Anza-Borrego Checklist
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Indigenous and Naturalized Plants
of the Anza-Borrego Desert Region

[San Diego and Imperial Counties.]
Including the Creosote Bush Scrub, Desert Transition Chaparral,
Freshwater Marsh, Riparian Woodland & Vacant Fields (Ruderal).
© W.P. Armstrong 14 April 2010
List originally compiled by W.P. Armstrong between 1970 and 2003. It has
been augmented with numerous additions by Tom Chester since 2003.
The plant names are gradually being updated with Jepson Flora (1993).

This checklist is by no means complete. The Anza-Borrego Desert area of San Diego County is part of the Colorado Desert, a subdivision of the vast Sonoran Desert. This region of San Diego County, plus the adjacent mountain slopes, contain a rich and diverse flora. To some casual observers, it may appear barren and with few plant species, but this is not the case. The list contains about 18 percent of all the native and naturalized vascular plant species in San Diego County.

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    Acanthaceae: Acanthus Family

  1. Carlowrightia arizonica Arizona Carlowrightia (Palm Canyon)
  2. Justicia (Beloperone) californica Chuparosa

    Agavaceae: Agave Family

  3. Agave deserti Desert Agave
  4. Nolina bigelovii Nolina
  5. Yucca schidigera Mojave Yucca

    Amaranthaceae: Amaranth Family

  6. Amaranthus fimbriatus Fringed Amaranth (Hellhole Can. CRHT)
  7. Tidestromia oblongifolia Arizona Honey-Sweet

    Amaryllidaceae: Amaryllis Family [Liliaceae]

  8. Allium fimbriatum var. fimbriatum Desert Onion
  9. A. haematochiton (listed for Borrego Palm Canyon by Beauchamp)
  10. Dichelostemma pulchella Wild Hyacinth
  11. Muilla maritima (Borrego Palm Canyon)

    Anacardiaceae: Sumac Family

  12. Rhus ovata Sugar Bush
  13. R. trilobata var. simplicifolia (Pinyon Mtn)

    Apiaceae: Carrot Family

  14. Apiastrum angustifolium Wild Celery (Hellhole Canyon)
  15. Apium graveolens Celery
  16. Caucalis microcarpa Small-Fruited Caucalis
  17. Daucus pusillus Rattlesnake Weed (CRHT)
  18. Lomatium lucidum Hog Fennel (Culp Valley)
  19. Tauschia arguta Tauschia (desert edge)

    Arecaceae: Palm Family

  20. Washingtonia filifera California Fan Palm

    Asclepiadaceae: Milkweed Family

  21. Asclepias albicans Giant Milkweed
  22. A. subulata Rush Milkweed
  23. A. erosa Desert Milkweed
  24. Cynanchum utahense Utah Cynanchum (Cool Canyon)
  25. Matelea parvifolia Spearleaf (Near Plum Can, CRHT)
  26. Sarcostemma cynanchoides ssp. hartwegii Climbing Milkweed
  27. S. hirtellum (more canescent than preceeding sp.) Henderson Can.

