
  252. C. douglasii Douglas' Sedge (known from Doane Valley)
  253. C. multicaulis Many-Stemmed Sedge (stem not triang, resembling rush; Middle Pk.)
  254. C. nebrabrascensis Nebraska Sedge (French Valley; Palomar Mt. Herbarium)
  255. C. praegracilis Cluster Sedge (dense cluster of spikes at tip of culm)
  256. C. senta Rough Sedge (Palomar Mt. herbarium)
  257. C. spissa San Diego Sedge (canyons and treams of foothills)
  258. C. subfusca Rusty Sedge (Cuyamaca Mts. & montane meadows)
  259. Cyperus eragrostis Green Sedge
  260. C. squarrosus (C. aristatus) Dwarf Sedge (Chimney Ctreek Trail)
  261. Eleocharis acicularis var. bella Delicate Spike Sedge
  262. E. macrostachya Spike Sedge (solitary perfect spike; common)
  263. E. montevidensis Slender Creeping Spike Sedge
  264. E. parishii Parish's Spike Sedge
  265. E. pauciflora Few-Flowered Spike Sedge (Palomar Mt.)
  266. Scirpus acutus var. occidentalis Bulrush (Lake Henshaw)
  267. S. americanus Bulrush (perianth bristles; Lake Henshaw)
  268. S. californicus Calif. Bulrush or Tule (foothills and cismontane)
  269. S. microcarpus Small-Fruited Bulrush (lvs. iris-like; Doane Pond)
  270. S. tabernaemontani (S. validus) Bulrush (solitary involucral lf.)

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    Datiscaceae: Datisca Family

  271. Datisca glomerata Durango Root

    Dennstaedtiaceae: Bracken Fern Family

  272. Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescens Bracken Fern (common in mountain meadows)

    Dryopteraceae (Aspidiaceae) Sword Fern Family

  273. Cystopteris fragilis Brittle Fern
  274. Dryopteris arguta Wood Fern
  275. Polystichum imbricans ssp. curtum (P. munitum ssp. c.) Sword Fern
  276. P. imbricans ssp. imbricans (P. munitum ssp. i.) Sword Fern (Palomar Mt.)

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    Elatinaceae: Waterwort Family

  277. Elatine brachysperma Short-Seed Waterwort
  278. E. californica California Waterwort (Cuyamaca Lake & Little Laguna Lake)

    Ephedraceae: Ephedra Family

  279. Ephedra californica Mormon Tea (Thing Valley & desert side of Laguna Mts.

    Equisetaceae: Horsetail Family

  280. Equisetum arvense Common Horsetail
  281. E. hyemale ssp. affine Giant Horsetail
  282. E. laevigatum (syn. E. funstoni & E. kansanum) Calif. Horsetail
  283. E. telmateia ssp. braunii Giant Horsetail

    Ericaceae: Heath Family

  284. Arbutus menziesii Pacific Madrone (Rodriguez Mt.)
  285. Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. adamsii Laguna Manzanita
  286. A. glandulosa ssp. zacaensis Eastwood Manzanita (bracts persistent; basal burl)
  287. A. glauca Bigberry Manzanita
  288. A. patula ssp. platyphylla Pinemat Manzanita (N. slope of Palomar Mt.)
  289. A. pringlei ssp. drupacea Pink-Bracted Manzanita (bracts deciduous; no burl)
  290. A. pungens Mexican Manzanita (pedicels glabrous; no burl )
  291. A. rainbowensis Rainbow Manzanita (Las Posas soils; Magee Ridge, Palomar Mt.)
  292. Rhododendron occidentale Western Azalea
  293. Vaccinium ovatum Calif. Huckleberry (Bottle Peak w. of Lake Wohlford)

    Euphorbiaceae: Euphorbia Family

  294. Chamaesyce albomarginata Rattlesnake Spurge
  295. C. maculata Spotted Spurge (Pine Valley)
  296. C. micromera Sonora Sand Mat (Banner Canyon & Desert)
  297. C. serpyllifolia var. hirtula Pine Spurge
  298. Croton californicus California Croton (Nate Harrison Grade & Warner Springs)
  299. Eremocarpus setigerus Dove Weed (Palomar Mt.)
  300. Euphorbia crenulata Chinese Caps (annual)
  301. E. palmeri Wood Spurge (perennial) Cuyamaca State Park meadow
  302. E. spathulata Reticulate Seed Spurge (Foothills)
  303. Tetracoccus dioicus San Diego Tetracoccus (Palomar Mt. foothills & Mesa Grande?)

