In Memory Of John Allison
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In Memory Of My Dear Friend John Allison (1941-2016)

Sierra Madre & San Gabriel Mtns From L.A. County Arboretum in Arcadia
John & I Grew Up In These Two Foothill Cities Of Los Angeles County

I have made several dedications to dear friends and colleagues on Wayne's Word, but this one is especially close to my heart because John was truly a lifelong friend. I met John in my sixth grade class at Highland Oaks School in Arcadia, California. I still remember him in his green jacket sitting next to me in Mr. Hamilton's class. The year was 1952 and we became best friends for the next 65 years.

During our American Graffiti High School years we both had classic cars. I had a bright red 48 Ford convertible and later a 50 Ford. John had a 40 Ford and later a classic blue 49-50 Oldsmobile with black and white tuck & roll upholstery. In fact, we were admiring my car one day in front of my home in Arcadia when two young ladies walked by admiring us! John married one of them, Stephanie, and I was his best man at a beautiful Christmas wedding in December 1963. They were together for almost 53 years. I just can't believe how fast a lifetime passes.

After college we both became teachers. I moved to Escondido in 1966 and started my career at Palomar College. John started his career at a middle school in Pasadena. For more than 40 years I made my traditional New Year's Eve visit to John and Stephanie's lovely home in Sierra Madre. We always had delicious food, marvelous discussions and beautiful walks into the nearby foothills.

It is difficult to say goodbye to a lifelong friend like John. He was truly one of the nicest persons I ever met in my life. New Year's will never be the same without this kind and gentle man. I will miss him very much and I will never forget him.

Best friends for 65 years.

Wayne P. Armstrong
Professor Emeritus
Palomar College
23 January 2017