    Asteraceae: Sunflower Family

  28. Adenophyllum (Dyssodia) porophylloides Dyssodia
  29. Ambrosia (Franseria) acanthicarpa Sand-Bur
  30. A. (Franseria) dumosa Bur-Sage
  31. A. psilostachya var. californica Western Ragweed
  32. A. ludoviciana ssp. albula (CRHT; Hellhole Can & Culp Valley, Cool Can)
  33. A. tridentata ssp. tridentata Basin Sagebrush
  34. Baccharis brachyphylla (Rockhouse & Henderson Can.)
  35. B. glutinosa Mule Fat (B. viminea)
  36. B. sarathroides Chaparral Broom (desert slopes of Laguna Mts.)
  37. B. sergiloides Waterweed (Hellhole Can. & Henderson Can.)
  38. Baileya pauciradiata Desert Marigold or Lax Flower
  39. Bebbia juncea Sweet Bush
  40. Brickellia arguta var. arguta? [CRHT near Culp Valley]
  41. B. californica Calfornia Brickellia (mostly cismontane & mts.)
  42. B. desertorum Desert Brickellia (heads clustered; Box Can. & Hellhole Can.)
  43. B. frutescens Shrubby Brickellia (heads solitary; CRHT)
  44. Calycoseris parryi Yellow Tackstem
  45. C. wrighttii White Tackstem (reported in area?)
  46. Chaenactis artemisiifolia White Pincushion Flower
  47. C. carphoclinia var. c. Pebble Pincushion (Coyote Mt. & Palm Canyon)
  48. C. fremontii Desert Pincushion Flower (Palm Canyon)
  49. C. stevioides Gray Pincushion Flower (Yaqui Pass)
  50. Chysothamnus nauseosus ssp. consimilis ? (lvs. not resinous-punctate)
  51. C. paniculatus Black-Banded Rabbitbrush (lvs. resinous-punctate)
  52. Conyza canadensis Common Horseweed (Hellhole Canyon)
  53. Dicoria canescens Dicoria (enlarged phyllaries)
  54. Dimorphotheca sinuata Cape Marigold (naturalized in Borrego Springs)
  55. Encelia farinosa Brittle Bush (Incienso)
  56. E. frutescens Rayless Encelia (lvs. with pustulate-based hairs)
  57. E. virginensis (E. virginensis ssp. actoni = E. actoni) Acton's Encelia
  58. Ericameria cuneata var. microcephala Laguna Goldenfleece (desert slopes & cliffs)
  59. E. (Haplopappus) cuneata var. spathulata Wedgeleaf Goldenbush (desert slopes)
  60. E. linearifolia (Haplopappus) Narrowleaf Goldenbush (ray fls. present; CRHT)
  61. E. brachylepis (H. propinquus) Boundary Goldenbush (lvs. filiform & punctate)
  62. Eriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorum Golden Yarrow (CRHT)
  63. E. confertiflorum var. laxiflorum Gray-Leaf Golen Yarrow (Box Canyon)
  64. E. lanosum Woolly Frocks
  65. E. pringlei Pringle's Woolly Daisy
  66. E. wallacei Wallace's Eriophyllum (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  67. Filago arizonica Arizona Fluffweed (Travertine Palms--NE corner of SD County)
  68. F. californica California Fluffweed (Palm Canyon)
  69. F. depressa Dwarf Filago or Fluffweed (Borrego Springs; Alcoholic Pass Trail)
  70. Geraea canescens Desert Sunflower
  71. Gnaphalium luteo-album Everlasting (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  72. Gutierrezia californica (G. bracteata) Matchweed (mostly cismontane)
  73. G. sarothrae Matchweed (the common desert species)
  74. Helianthus niveus ssp. canescens Desert Sunflower
  75. Hofmeisteria (Pleurocoronis) pluriseta Arrow-Leaf (Palm can; Mt. Palm Spr.)
  76. Hymenoclea salsola var. salsola Cheese Bush (Palm Canyon)
  77. Isocoma (Haplopappus) acradenia var. eremophila Alkali Goldenbush
  78. Lactuca serriola Prickly Lettuce (Hellhole Ca.)
  79. Lasthenia californica Goldfields (L. chrysostoma)
  80. Layia glandulosa White Tidy-Tips
  81. Lepidospartum squamatum Scalebroom
  82. Machaeranthera (Xylorhiza) orcuttii Desert Aster
  83. Malacothrix glabrata Desert Dandelion
  84. Malperia tenuis Brown Turbans (Malperia Ridge above Elephant tree area)
  85. Monoptilon bellioides Desert Star
  86. Palafoxia linearis Spanish Needles
  87. Pectis papposa Chinch Weed (summer & fall C-4 annual)
  88. Perityle emoryi Rock Daisy (Palm Canyon)
  89. Peucephyllum schottii Pigmy Cedar (Coyote Mt.)
  90. Pluchea purpurascens Marsh Fleabane
  91. P. sericea Arrow-Weed
  92. Porophyllum gracile Odora
  93. Prenanthella exigua Egbertia (Malperia Ridge above Elephant tree area)
  94. Psathyrotes ramosissima Desert Velvet
  95. Rafinesquia neomexicana Desert Chicory
  96. Senecio flaccidus var. douglasii Bush Groundsel
  97. S. mohavensis Mojave Groundsel (Ocotillo & Palm Canyon)
  98. Solidago californica California Goldenrod
  99. Sonchus asper ssp. asper Prickly Sow Thistle (Palm Canyon)
  100. S. oleraceus Sow Thistle (Palm Canyon)
  101. Stephanomeria exigua ssp. deanei Small Wreath Plant (Hellhole Can.)
  102. S. exigua ssp. exigua Small Wreath Plant (Coyote Cr 1st Crossing)
  103. S. pauciflora var. pauciflora Desert Straw
  104. Stylocline gnaphaloides Everlasting Nest Straw
  105. S. micropoides Desrt Nest Straw (Palm Canyon, Domelands, Imp. Co.)
  106. Trichoptilium incisum Yellow Head
  107. Trixis californica Trixis
  108. Uropappus lindleyi Silver Puffs (Coyote Creek--Lower Willows)
  109. Viguiera parishii Desert Sunflower (Palm Canyon)
  110. Xanthium strumarium Cocklebur