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    Fabaceae: Pea Family

  304. Amorpha fruticosa var. occidentalis Mock Locust
  305. Astragalus douglasii var. parishii Parish's Locoweed (procumbent perennial)
  306. A. oocarpus San Diego Rattleweed
  307. A. palmeri Palmer's Locoweed
  308. Cercis occidentalis Western Redbud (Laguna Mts.)
  309. Coronilla varia Crown Vetch (slender jointed pods; S. Grade Road, Palomar Mt.)
  310. Lathyrus laetiflorus ssp. alefeldii Wild Sweet Pea
  311. Lotus argophyllus var. argophyllus Sliverleaf Lotus
  312. L. crassifolius var. crassifolius Broad-Leaf Lotus
  313. L. grandiflorus var. grandiflorus Bird's Foot Trefoil
  314. L. hamatus Grab Lotus
  315. L. heermanii var. heermanii Woolly Lotus (Nate Harrison Grade)
  316. L. micranthus Small-Flowered Lotus (Will Valley; cream fls; aging pink)
  317. L. nevadensis var. nevadensis Sierra Nevada Lotus (Garnet Peak Tr. at Penny Pines)
  318. L. oblongifolius var. oblongifolius Stream Lotus (small stipules, no glands; French Cr.)
  319. L. purshianus var. purshianus Spanish Clover (Doane Valley)
  320. L. strigosus Bishop's Lotus
  321. Lupinus albifrons ssp. albifrons Silver Bush Lupine (petioles 3/4 to 1 l/2 in.)
  322. L. bicolor Dwarf Lupine (many named subspecies)
  323. L. concinnus BajadaLupine (small hairy annual)
  324. L. excubitus var. austromontanus Silver Lupine (Road Cuts On Palomar Mt.)
  325. L. excubitus var. hallii Silver Lupine (Doane Valley)
  326. L. formosus var. formosus Western Lupine
  327. L. hirsutissimus Hairy Lupine
  328. L. latifolius var. parishii Stream Lupine
  329. L. sparsiflorus (Lake Henshaw)
  330. L. truncatus Chaparral Lupine
  331. Medicago polymorpha Bur Clover
  332. M. sativa Alfalfa
  333. Melilotus alba White Sweet Clover
  334. M. indica Yellow Sweet Clover
  335. Pickeringia montana var. tomentosa Chaparral Pea (Magee Ridge, Palomar Mt.)
  336. Psoralea (Hoita) macrostachya Leather Root
  337. P. (Hoita) orbicularis Round-Leaved Psoralea (stems prostrate)
  338. P. (Rupertia) rigida Parish's Psoralea
  339. Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust
  340. Spartium junceum Spanish Broom
  341. Thermopsis macrophylla var. semota Yellow False Lupine
  342. Trifolium albopurpureum (var. a. ?) Rancheria Clover (fuzzy ann.; no invol.)
  343. T. ciliolatum Tree Clover (no invol.; ann.; calyx lobes ciliate)
  344. T. depauperatum var. amplectens Bladder Clover (small ann. with red inflated corolla)
  345. T. gracilentum var. gracilentum Pin-Point Clover (No involucre; Will Valley)
  346. T. microcephalum Small-Headed Clover (ann., invol. & villous heads; Will Valley
  347. T. obtusiflorum Creek Clover ( invol., viscid pubescent, clammy; Palomar Mt.)
  348. T. pratense Red Clover (no involucre; perennial)
  349. T. repens White Clover (no involucre; perennial)
  350. T. variegatum var. variegatum White-Tip Clover (with involucre)
  351. T. willdenovii (T. tridentatum var. aciculare) Tomcat Clover (Laguna Mt. Campground)
  352. T. wormskioldii Cow Clover (with involucre; burned area, E. Grade Road)
  353. Vicia americana var. americana Sierra Vetch
  354. V. villosa Winter Vetch (foothills) [ssp. varia Volcan Mtn.]

    Fagaceae: Beech Family

  355. Quercus x acutidens Scrub Oak
  356. Q. agrifolia var. agrifolia Coast Live Oak
  357. Q. agrifolia var. oxydenia Coast Live Oak (lvs. densely pubescent beneath)
  358. Q. berberidifolia Scrub Oak (This is probably Quercus x acutidens)
  359. Q. chrysolepis Canyon Live Oak
  360. Q. cornelius-mulleri Desert Scrub Oak (Desert Edge)
  361. Q. engelmannii Engelmann Oak
  362. Q. x ganderi Gander Oak (hybrid between Q. agrifolia oxydenia & Q. kelloggii)
  363. Q. x grandidentata (hybrid between Q. engelmannii & Q. berberidifolia)
  364. Q. kelloggii Calif. Black Oak
  365. Q. x morehus Oracle Oak (hybrid between Q. kelloggii & Q. wislizenii frutescens)
  366. Q. wislizenii var. frutescens Interior Shrub Live Oak

    Fumariaceae: Fumitory Family (Papaveraceae)

  367. Dicentra chrysantha Golden Ear-Drops

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    Garryaceae: Silk-Tassel Family

  368. Garrya flavescens Silk-Tassel Bush

    Gentianaceae: Gentian Family

  369. Centaurium venustum Canchalagua
  370. Swertia (Frasera) parryi Green Gentian (Inspiration Point)

    Geraniaceae: Geranium Family

  371. Erodium botrys Long-Beak Filaree (Palomar Mt.)
  372. E. cicutarium Red-Stem Filaree
  373. E. moschatum White-Stem Filaree (foothills)
  374. Geranium californicum California Geranium
  375. G. carolinianum Carolina Geranium

    Grossulariaceae (Saxifragaceae): Gooseberry Family

  376. Ribes amarum Bitter Gooseberry (Palomar Mt.)
  377. R. indecorum White Flowering Currant (Winter Currant)
  378. R. nevadense Mountain Currant
  379. R. roezlii var. roezlii Sierra Gooseberry
  380. R. speciosum Fuchsia-Flowered Gooseberry (foothills & coastal)

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    Hydrophyllaceae: Waterleaf Family

  381. Emmenanthe penduliflora Whispering Bells
  382. Eriodictyon crassifolium Felt-Leaved Yerba Santa (foothills and coastal)
  383. E. trichocalyx ssp. lanatum Yerba Santa (Laguna Rim trail)
  384. Nemophila menziesii var. integrifolia Baby Blue Eyes (Garnet Peak)
  385. N. menziesii var. menziesii Baby Blue Eyes (Palomar Mt.)
  386. Phacelia brachyloba White Phacelia (common on burned slopes)
  387. P. cicutatia var. hispida Caterpillar Phacelia
  388. P. curvipes Cup Phacelia (ann. with violet corolla lobes & white throat)
  389. P. davidsonii (Similar to C. curvipes, corolla larger (7-15 mm), Laguna Mts.)
  390. P. distans Blue Fiddleneck
  391. P. imbricata ssp. patula Rock Phacelia
  392. P. minor Wild Canterbury Bell
  393. P. parryi Parry Phacelia
  394. P. ramosissima var. latifolia Shrubby Phacelia (Laguna Rim Trail)
  395. Turricula (Eriodictyon) parryi Sticky Nama (foliage sticky & strong smelling)

    Hypericaceae: St. John's Wort Family

  396. Hypericum anagalloides Tinker's Penny
  397. H. formosum var. scouleri St. John's Wort
  398. H. perforatum Klamoth Weed

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    Iridaceae: Iris Family

  399. Iris missouriensis Rocky Mt. Blue Flag (Cuyamaca Lake)
  400. Sisyrinchium bellum Blue-Eyed Grass

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    Juncaceae: Rush Family

  401. Juncus bufonius var. bufonius Toad Rush
  402. J. dubius (syn. J. rugulosus) Mariposa Rush
  403. J. effusus var. pacificus Bog Rush (slender leafless stems; Doane Pond)
  404. J. macrophyllus Long-Leaf Rush (Cuyamaca & Laguna Mts.)
  405. J. mexicanus Mexican Rush (common; Palomar Mt.)
  406. J. oxymeris Pointed Rush (similar to iris-leaf rush; Doane Valley)
  407. J. xiphioides Iris-Leaf Rush (Laguna Meadows)
  408. Luzula comosa Wood Rush (Doane Valley & Dyche Valley

