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Presenting a lot of complex subject matter to a classroom of students
can sometimes be very frustrating, particularly when everyone in the
back row is sound asleep. To maintain attentive audiences, it is often
beneficial to interject amazing facts into high-memory-load lectures.

Disclaimer: Although most of the gee-whiz trivia presented here are based on facts, we may include some fantastic propositions and preposterous mathematical projections that are impossible to observe, difficult (if not impossible) to prove, not likely to occur, and beyond the scope of genuine trivia. For example: If a single bacterium divided every 20 minutes and all the offspring lived and reproduced at the same rate, in one month the number of bacteria would exceed the total number of electrons in some models of the visible universe. How could this astronomical mass of bacteria (composed partly of electrons) exceed the number of electrons available to construct the bacteria? This may be a false proposition, but it shows how fast bacteria multiply rather nicely.

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