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    Betulaceae: Birch Family

  111. Alnus rhombifolia White Alder

    Bignoniaceae: Bignonia Family

  112. Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow

    Boraginaceae: Borage Family

  113. Amsinckia tessellata Yellow Fiddleneck
  114. A. menziesii var. intermedia Yellow Fiddleneck (Palm Canyon)
  115. A. m. var. menziesii Calif. Riding & Hiking Trail (CRHT)
  116. Coldenia (Tiquila) palmeri Coldenia
  117. Coldenia (Tiquila) plicata Coldenia
  118. Cryptantha angustifolia Narrow-Leaved Forget-Me-Not (4 nutlets; Coyote Creek)
  119. C. barbigera var. barbigera (4 roughened nutlets; lvs. linear-broadly oblong)
  120. C. barbigera var. fergusoniae Bearded Cryptantha [Fls larger]
  121. C. costata (4 rippled nutlets; greener & longer calyx than C. angustifolia)
  122. C. decipiens Gravel Cryptantha (Henderson Canyon; stems with strigose hairs)
  123. C. ganderi (Very bristly with one smooth nutlet; endangered; Coyote Creek)
  124. C. holoptera Winged Cryptantha (Borrego Palm Canyon, Malperia Ridge)
  125. C. intermedia White Forget-Me-Not (more common on coast; Palm Canyon)
  126. C. maritima White-Haired Forget-Me-Not (minute corolla & 1 nutlet; CRHT)
  127. C. micrantha Purple Rooted Forget-Me-Not (Coyote Creek)
  128. C. muricata (Borrego Palm Can, Coyote Creek; robust lvs, large heads)
  129. C. nevadensis Nevada Cryptantha (Alcoholic Pass Trail)
  130. C. pterocarya var. pterocarya Wing-Nut Cryptantha (Smoke Tree Wa; Alcoholic Pass)
  131. C. pterocarya var. purpusii Wing-Nut Cryptantha
  132. C. racemosa Bushy; nutlets with knife edges & tubercles, 1 larger (Coyote Mt.)
  133. C. simulans White Forget-Me-Not
  134. C. utahensis Scented Forget-Me-Not (Alma Canyon; Boulder Alley)
  135. Heliotropium curassavicum var. oculatum Wild Heliotrope
  136. Pectocarya heterocarpa Comb-Bur (Coyote Creek; 2 nontoothed basal nutlets)
  137. P. linearis var. ferocula Comb-Bur (San Felipe Valley)
  138. P. platycarpa Comb-Bur (broad margin on nutlets)
  139. P. peninsularis (possibly in Coyote Creek acc. to Tom Chester)
  140. P. recurvata Comb-Bur (Palm Canyon)
  141. Plagiobothrys nothofulvus Red-Stain Plagiobothrys (San Felipe Valley)

    Brassicaceae: Mustard Family

  142. Arabis perennans Rock-Cress (desert slope Laguna Mts, Henderson Can)
  143. A. pulchra Rock-Cress
  144. Brassica tournefortii (large mustard with divergent siliques)
  145. Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd's Purse
  146. Caulanthus cooperi Cooper Caulanthus (Stems Twining in Butler Canyon)
  147. C. hallii Hall Caulanthus (Borrego Palm Canyon, Henderson Canyon)
  148. C. (Streptanthus) heterophyllus var. h. Jewel Flower (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  149. C. simulans Payson's Caulanthus (upper lvs. clasping; Palm Canyon)
  150. Descurainia pinnata ssp. glabra Tansy Mustard (Travertine Palms Wash)
  151. D. pinnata ssp. halictorum Tansy Mustard (Palm Canyon)
  152. Dithyrea californica Spectacle Pod
  153. Draba cuneifolia Desert Whitlow
  154. Erysimum capitatum Western Wallflower
  155. Lepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpum Sand Peppergrass (Palm Canyon)
  156. L. flavum var. felipense Borrego Peppergrass (Palm Canyon)
  157. L. flavum var. flavum Yellow Peppergrass
  158. Lobularia maritima Sweet Alyssum
  159. Lyrocarpa coulteri var. palmeri Lyre-Fruit or Lyre-Pod
  160. Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum Water Cress (Collins Valley acc. to Chester 2009)
  161. Sisymbrium irio London Rocket (slender pedicels; Coyote Creek)
  162. S. orientale Hare's Ear Cabbage (thick pedicels)
  163. Stanleya pinnata Prince's Plume (seleniferous soil)
  164. Streptanthella longirostris (siliques flat & pendent; succulent)
  165. Thelypodium (Guillenia) lasiophyllum var. utahense (siliques reflexed)
  166. Tropidocarpum gracile Dobie-Pod (reported in area)
  167. Thysanocarpus curvipes var. eradiatus Fringe-Pod
  168. T. laciniatus var. rigidus Laguna Mts. (lvs. not auriculate)