    Juncaginaceae: Arrowgrass Family

  409. Lilaea scilloides Flowering Quillwort (Cuyamaca Lake)

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    No Families Starting With K On This List

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    Lamiaceae: Mint Family

  410. Lamium amplexicaule Henbit (Doane Valley)
  411. Marrubium vulgare Horehound
  412. Mentha arvensis Tule Mint
  413. M. spicata var. Spearmint
  414. Monardella lanceolata var. lanceolata Mustang Mint
  415. M. linoides ssp. linoides Monardella (Monument Pk. & Old Laguna Hwy.)
  416. M. macrantha ssp. hallii Scarlet Monardella
  417. M. macrantha ssp. macrantha Scarlet Monardella
  418. M. nana ssp. leptosiphon White Monardella (Laguna Rim Trail)
  419. M. nana ssp. nana White Monardella (Laguna Rim Trail; Garnet Pk.)
  420. Prunella vulgare var. lanceolata Self Heal (Frech Valley, Palomar Mt.)
  421. Pycnanthemum californicum Mountain Mint (large lvs. and glomerules)
  422. Salvia apiana White Sage
  423. S. clevelandii Fragrant Sage
  424. S. columbariae Chia
  425. S. x palmeri (S. apiana x S. clevelandii) Palmer Sage
  426. S. sonomensis Creeping Sage (Cuyamaca Pk. & Corte Madera Mt.)
  427. Scutellaria bolanderi ssp. austromontana Sierra Skullcap (Palomar Mt.)
  428. S. tuberosa ssp. australis Skullcap (Noble Canyon & Palomar Mt.)
  429. Stachys ajugoides var. rigida Hedge Nettle
  430. Trichostema austromontanum ssp. a. Blue Curls (ann.; Cuyamaca Pk. & Palomar Mt.)
  431. T. parishii Mountain Blue Curls (shrub)

    Lauraceae: Laurel Family

  432. Umbellularia californica California Bay or Oregon Myrtle (Laguna Mts.)

    Lemnaceae: Duckweed Family

  433. Lemna minuta (L. minuscula) Minute Duckweed
  434. L. turionifera Turion Duckweed
  435. L. valdiviana Duckweed (under bracken fern; upper Doane Valley)

    Liliaceae: Lily Family

  436. Calochortus albus var. White Fairy Lantern
  437. C. concolor Goldenbowl Mariposa (Hackberry Ridge w. of Julian)
  438. C. dunnii Dunn's Mariposa (Inspiration Point)
  439. C. invenustas Mariposa Lily (Laguna Observatories)
  440. C. splendens Lilac Mariposa Lily
  441. C. superbus Superb Mariposa (lower Doane Valley)
  442. C. venustus Mariposa Lily (Palomar Observatory meadow)
  443. C. weedii var. weedii Yellow Mariposa Lily
  444. Chlorogalum parviflorum Small-Flowered Soap Plant
  445. Lilium humboldtii ssp. ocellatum Humboldt Lily
  446. L. pardalinum ssp. pardalinum Leopard Lily (streamsides; Noble Canyon)
  447. L. parryi Lemon Lily (Upper Doane Valley & French Creek)
  448. Muilla maritima Muilla
  449. Smilacina stellata False Solomon's Seal
  450. Veratrum californicum Corn Lily (upper Doane Valley)
  451. Zigadenus fremontii Star Lily
  452. Z. venenosus var. venenosus Death Camas (Cuyamaca Lake)

    Limnanthaceae: False Mermaid Family

  453. Limnanthes gracilis ssp. parishii Meadow Foam (Cuyamaca Lake)

    Linaceae: Flax Family

  454. Hesperolinon micranthum Small-Flowered Flax
  455. Linum lewisii var. lewsii Western Blue Flax

    Loasaceae: Mentzelia Family

  456. Mentzelia affinis Hydra Stick Leaf
  457. M. dispersa Nada Stick Leaf (uncommon; Palomar Mt. herbarium; Garnet Pk.)
  458. M. montana (ssp. montana) Montane Mentzelia
  459. M. pectinata San Joaquin Blazing Star (Palomar Mt.)
  460. M. pinetorum Pine Blazing Star (Palomar Mt. State Park)
  461. M. veatchiana Veatch Blazing Star (Hot Springs & Volcan Mountain)

    Lythraceae: Loosestrife Family

  462. Lythrum californicum Calif. Loosestrife
  463. L. hyssopifolium Loosesstrife or Grass Poly

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    Malvaceae: Mallow Family

  464. Malacothamnus aborgininum Bush Mallow (Garnet & Monument Pk.)
  465. M. densiflorus Bush Mallow (Laguna Mts.)
  466. M. fasciculatus Bush Mallow (foothills)
  467. Sidalcea malvaeflora ssp. sparsifolia Wild Hollyhock or Checker-bloom

    Marsileaceae: Marsilea Family

  468. Marsilea vestita ssp. vestita Cloverleaf Fern (Cuyamaca Lake)
  469. Pilularia americana American Pillwort (fooothills of Cuyamaca & Laguna Mts.)

    Martyniaceae: Martynia Family

  470. Proboscidea parviflora ssp. parviflora (var. hohokamiana) Devil's Claw (Banner Can.)

    Meliaceae: Mahogany Family

  471. Melia azedarach var. umbraculiformis Umbrella Tree

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    Nyctaginaceae: Four O'clock Family

