Oxalis Pes-Caprae
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Bermuda Buttercup (Oxalis pes-caprae)

Terminology Used To Key This Species Out In The Jepson Manual Of Calif. Plants
Oxalis pes-caprae L. is naturalized throughout the world, including European countries. It was originally named by Linnaeus in 1753, although many references have used the binomial (O. cernua).

Following 2 Captions Refer To Left Image:

Left Side Of Image: Habit view of Oxalis pes-caprae showing leafless peduncle called a scape (white arrow).

Right side Of Image: Close-up view of flower showing long & short stamens, and the stigmatic tip (red arrow) of one of the five style branches.

Details Of Dissected Flower
With Corolla & Calyx Removed:

Androecium: There are 10 stamens: 5 Short & 5 Long.

Gynoecium: The ovary has 5 style branches, each terminating in a capitate stigma.

The Remarkable Vegetative Reproduction Of Bermuda Buttercup
(Oxalis pes-caprae) & Why It Has A Worldwide Distribution

Oxalis pes-caprae (O. cernua) has white underground stems called rhizomes that produce small, white bulblets. Each mature brown bulb can produce more than 20 more bulblets. This prolific bulb production is how this species has been transported to continents throughout the world. I originally thought these structures were tubers; however, they have overlapping brown scales typical of true bulbs, thus ruling out tubers and corms. Bulbs are common in monocot families including onions (Alliaceae) and lilies (Liliaceae). True bulbs are not as common in dicot plant families.
By the way, there are 4 species of Oxalis in the local hills near Palomar College representing 4 major continents. The small-flowered O. micrantha is a relatively new naturalized species in San Diego County. In fact, it is not included in Checklist Of The Vascular Plants Of San Diego County (4th Edition) 2006. I might add that it has made its way to my home in Twin Oaks Valley without any assistance from me.