    Burseraceae: Torchwood Family

  169. Bursera microphylla Elephant Tree

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    Cactaceae: Cactus Family

    Note: Opuntia with cylindrical stem segments are now Cylindropuntia

  170. Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa var. coloradensis Buckhorn Cholla
  171. C. bigelovii (Opuntia b. var. b.) Jumping Cholla
  172. C. californica var. parkeri (O. parryi var. p.) Cane Cholla (San Felipe area)
  173. C. echinocarpa (O. e. var. e.) Silver Cholla
  174. C. fosbergii (C. x fosbergii; O. b. var. hoffmannii) Pink Jumping Cholla
  175. C. ganderi (O. acanthocarpa var. g.) Gander's Cholla
  176. C. ramosissima (O. r.) Pencil Cholla
  177. C. wigginsii (probably C. echinocarpa X) Wiggins Cholla (Canebrake Canyon)
  178. C. wolfii (O. e. var. wolfii) Wolf's Cholla
  179. Echinocereus engelmannii Hedgehog Cactus
  180. Echinocactus polycephalus var. p. Cotton-Top Cactus (Palo Verde Wash)
  181. Ferocactus cylindraceus var. c. (F. acanthodes var. a.) Barrel Cactus
  182. F. cylindraceus var. lecontei (F. acanthodes var. l.) Barrel Cactus
  183. Mammillaria dioica Fishhook Cactus
  184. M. tetrancistra Fishhook Cactus (similar to M. dioica)
  185. O. basilaris var. basilaris Beaver-Tail Cactus
  186. O. chlorotica Pancake Prickly-Pear (Sentenac Canyon)
  187. O. erinacea var. erinacea Mojave Prickly-Pear
  188. O. x occidentalis Western Prickly-Pear
  189. O. phaecantha (O. p. var. major & var. discata?) Desert Prickly-Pear

    Campanulaceae: Bellflower Family

  190. Nemacladus glanduliferus Threadplant (Box Canyon)
  191. N. longiflorus var. breviflorus Threadplant (Scissors Crossing)
  192. N. orientalis (N. glanduliferus var. orientalis) Threadplant
  193. N. pinnatifidus Threadplant
  194. N. ramosissimus Threadplant (Stem not zig-zag)
  195. N. rubescens Threadplant (Henderson Can, corolla tips brown)
  196. N. sigmoideus Small-Fld Threadplant (San Felipe Wash E. of Jacumba)
  197. N. tenuis var. tenuis Threadplant (S-2 near Imperial Co. Line)
  198. Lobelia cardinalis ssp. graminea Scarlet Lobelia (desert slopes)

    Capparaceae: Caper Family

  199. Isomeris arborea Bladderpod

    Caprifoliaceae: Honeysuckle Family

  200. Sambucus mexicana Elderberry (S. caerulea in pine belt)

    Caryophyllaceae: Pink Family

  201. Achyronychia cooperi Frost Mat
  202. Cerastium glomeratum Mouse-ear Chickweed (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  203. Loeflingia squarrosa var. squarrosa Loeflingia (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  204. Silene antirrhina Snapdragon Catchfly (Borrego Palm Canyon)

    Chenopodiaceae: Gooseroot Family

  205. Allenrolfea occidentalis Iodine Bush
  206. Atriplex canescens ssp. canescens Fourwing Saltbush
  207. A. elegans var fasciculata Wheelscale (Depression along trail to Domelands; Imp. Co.)
  208. A. hymenelytra Desert Holly
  209. A. lentiformis ssp. lentiformis Big Saltbush Borrego Sink)
  210. A. polycarpa Saltbush
  211. Chenopodium album Lamb's Quarters (Palm Canyon)
  212. C. murale Nettleleaf Goosefoot (Palm Can, Little Surprise Can)
  213. Salsola tragus (S. iberica) Russian Thistle
  214. Suaeda moquinii (S. torreyana var. ramosissima) Seep-Weed

    Cistacease: Rockrose Family

  215. Helianthemum scoparium var. aldersonii Rockrose

    Crassulaceae: Stonecrop Family

  216. Crassula connata Pygmy Weed
  217. Dudleya abramsii Live-Forever (desert slopes & canyons)
  218. Dudleya arizonica Live-Forever (desert slopes, Mt. Springs)
  219. D. saxosa ssp. aloides (desert slopes--Laguna Mts.)