  472. Mirabilis multiflora var. pubescens Giant Four O'clock (crest of Laguna Mts.)

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    Oleaceae: Olive Family

  473. Fraxinus velutina Arizona Ash

    Onagraceae: Evening Primrose Family

  474. Camissonia bistorta Field Sun Cup
  475. C. confusa Sun Cup (Near Warner Ranch; Garnet Peak Trail; Volcan Mtn.)
  476. C. hirtella (Oenothera micrantha) Field Sun Cup
  477. C. ignota (O. micrantha) Field Sun Cup
  478. C. strigulosa (fls. 2-4 mm, sepals refexed in pairs, strigose, lvs. linear; Doane Valley)
  479. Clarkia (Godetia) purpurea ssp. quadrivulnera Farewell-To-Spring
  480. C. purpurea ssp. viminea Large Clarkia (West Mesa Fire Road, Cuyamaca Mts.)
  481. C. rhomboidea Diamond Clarkia
  482. C. similis Canyon Clarkia (E. Grade Road)
  483. Epilobium angustifolium Fireweed (0.3 mi east of Weir, near Doane Creek Trail)
  484. E. brachycarpum Summer Cottonweed (4 deeply cleft petals)
  485. E. (Zauschneria) canum ssp. canum Calif. Fuchsia (foothills)
  486. E. (Zauschneria) canum ssp. latifolium Calif. Fuchsia (Doane Valley)
  487. E. ciliatum ssp. ciliatum (E. adenocaulon var. parishii) Willow Herb
  488. E. (Boisduvalia) densiflorum Dense Boisduvalia
  489. E. pygmaeum Smooth Boisduvalia
  490. Gayophytum diffusum ssp. parviflorum Gayophytum
  491. G. oligospermum Few-Seeded Gayophytum
  492. Oenothera californica ssp. californica California Evening Primrose (foothills)
  493. O. elata ssp. hirsutissima Tall Yellow Evening Primrose (Palomar Mt.)

    Orchidaceae: Orchid Family

  494. Cephalanthera austinae Phantom Orchid (Listed by Simpson & Redman)
  495. Corallorhiza maculata Coral Root (saprophytic orchid)
  496. C. striata Coral Root (saprophytic orchid; listed by Simpson & Redman)
  497. Epipactis gigantea Giant Stream Orchid (Noble Canyon)
  498. Piperia (Habenaria) elongata Dense-Flowered Rein Orchid
  499. P. (Habenaria) leptopetala Rein Orchid
  500. P. (Habenaria) unalascensis Rein Orchid
  501. Platanthera (Habenaria) leucostachys White Rein Orchid
  502. P. (Habernaria) sparsiflora Sparse-Flowered Bog Orchid (Palomar Mt.)
  503. Spiranthes porrifolia Ladies' Tresses

    Orobanchaceae: Broom-Rape Family

  504. Boschniakia strobilacea Calif. Ground Cone (reported from Cherry Flat)
  505. Orobanche bulbosa Chaparral Broom-Rape (above Pioneer Mail, Laguna Mts.)
  506. O. californica ssp. feudgei Sagebrush Broom-Rape (Boulevard & Jacumba)
  507. O. fasciculata Broom-Rape or Cancer Root
  508. O.parishii ssp. parishii Parish's Broom-Rape (Laguna Mts.)

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    Papaveraceae: Poppy Family

  509. Argemone munita Prickly Poppy
  510. Dendromecon rigida Bush Poppy (Stonewall Peak
  511. Eschscholzia californica Calif. Poppy
  512. Meconella denticulata Small Flowered Meconella (Pauma Valley)
  513. Platystemon californicus Cream Cups
  514. Romneya coulteri x R. trichocalyx Matilija Poppy (possibly introduced hybrid)

    Phytolaccaceae: Phytolacca Family

  515. Phytolacca americana Pokeweed (naturalized in Julian area)

    Pinaceae: Pine Family

  516. Abies concolor White Fir
  517. Pinus attenuata Knobcone Pine (planted along road to Palomar Mt.)
  518. P. contorta ssp. contorta Beach or Lodgepole Pine (planted on Palomar Mt.)
  519. P. coulteri Coulter Pine
  520. P. coulteri x P. jeffreyi Hybrid (Laguna Mts.)
  521. P. jeffreyi Jeffrey Pine
  522. P. lambertiana Sugar Pine
  523. P. ponderosa Ponderosa Pine
  524. P. ponderosa x P. jeffreyi Hybrid (Palomar Mt.)
  525. P. quadrifolia Four-Leaf Pinyon Pine
  526. P. sabiniana Foothill Pine (planted along road to Palomar Mt.)
  527. Pseudotsuga macrocarpa Big-Cone Douglas Fir

    Plantaginaceae: Plantain Family

  528. Plantago lanceolata Narrow-Leaf Plantain
  529. P. major Common Plantain
  530. P. patagonica (P. purshii var. oblonga) Indian Wheat (small tufted annual)