    Crossosomataceae: Crossosoma Family

  220. Crossosoma bigelovii Crossosoma (C. californicum on Catalina Is.)

    Cucurbitaceae: Cucumber Family

  221. Brandegea bigelovii (curious gourd--outside San Diego Co.)
  222. Cucurbita foetidissima Calabazilla or Coyote Melon (lvs. triangular)
  223. C. palmata Desert Gourd (lvs. palmately 5-1obed)
  224. Marah macrocarpus Wild Cucumber (usually cismontane; CRHT)

    Cupressaceae: Cypress Family

  225. Juniperus californica California Juniper

    Cuscutaceae: Dodder Family

  226. Cuscuta californica var. papillosa California Dodder (CRHT); Coyote Creek

    Cyperaceae: Sedge Family

  227. Cyperus odoratus Sedge (Coyote Creek--ID by Tom Chester(
  228. Eleocharis geniculata Spike Rush (Mt. Palm Springs)
  229. E. parishii Parish Spike Rush (upper Borrego Valley; Agua Caliente Park)
  230. S. acutus Tule (bristles filiform; possibly in wet areas)
  231. S. californicus California Bulrush (bristles broad & ciliate or plumose)
  232. S. americanus American Bulrush (Pupfish Pond in Borrego Palm Canyon)
  233. S. olneyi Olney Bulrush (marshy areas)

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    Datiscaceae: Datisca Family

  234. Datisca glomerata Durango Root (Borrego Palm Canyon)

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    Ephedraceae: Ephedra Family

  235. Ephedra aspera (lvs. in 2's; stems rough; Borrego Palm Can; Alcoholic Pass)
  236. E. californica Mormon Tea (lvs. in 3's--a common species; Coyote Creek)
  237. E. fasciculata var. clokeyi = E. aspera (lvs. in 2's; stem smooth; Henderson Can)
  238. E. nevadensis (lvs. in 2's, young stems glaucous; Palm Can. & Hellhole Can.)
  239. E. trifurca Mormon Tea (San Diego-Imperial County Line, Mt. Springs)

    Ericaceae: Heath Family

  240. Arctostaphylos glauca Bigberry Manzanita

    Euphorbiaceae: Euphorbia or Spurge Family

  241. Acalypha californica Copper Leaf (Mountain Palm Springs)
  242. Bernardia myricifolia (B. incana) Bernardia (Upper Blair Valley, Cool Can, CRHT)
  243. Chamaesyce arizonica (Borrego Palm Canyon, CRHT)
  244. C. melanadenia Squaw Spurge (prostrate perennial; Culp Valley)
  245. C. micromera Sand Mat (Palm Canyon)
  246. C. polycarpa var. hirtella Sand Mat (pubescent perennial; Hellhole Can.)
  247. C. polycarpa var. polycarpa Sand Mat (perennial)
  248. C. setiloba Yuma Spurge (red prostrate annual, Palm Canyon)
  249. Croton californicus var. mohavensis Desert Croton
  250. Ditaxis lanceolata Ditaxis or Silverbush
  251. Ditaxis neomexicana Ditaxis or Silverbush (Hellhole Canyon, Mason Valley)
  252. Euphorbia eriantha Desert Poinsettia (glands without appendages; erect)
  253. Ricinus communis Castor Bean
  254. Stillingia linearifolia Desert Stillingia (Hellhole Can., CRHT)
  255. S. spinulosa Broad-Leaved Stillingia