    Platanaceae: Sycamore Family

  531. Platanus racemosa Calif. Sycamore

    Poaceae: Grass Family

  532. Achnatherum (Stipa) coronatum Giant Stipa (Volcan Mtn.)
  533. A. (Stipa) lemmonii Lemmon's Stipa (Jacumba)
  534. A. (Stipa) parishii Parish's Stipa (Jacumba)
  535. A. (Stipa) occidentale ssp. californicum Calif. Needlgrass
  536. A. (Stipa) speciosum Desert Needlegrass (Garnet Peak Trail)
  537. Agrostis diegoensis Bent Grass
  538. A. exarata Spike Redtop
  539. A. scabra Rough Ticklegrass
  540. A. stolonifera European Redtop
  541. Alopecurus carolinianus Meadow Foxtail (like Phleum, hairlike awns; Cuyamaca L.)
  542. A. saccatus (A. howellii) Meadow Foxtail (drying vernal pools; Corte Madera Ranch)
  543. Aristida adscensionis Six Weeks Three-Awn (cismontane and desert slopes)
  544. A. purpurea var. nealleyi Blue Three-Awn (Desert Slopes)
  545. A. purpurea var. parishii Parish's Three-Awn
  546. A. purpurea var. purpurea Purple Three-Awn
  547. Avena barbata Slender Wild Oat
  548. A. fatua Wild Oat
  549. A. sativa Cultivated Oat
  550. Bromus arenarius Australian Chess
  551. B. carinatus var. carinatus Calif. Brome (sheaths pilose, awns 10 mm; Doane Valley)
  552. B. diandrus Ripgut Grass
  553. B. hordeaceus Soft Chess
  554. B. madritensis ssp. rubens Red Brome
  555. B. orcuttianus Orcutt's Brome
  556. B. tectorum Cheat-Grass Brome
  557. Calamagrostis koeleroides (C. densa) Cuyamaca Reed Grass (Inspiration Point)
  558. Cynosurus echinatus Hedgehog Dogtail (Volcan Mtn.)
  559. Danthonia californica var. americana Western Oatgrass (Cuyamaca Lake)
  560. D. unispicata One-Spike Oatgrass (Cuyamaca Lake below dam)
  561. Deschampsia danthonioide Annual Hairgrass
  562. D. elongata Slender Hairgrass (Doane Valley)
  563. Elymus elymoides ssp. elymoides (Sitanion hystrix) Sqirreltail Grass
  564. E. glaucus ssp. glaucus BIue Wild Rye (spikelets in 2's, one term. spike; Doane trail
  565. E. multisetus (Sitanion jubatum) Big Sqirreltail
  566. E. stebbinsii (Agropyron parishii) California Wheatgrass
  567. E. trachycaulus ssp. trachycaulus Slender Wheatgrass (Volcan Mtn. acc. to T. Chester)
  568. Festuca occidentalis Western Fescue [Garnet Peak Trail]
  569. Gastridium ventricosum Nit Grass
  570. Holcus lanatus Velvetgrass
  571. Hordeum brachyantherum ssp. californicum Calif. Barley (native perennial)
  572. H. marinum ssp. gussoneanum (H. geniculatum) Mediterranean Barley
  573. H. murinum ssp. glaucum Foxtail Barley
  574. H. murinum ssp. leporinum FoxtaIl Barley
  575. H. vulgare var. trifurcatum Cultivated Barley
  576. Koeleria macrantha (K. pyramidata) Junegrass (slender spike; common)
  577. Leymus (Elymus) condensatus Giant Rye Grass
  578. L. (Elymus) triticoides Beadless Wild Rye (meadow below Doane Campgr.)
  579. Melica imperfecta Melic Grass (Near start of trail to Volcan Mtn.)
  580. Muhlenbergia rigens Deer Grass
  581. Nasella (Stipa) lepida Foothill Needlegrass
  582. N. (Stipa) pulchra Purple Needlegrass
  583. Panicum capillare Western Witch Grass
  584. Paspalum distichum Knot Grass
  585. Phalaris aquatica Harding Grass (moist areas)
  586. P. arundinacea Reed Canarygrass
  587. Phleum pratense Timothy
  588. Piptantherum (Oryzopsis) miliaceum Ricegrass (upper Pauma Valley)
  589. Poa annua Annual Bluegrass
  590. P. atropurpurea San Bernardino Bluegrass
  591. P. bolanderi ssp. howellii Howell's Blugrass
  592. P. bulbosa Bulbous Bluegrass (florets developing into leafy bulblets)
  593. P. pratensis ssp. pratensis Kentucky Bluegrass (in meadows with deer grass)
  594. P. secunda (P. scabrella) ssp. secunda Pine Bluegrass (Will Valley)
  595. Polypogon monspeliensis Rabbitfoot Grass
  596. Secale cereale Cultivated Rye (Santa Ysabel; Volcan Mtn.)
  597. Schismus barbatus Mediterranean Schismus
  598. Sitanion hystrix (see Elymus elymoides) Squirreltail Grass
  599. S. jubatum (see Elymus multisetus) Big Squirreltail Grass
  600. Sorghum halepense Johnson Grass
  601. Triticum aestivum Cultivated Wheat
  602. Vulpia (Festuca) microstachys var. confusa (Volcan Mtn.)
  603. V. microstachys var. pauciflora Pacific Fescue (Middle Pk.)
  604. V. (Festuca) myuros var. hirsuta (F. megalura) Foxtail Fescue
  605. V. (Festuca) myuros var. myuros (F. megalura) Rattail Fescue
  606. V. (Festuca) octoflora var. octoflora Six-Weeks Fescue

    Polemoniaceae: Phlox Family

  607. Allophyllum gilioides ssp. gilioides Allophyllum (tiny dark purple-blue fls.)
  608. A. gilioides ssp. violaceum (fewer fls, more pubescent; burned area on Palomar Mt.)
  609. A. glutinosum Allophyllum (Palomar Mt. herbarium; Garnet Peak)
  610. Collomia grandiflora Large-Flowered Collomia (fls. salmon)
  611. Eriastrum densifolium ssp. austromontanum Eriastrum (Laguna Rim)
  612. E. filifolium Lavender Woolly Star
  613. E. sapphirinum Sapphire Gilia (cobwebby pubescence; Penny Pines)
  614. Gilia angelensis Blue Gilia (lvs. alternate)
  615. G. australis Southern Gilia (Cuyamaca Peak)
  616. G. capillaris Miniature Gilia (Doane Valley)
  617. G. capitata ssp. abrotanifolia Globe Gilia
  618. G. caruifolia Caraway-Leaf Gilia (Upper Doane Valley Trail; Garnet Pk. Trail)
  619. G. diegensis Lesser Gilia (basal lvs., l x pinnatifid; Cuyamaca Peak)
  620. G. modocensis [Collected by T. Chester at Penny Pines, Laguna Mts. June 2004.]
  621. G. ochroleuca ssp. exilis
  622. G. sinuata [Discovered by T. Chester on Volcan Mtn. May 2007.]
  623. Leptodactylon pungens Hall's Gilia (lvs. prickly pointed; desert slopes)
  624. Linanthus ciliatus Linanthus (slender exerted corolla)
  625. L. floribundus ssp. floribundus Mountain Snow (Lvs. 3-5 cleft; Laguna Mts.)
  626. L. floribundus ssp. glaber Summer Snow (Palomar Mt.)
  627. L. liniflorus (Leptosiphon liniflorus) Great Basin Linanthus (L. henshaw; Volcan Mtn.)
  628. L. orcuttii (ssp. pacificus) Orcutt Linanthus (Laguna Mountains)
  629. L. parviflorus (Linanthus androsaceus ssp. luteolus) Yellow Gilia
  630. L. pygmaeus ssp. continentalis Pygmy Linanthus (Inspiration Point)
  631. Microsteris gracilis Beggar Gilia (glandular ann. with inconspicuous fls.)
  632. Navarretia atractyloides Holly-Leaf Navarettia
  633. N. intertexta (ssp. propinqua) Woolly Navarretia (Little Laguna Lake)
  634. N. tagetina Marigild Navarretia (Cuyamaca Lake)
  635. Phlox austromontana Granite Phlox (lvs. entire; Inspiration Point)

    Polygalaceae: Milkwort Family

  636. Polygala cornuta ssp. fishiae Milkwort (Las Posas soils; Magee Ridge, Palomar Mt.)

    Polygonaceae: Buckwheat Family

  637. Chorizanthe fimbriata var. laciniata Fringed Turkish Rugging
  638. C. leptotheca Ramona Spine Flower (Doane Valley)
  639. C. polygonoides var. longispina Long-Spined Spine Flower
  640. C. procumbens Prostrate Sipne Flower
  641. C. staticoides Turkish Rugging
  642. Eriogonum apiculatum San Jacinto Eriogonum (Garnet Peak)
  643. E. davidsonii Pine Eriogonum (ann. with reddish stems; Camp Mataguay)
  644. E. elongatum var. elongatum Long-Stemmed Eriogonum (grayish foliage)
  645. E. fasciculatum var. foliolosum Flat-Top Buckwheat (Cuyamaca Lake)
  646. E. fasciculatum var. polifolium Flat-Top Buckwheat (Cuyamaca Mts.)
  647. E. gracile var. gracile Slender Buckwheat (dry areas Palomar Mt. & Julian)
  648. E. nudum ssp. pauciflorum Bare Stem Eriogonum (Palomar Mt.)
  649. E. roseum Virgate Buckwheat (Laguna Meadows)
  650. E. wrightii var. membranaceum Foothill Buckwheat (lvs resembling chamise)
  651. Oxytheca trilobata Three-Lobed Oxytheca (Garnet Peak)
  652. Polygonum amphibia var. emersum Water Smartweed (common)
  653. P. amphibiium var. stipulaceum Water Smartweed (uncommon)
  654. P. arenastrum Knotweed
  655. P. douglasii ssp. douglasii Douglas' Knotweed (Doane Valley)
  656. P. lapathifoliium Smartweed (annual)
  657. P. parryi Smartweed (Cuyamaca Lake)
  658. P. punctatum Dotted Smartweed (foothills)
  659. Pterostegia drymarioides Calif. Threadstem
  660. Rumex acetosella Sheep Sorrel (Cuyamaca Lake)
  661. R. conglomeratus Whorled Dock
  662. R. crispus Curly Dock (Palomar Mt.)
  663. R. salicifolius var. denticulatus Willow Dock (Volcan Mtn. acc. to T. Chester)
  664. R. salicifolius var. salicifolius Willow-Leaved Dock (Doane Valley)

    Polypodiaceae: Polypody Fern Family

  665. Polypodium californicum Calif. Polypody Fern

    Pontederiaceae: Pickerel-Weed Family

  666. Eichhornia crassipes Water Hyacinth (Clevenger Can. Hwy. 78)

    Portulacaceae: Purslane Family

  667. Calandrinia ciliata (var. menziesii) Red Maids
  668. Calyptridium monandrum Sand Cress (Pine Valley, Laguna burned slopes)
  669. Claytonia exigua ssp. exigua Montia (small cauline lvs.; Will Valley & Middle Pk.)
  670. C. (Montia) parviflora ssp. parviflora Miner's lettuce (Volcan Mtn.)
  671. C. parviflora ssp. viridis Miner's lettuce (Cuyamaca Lake)
  672. C. perfoliata ssp. perfoliata Miner's lettuce (Doane Valley)
  673. C. rubra ssp. depressa Reddish Miner's Lettuce (Palomar Mt.)
  674. Lewisia brachycalyx Southern Lewisia (Cuyamaca Dam)
  675. L. nevadensis Nevada Bitter-root (Azalea Springs--Cuyamaca Mts.)
  676. Montia fontana Water Chickweed
  677. M. (Montiastrum) linearis Linear-Leaf Montia

    Potamogetonaceae: Pondweed Family

  678. Potamogeton foliosus var. foliosus Leafy Pondweed
  679. P. nodosus Long-Leaf Pondweed (Laguna Lakes)
  680. P. pectinatus Fennel-Leaf Pondweed
  681. P. pusillus var. pusillus Small Pondweed (Cuyamaca Lake)

    Primulaceae: Primrose Family

  682. Anagallis arvensis Pimpernel
  683. Centunculus (Anagallis) minimus Chaffweed
  684. Samolus parviflorus Water Pimpernel

    Pteridaceae: Bracken Fern Family

  685. Adiantum jordanii California Maidenhair Ferm
  686. Aspidotis californica California Lace Fern
  687. A. densa Lace Fern (Cuyamaca Peak)
  688. Cheilanthes clevelandii Cleveland Lip Fern
  689. Pellaea andromedifolia Coffee Fern
  690. P. mucronata var. mucronata Bird's Foot Fern
  691. Pentagramma (Pityrogramma) ssp. triangularis Goldenback Fern

    Pyrolaceae: Wintergreen Family (Ericaceae)

  692. Chimaphila menziesii Pipsissewa
  693. P. aphylla (P. picta forma aphylla)
  694. P. picta White-Veined Shinleaf or Wintergreen
  695. Pterospora andromedea Pine Drops
  696. Sarcodes sanguinea Snow Plant (reported in Cuyamaca State Park, no vouchers!)

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    Ranunculaceae: Buttercup Family

  697. Anemone tuberosa Tuber Anemone
  698. Aquilegia formosa Red Columbine
  699. Clematis lasiantha Virgin's Bower (fls 1-3 per peduncle)
  700. C. ligusticifolia Virgin's Bowler (fls many in cymose panicles)
  701. Delphinium cardinale Scarlet Larkspur
  702. D. hesperium ssp. cuyamacae Cuyamaca Larkspur
  703. D. parryi var. parryi Parry's Larkspur (Doane Valley)
  704. D. patens ssp. hepatcoideum Liver-Leaf Larkspur (Palomar Mt. & Inspiration Point)
  705. Ranunculus aquatilis var. capillaceus Aquatic Buttercup
  706. R. californicus var. austromontanus Calif. Buttercup
  707. R. cymbalaria var. saximontanus Desert Buttercup (Palomar Mt.)
  708. R. occidentalis Buttercup (similar to R. californicus except only 5-6 petals)
  709. Thalictrum fendleri var. fendleri Fendler's Meadow Rue
  710. T. fendleri var. polycarpum Meadow Rue (foothills & Inspiration Point)

    Rhamnaceae: Buckthorn Family

  711. Ceanothus crassifolius Hoary-Leaf Ceanothus
  712. C. cuneatus var. cuneatus Buck Brush (Camp Mataguay)
  713. C. foliosus var. foliosus Southern Mountain Lilac (Inspiration Point)
  714. C. greggii var. perplexans Cup-Leaf Ceanothus (desert edge)
  715. C. leucodermis Chaparral Whitethorn
  716. C. oliganthus var. oliganthus Mountain Blue Lilac (lvs. pubescent on veins)
  717. C. palmeri Mountain White Lilac (lvs. thicker than C. integerrimus)
  718. Rhamnus californica ssp. californica Coffee-Berry
  719. R. ilicifolia Holly-Leaf Redberry
  720. R. tomentella ssp. tomentella Hoary Coffee-Berry (underside of lvs. tementose)