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    Fabaceae: Pea Family

  256. Acacia greggii Catclaw Acacia
  257. Astragalus aridus Parch Locoweed (Borrego Springs, Henderson Can Rd)
  258. A. coccineus Scarlet Locoweed (Mt. Springs Grade)
  259. A. crotalariae Locoweed (malodorous locoweed)
  260. A. didymocarpus var. dispermus Desert Dwarf Locoweed
  261. A. insularis var. harwoodii (pod greatly inflated)
  262. A. lentiginosus var. borreganus (herbage silky; pod not strongly inflated)
  263. A. magdalenae var. peirsonii Algodones Dunes Locoweed (Glamis area)
  264. A. nuttallianus var. cedrosensis Locoweed (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  265. A. palmeri Palmer Locoweed
  266. A. pachypus var. pachypus Locoweed (Pinyon Mtn)
  267. Caesalpinia virgata Desert Bird-of-Paradise (Domelands, Imp. Co.)
  268. Calliandra eriophylla Fairy Duster (Pinyon Mts.)
  269. Cassia (Senna) armata Desert Senna or Cassia
  270. C. (Senna) covesii Coves' Cassia (Box Canyon)
  271. Cercidium floridum Palo Verde
  272. Cercis occidentalis Redbud (desert slopes Laguna Mts.)
  273. Dalea mollis Silk Dalea (low perennial--prostrate, calyx 3-7 mm; Borrego Valley)
  274. D. mollissima Silk Dalea (prostrate, calyx 7-8 mm, Coyote Creek, Paloverde Wash)
  275. Hoffmannseggia glauca (H. densiflora) Hog Potato (Little Blair Valley)
  276. H. microphylla Hoffmannseggia (Imperial Co.)
  277. Lotus argophyllus ssp. argophyllus Silver Lotus (prostrate per.)
  278. L. hamatus Grab Lotus (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  279. L. heermannii var. heermannii (cismontane & Borrego Palm Canyon)
  280. L. rigidus Desert Lotus (erect perennial; Box Canyon & Hellhole Can.)
  281. L. salsuginosus var. brevivexillus Humble Lotus (Coyote Creek, CRHT)
  282. L. scoparius ssp. brevialatus Deerweed (CRHT)
  283. L. tomentellus (L. strigosus var. tomentellus) Desert Lotus
  284. Lupinus arizonicus (common fleshy annual in Coyote Creek; also non-showy form)
  285. L. bicolor ssp. brevior (L. bicolor) Dwarf Lupine (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  286. L. bicolor ssp. marginatus (L. bicolor) Dwarf Lupine (L. Henshaw; Banner Grade)
  287. L. bicolor ssp. microphyllous Dwarf Lupine (Culp & San Felipe Valleys)
  288. L. concinnus var. concinnus (L. concinnus) Bajada Lupine (San Felipe Valley)
  289. L. concinnus ssp. optatus (L. concinnus) Bajada Lupine (Scissor's Crossing)
  290. L. concinnus ssp. orcuttii (L. concinnus) Bajada Lupine (San Felipe Valley)
  291. L. excubitus ssp. medius Mountain Springs Lupine (Mt. Springs & Ocotillo)
  292. L. hirsutissimus Hairy Lupine
  293. L. microcarpus var. m. (L. densiflorus var. austrocollium) (Coyote Creek)
  294. L. shockleyi Desert Lupine (reported in desert area)
  295. L. sparsiflorus Coulter's Lupine (Borrego Palm Can, Hellhole Can, Coyote Cr)
  296. Marina (Dalea) parryi (suffruticose perennial around 2 ft. tall; Vallecitos)
  297. Medicago polymorpha Bur Clover (Palm Canyn)
  298. M. sativa Alfalfa
  299. Melilotus albus White Sweet Clover
  300. M. indicus Yellow Sweet Clover
  301. 0lneya tesota Desert Ironwood (dry wood sinks in water)
  302. Parkinsonia aculeata Mexican Palo Verde (naturalized)
  303. Prosopis glandulosa (juliflora) var. torreyana Mesquite
  304. P. pubescens Screw-Bean Mesquite
  305. Psorothamnus emoryi Dyeweed (conspicuous orange glands)
  306. P. polydenius (Along trail to Domelands, Imp. Co.)
  307. P. schottii Indigo Bush (common in Borrego Springs area)
  308. P. spinosus Smoke Tree
  309. Trifolium willdenovii? (T. tridentatum) Tomcat Clover (Borrego Palm Canyon)

    Fagaceae: Beech Family

  310. Q. agrifolia var. oxydenia Coast Live Oak (upper valleys)
  311. Q. chrysolepis Canyon Live Oak (upper canyons)
  312. Q. cornelius-mulleri Desert Scrub Oak (desert transition chaparral, CRHT)
  313. Quecus kelloggii Calif. Black Oak (upper mt. slopes)

    Fouquieriaceae: Ocotillo Family

  314. Fouquieria splendens Ocotillo

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    Garryaceae: Silk-Tassel Family

  315. Garrya flavescens var. pallida Silk-Tassel Bush (Culp Valley)

    Gentianaceae: Gentian Family

  316. Eustoma exaltatum Catchfly Gentian (Desert Oases areas)

    Geraniaceae: Geranium Family

  317. Erodium cicutarium Filaree
  318. E. texanum Texas Erodium or Heron Bill (native species)

    Grossulariaceae: Gooseberry Family

  319. Ribes indecorum White Flowering Currant (CRHT from Culp Valley)
  320. Ribes quercetorum Yellow-Flowered Gooseberry

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    Hydrophyllaceae: Waterleaf Family

  321. Emmenanthe penduliflora Whispering Bells
  322. Eriodictyon trichocalyx var. trichocalyx Yerba Santa (Palm Can.)
  323. E. trichocalyx var. lanatum Yerba Santa
  324. Eucrypta micrantha Desert Eucrypta
  325. E. chrysanthemifolia var. bipinnatifida Torrey Eucrypta
  326. Nama demissum Purple Mat
  327. Phacelia affinis (small annual with pale lavender or white corolla)
  328. P. brachyloba White Phacelia
  329. P. campanularia ssp. campanularia Desert Blue Bell (Palm Canyn)
  330. P. cicutaria var. hispida Caterpillar Phacelia
  331. P. crenulata var. ambigua Desert Phacelia (Yaqui Pass & Ocotillo Wells)
  332. P. crenulata var. minutiflora Desert Phacelia (Coyote Creek)
  333. P. cryptantha Desert Caterpillar Phacelia (Palm Canyon)
  334. P. distans Blue Fiddleneck (may have exerted stamens; Coyote Creek)
  335. P. minor Wild Canterbury-Bell (Palm Canyon)
  336. P. pedicellata Specter Phacelia (corolla pinkish)
  337. P. ramosissima var. latifolia (P. suffrutescens)
  338. P. tanacetifolia (pls labeled as this in Palm Canyon appear to be P. distans)
  339. Pholistoma membranaceum White Fiesta Flower (no auricles)
  340. Turricula parryi Sticky Nama (Banner Grade)

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    No Families Starting With I On This List

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    Juncaceae: Rush Family

  341. Juncus acutus ssp. leopoldii Spiny Rush (Palm Canyon)
  342. J. bufonius var. bufonius Toad Rush (Collins Valley)
  343. J. cooperi Cooper's Rush (Reported from Arroyo Salado by Tom Chester)
  344. J. mexicanus Mexican Rush
  345. J. rugulosus Wrinkled Rush (Palm Canyon)
  346. J. xiphioides Iris-Leaf Rush (Hellhole Can.)

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    Krameriaceae: Krameria Family

  347. Krameria erecta Krameria (sepals cupped; Palm Canyon)
  348. Krameria grayi Krameria (fruiting spines barbed at apex)

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    Lamiaceae: Mint Family

  349. Hyptis emoryi Desert Lavender
  350. Monardella nana White Monardella (Montezuma View Point
  351. Salazaria (Scutellaria) mexicana Mex. Bladder Sage (Yaqui Ridge; Mt. Springs Gr)
  352. Salvia apiana var. compacta White Sage
  353. S. carduacea Thistle Sage
  354. S. columbariae Chia
  355. S. eremostachya Santa Rosa Sage (CRHT above Hellhole Can.)
  356. S. vaseyi Wand Sage (bracts & calyx bristle-tipped)
  357. Stachys ajugoides var. rigida Hedge Nettle (Collins Valley acc. to Chester 2009)
  358. Trichostema lanceolatum Vinegar Weed
  359. T. parishii Woolly Blue Curls (Jacumba & Banner Grade)

    Lauraceae: Laurel Family

  360. Umbellularia californica Calif. Bay Tree (desert slopes or mts.)

    Lemnaceae (Araceae): Duckweed Family

  361. Lemna aequinoctialis (L. perpusilla) [collected by Landolt in Vallecitos Canyon]
  362. L. turionifera (L. minor) [Reported from the Anza-Borrego Desert region]
  363. L. valdiviana [Reported from Vallecitos Can; this sp. often misidentified]

    Lennoaceae: Lennoa Family (interesting root parasites)

  364. Pholisma arenarium Pholisma Sand Plant or Pholisma
  365. Pholisma (Ammobroma) sonorae Sand Food (Algodones Dunes, Imperial Co.)