    Rosaceae: Rose Family

  721. Adenostoma fasciculatum Chamise
  722. A. sparsifolium Red Shank
  723. Agrimonia gryposepala Agrimony
  724. Amelanchier utahensis (A. pallida) Service Berry
  725. Aphanes (Alchemilla) occidentalis Alchemilla (Inspiration Point burned area)
  726. Cercocaruus betuloides var. betuloides Mountain Mahogany
  727. Fragaria vesca (F. californica) Wild Strawberry
  728. Heteromeles arbutifolia Toyon
  729. Holodiscus discolor Ocean Spray
  730. Horkelia clevelandii (H. bolanderi ssp. c.) Horkelia (10 dilated stamens)
  731. Malus sylvestris Apple (introduced)
  732. Potentilla glandulosa ssp. glandulosa Sticky Cinquefoil (lvs. odd pinnate)
  733. P. glandulosa ssp. reflexa Cinquefoil (lvs. odd pinnate; Doane Valley)
  734. P. gracilis var. fastigiata Five-Finger (lvs. digitate)
  735. P. norvegica(ssp. monspeliensis) Hairy Potentilla (Cuyamaca Lake)
  736. Prunus emarginata Bitter Cherry
  737. P. ilicifolia ssp. ilicifolia Holly-Leaf Cherry
  738. P. virginiana var. demissa Western Choke Cherry
  739. Prunus (Cherry) or Pyrus (Pear) along Azalea Trail in Cuyamaca State Park
  740. Rosa californica Wild Rose (thorns stout, flattened & curved)
  741. R. gymnocarpa Wood Rose (thorns slender and straight)
  742. R. woodsii var. ultramontana Interior Rose (listed in Simson & Rebman)
  743. Rubus glaucifolius ssp. ganderi Gander's Raspberry
  744. R. laciniatus Cut-Leaf Blackberry (garden escape; Palomar Mt. & Julian)
  745. R. leucodermis San Bernardino Raspberry (Palomar Mt.)
  746. R. glaucifolius Cuyamaca Raspberry (North Peak)
  747. R. parviflorus Thimbleberry (Doane Nature Trail)
  748. R. ursinus Calif. Blackberry (common along creeks)
  749. Sanguisorba minor ssp. muricata Garden Burnet (Inspiration Point; Volcan Mtn.)

    Rubiaceae: Madder or Coffee Family

  750. Galium andrewsii ssp. andrewsii Bedstraw (Phlox-Leaved Bedstraw)
  751. G. angustifolium ssp. angustifolium Bedstraw (Narrow-Leaf Bedstraw) fruit hispid
  752. G. angustifolium ssp. jacinticum Bedstraw (Upper Slopes of Garnet Peak)
  753. G. angustifolium ssp. nudicaule Bedstraw (Garnet Peak Trail)
  754. G. aparine Bedstraw (lvs. 5-8 in whorl)
  755. G. parisiense Wall Bedstraw (naturalized annual; East Grade, Palomar Mt.)
  756. Kelloggia galioides Kelloggia (Chimney Creek, Palomar Mt.)

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    Salicaceae: Willow Family

  757. Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa Black Cottonwood (Santa Margarita River)
  758. P. fremontii ssp. fremontii Fremont Cottonwood
  759. S. laevigata Red Willow (Cuyamaca Lake)
  760. Salix lasiolepis Arroyo Willow

    Saxifragaceae: Saxifrage Family

  761. Boykinia rotundifolia Boykinia (Volcan Mt. & S. Grade Rd., Palomar Mt.)
  762. Heuchera brevistaminea Laguna Alum-Root (desert cliffs of Laguna Mts)
  763. H. rubescens var. versicolor San Diego Alum-Root (Hot Springs & Cuyamaca Mts.)
  764. Jepsonia parryi Jepsonia (coastal foothills)
  765. Lithophragma affine (ssp. mixtum) Woodland Star
  766. L. glabrum Woodland Star (Cuyamaca Lake)
  767. Saxifraga californica California Saxifrage (shaded canyons in coastal foothills)

    Scrophulariaceae: Figwort or Snapdragon Family

  768. Antirrhinum coulterianum White Snapdragon
  769. A. nuttallianum ssp. nuttallianum Nuttall's Snapdragon (Pauma Valley & Pine Valley)
  770. Castilleja affinis ssp. affinis Coast Paintbrush (Palomar Mt.)
  771. C. applegatei ssp. martinii Indian Paintbrush (gland. pubes., dry areas)
  772. C. (Orthocarpus) attenuata Narrow-Leaf Owl's Clover (Cuyamaca Lake)
  773. C. (Orthocarpus) densiflora ssp. gracilis (lower lvs entire w/ 2 lateral lobes)
  774. C. exerta ssp. exerta (Orthocarpus purpurascens var. p.) Owl's Clover
  775. C. foliolosa Woolly Indian Paintbrush (white woolly)
  776. C. miniata ssp. miniata Scarlet Paintbrush (wet places, perennial; Cuyamaca Mts.)
  777. C. minor ssp. spiralis (C. stenantha) Annual Indian Paintbrush (linear lvs.; wet areas)
  778. Collinsia childii Collinsia (infl. glandular; Doane Valley)
  779. C. concolor Southern Chinese Houses
  780. C. heterophylla (var. austromontana) Chinese Houses (Julian & Pine Hills)
  781. C. parviflora Small-Flowered Collinsia (infl. glabrous & eglandular; Azalea Springs Tr.)
  782. Cordylanthus nevinii Bird's Beak Cuyamaca Pk. & Mount Laguna
  783. C. rigidus ssp. setigerus (C. filifolius) Bird's Beak
  784. Digitalis purpurea Foxglove (S. Grade Rd., Palomar Mountain)
  785. Keckiella (Penstemon) cordifolia Climbing Penstemon
  786. K. (Penstemon) ternata var. ternata Summer Penstemon (Laguna rim Trail)
  787. Linaria canadensis var. texana Toadflax
  788. Mimulus aurantiacus Bush Monkey Flower
  789. M. brevipes Yellow Hillside Monkey Flower
  790. M. cardinalis Scarlet Monkey Flower
  791. M. clevelandii Cleveland's Bush Monkey Flower
  792. M. floribundus (var. floribundus) Showy Monkey Flower (N. of Warner Springs)
  793. M. fremontii Fremont's Monkey Flower (burned slopes)
  794. M. guttatus (ssp. guttatus) Yellow Creek Monkey Flower
  795. M. moschatus (var. longiflorus) Musk Flower (slimy lvs; Palomar Mt.)
  796. M. palmeri (M. diffusus) (small ann, rose corolla on long slender pecicels; Chimney Cr.)
  797. M. parishii Parish's Monkey Flower (N of Warner Springs)
  798. M. pilosus Mimetanthe
  799. Pedicularis semibarbata Lousewort (North Peak)
  800. Penstemon bridgesii Bridges Penstemon (anther sacs opening across apices)
  801. P. centranthifolius Scarlet Bugler
  802. P. clevelandii var. clevelandii Cleveland's Penstemon (Laguna crest; Garnet Pk.)
  803. P. heterophyllus var. australis Blue Penstemon (puberulent, Cuyamaca Lake)
  804. P. heterophyllus var. heterophyllus Blue Penstemon (Pine Hills)
  805. P. labrosus Lipped Penstemon (red flowers)
  806. P. x parishii (P. centranthifolius x P. spectabilis) Inaja Memorial Park
  807. P. spectabilis Violet or Spectacular Penstemon
  808. Scrophularia californica ssp. floribunda California Bee Plant
  809. Verbascum thapsus Common Mullein
  810. Veronica anagallis-aquatica Veronica (common; Palomar Mt.)
  811. V. arvensis Corn Speedwell (tiny plant; Will Valley)
  812. V. peregrina ssp. xalapensis Speedwell

    Selaginellaceae: Spike Moss Family

  813. Selaginella asprella Bluish Mossfern (crest of Laguna Mts.)
  814. S. bigelovii Bigelow's Mossfern (foothills & desert slopes)

    Simaroubaceae: Quassia Family

  815. Ailanthus altissima Tree of Heaven

    Solanaceae: Nightshade Family

  816. Datura wrightii Jimson Weed
  817. Nicotiana attenuata Coyote Tobacco (cauline lvs. petioled)
  818. N. glauca Tree Tobacco
  819. N. quadrivalvis (N. bigelovii var. wallacei) Indian Tobacco (cauline lvs. sessile)
  820. Petunia parviflora Small-Flowered Petunia
  821. Physallis crassifolia Ground Cherry
  822. Solanum americanum Small-Flowered Nightshade
  823. S. parishii Parish's Purple Nightshade
  824. S. umbelliferum (var. glabrescens) Nightshade (Garnet Peak, Laguna Mts.)

    Sparganiaceae: Bur-Reed Family

  825. Sparganium eurycarpum ssp. eurycarpum Bur Reed (San Luis Rey River)

    Sterculiaceae: Cacao Family

  826. Fremontodendron californicum ssp. californicum Fremontia (Laguna desert canyons)

    Styracaceae: Storax Family

  827. Styrax officinalis var. redivivus California Snowdrop Bush

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    Tamaricaceae: Tamarisk Family

  828. Tamarix ramosissima (T. pentandra) Tamarisk (introduced in mountains)

    Taxodiaceae: Taxodium Family

  829. Sequoiadendron giganteum Giant Sequoia (planted on Palomar Mt.)

    Typhaceae: Cattail Family

  830. Typha domingensis Southern Cattail T. latifolia Broadleaf Cattail (Cuyamaca Lake)

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    Ulmaceae: Hackberry Family

  831. Celtis reticulata Western Hackberry (Ridge above San Diego River & Cuyamaca Mts.)

    Urticaceae: Nettle Family

  832. Parietaria hespera var. californica California Pellitory
  833. Urtica dioica ssp. holosericea Nettle (Doane Creek and French Creek)
  834. U. urens Dwarf Nettle

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    Valerianaceae: Valerian Family

  835. Plectritis brachystemon (P. congesta ssp. b.) Plectritis (Cuyamaca Lake)
  836. P. ciliosa ssp. insignis Plectritis (more common sp. in mountains)
  837. P. congesta (ssp. congesta) Plectritis (reported from Palomar Mt.)

    Verbenaceae: Verbena Family

  838. Verbena lasiostachys var. lasiostachys Mountain Verbena

    Violaceae: Violet Family

  839. Viola adunca Blue Mt. Violet (lf-bearing stems; upper Doane Valley & Middle Pk.)
  840. V. douglasii Yellow Mt. Violet (lvs. dissected; Cuyamaca Lake)
  841. V. lobata ssp. integrifolia Yellow Wood Violet (lvs. not lobed; North Pk.)
  842. V. lobata ssp. lobata Yellow Wood Violet (lvs. lobed; Middle Pk. & Inspiration Point)
  843. V. nephrophylla Kidney-Leaf Purple Marsh Violet
  844. V. pinetorum ssp. pinetorum Grey-leaf Yellow Violet (uncommon; Hot Springs Mt.)
  845. V. purpurea ssp. purpurea Yellow Violet (Will Valley & Cuyamaca Mts.)
  846. V. purpurea ssp. quercetorum Oak Yellow Violet (foothills & montane)

    Viscaceae (Loranthaceae): Mistletoe Family

  847. Arceuthobium campylopodum Dwarf Mistletoe (parasitic on Pinus coulteri & jeffreyi)
  848. P. macrophyllum Mistletoe (parastic on cottonwood & sycamore)
  849. P. pauciflorum Fir Mistletoe (parasitic on Abies concolor; Cuyamaca Pk.)
  850. P. villosum Oak Mistletoe (parasitic on Quercus)

    Vitaceae: Grape Family

  851. Vitis girdiana Wild Grape (cismontane and desert canyons)

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    Zanichelliaceae: Horned Pondweed Family

  852. Zanichellia palustris Horned Pondweed

    Zygophyllaceae: Caltrop Family

  853. Kallstroemia parviflora Kallstroemia (naturalized weed at Warner Hot Springs)
  854. Tribulus terrestris Puncture Vine (Warner Hot Springs & Pine Valley)


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