    Liliaceae: Lily Family

  366. Hesperocallis undulata Desert Lily

    Loasaceae: Loasa Family

  367. Mentzelia affinis Hydra Stickleaf or Yellow Blazing Star (Collins Valley)
  368. M. albicaulis Blazing Star (Henderson Canyon)
  369. M. desertorum Desert Stick Leaf (reported from Palm Canyon)
  370. M. hirsutissima Hairy Stick Leaf
  371. M. involucrata Desert Blazing Star (Coyote Creek, CRHT)
  372. M. veatchiana Veatch's Stick Leaf (Coyote Creek: Lower Willows near Collins Valley)
  373. Petalonyx thurberi Sandpaper Plant

    Lythraceae: Loosestrife Family

  374. Lythrum californicum Calif. Loosestrife (Hellhole Can.)

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    Malvaceae: Mallow Family

  375. Abutilon palmeri Flowering Maple (desert slopes Laguna Mts.)
  376. Eremalche (Malvastrum) exilis Ground Mallow (Coyote Creek)
  377. E. rotundifolia Desert Fivespot (spectacular wildflower)
  378. Hibiscus denudatus Rose Mallow or Desert Hibiscus
  379. Horsfordia newberryi Newberry False Mallow (Palm Canyon)
  380. Malacothamnus densiflorus Bush Mallow (Banner Grade, Hellhole Can.)
  381. Malva parviflora Cheeseweed
  382. Sphaeralcea ambigua var. ambigua Grenadine Desert Mallow or Apricot Mallow
  383. S. ambigua var. rosacea Rose Desert Mallow

    Martyniaceae: Martynia Family

  384. Proboscidea althaeifolia Unicorn Plant or Elephant Tusks
  385. P. parviflora ssp. parviflora (var. hohokamiana) Devil's Claw (Banner Can.)

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    Nyctaginaceae: Four O'Clock Family

  386. Abronia villosa var. villosa Desert Sand Verbena
  387. Allionia incarnata var. incarnata Windmills
  388. A. incarnata var. villosa Large-Flowered Windmills (Scissors Crossing)
  389. Boerhavia coccinea Red Ringstem (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  390. B. coulteri [ID by Tom Chester on CRHT near Culp Valley]
  391. B. intermedia Five-Ring Ringstem (Hellhole Canyon; Cool Canyon))
  392. B. wrightii Wright Ringstem
  393. Mirabilis bigelovii var. retrorsa Common Desert Four O'Clock (Wishbone Bush)
  394. M. bigelovii var. bigelovii Hairy Desert Four O'Clock (Wishbone Bush
  395. M. multiflora var. pubescens Giant Four O'Clock (Laguna crest & desert slopes)
  396. M. tenuiloba Long-Lobe Four O'Clock (Alma Canyon)

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    Oleaceae: Olive Family

  397. Fraxinus velutina Arizona Ash (desert canyons)
  398. Menodora scoparia Broom Twinberry (desert slopes)

    Onagraceae: Evening Primrose Family

  399. Camissonia boothii ssp. condensata (0. decorticans) Bottle Cleaner
  400. C. brevipes ssp. brevipes Cream-Colored Evening Primrose (Imperial County)
  401. C. californica (0. leptocarpa) Mustard Evening Primrose
  402. C. campestris ssp. campestris Mojave Sun Cup (Travertine Palms--N.E. SD County)
  403. C. cardiophylla ssp. cardiophylla Heart-Leaved Evening Primrose (Coyote Mt.)
  404. C. chamaenerioides Willow-Herb Evening Primrose (Coyote Creek)
  405. C. claviformis ssp. aurantiaca Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose (Travertine Palms Wa)
  406. C. claviformis ssp. peirsonii Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose
  407. C. pallida ssp. pallida (decumbent annual; Palm Canyon, Henderson Canyon))
  408. C. refracta Narrow-Lvd Evening Primrose (Spider Oenothera, Elephant Tree Area)
  409. C. strigulosa [syn. O. contorta epilobioides] (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  410. Epilobium adenocaulon var. parishii Willow Herb
  411. E. canum ssp. latifolium Willow Herb
  412. Oenothera californica Calif. Evening Primrose (Montezuma View Point)
  413. O. deltoides ssp. deltoides Dune Primrose or Desert Lantern (Desert Birdcage)
  414. O. elata ssp. hookeri Tall Yellow Evening Primrose (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  415. Zauschneria californica ssp. latifolia Calif. Fuchsia

    Orobanchaceae: Broom-Rape Family

  416. Orobanche californica ssp. feudgei Sagebrush Broom-Rape (Boulevard, Jacumba)
  417. O. cooperi Broom-Rape (parasitic on Ambrosia dumosa)

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    Papaveraceae: Poppy Family

  418. Argemone munita PrickIy Poppy (ssp. argentea)
  419. Eschscholzia californica California Poppy (mostly cismontane)
  420. E. glyptosperma Golden Desert Poppy (Smoke Tree Wash)
  421. E. minutiflora Minute California Poppy
  422. E. parishii Parish's Poppy
  423. Platystemon californicus Cream Cups

    Pinaceae: Pine Family

  424. Pinus coulteri Coulter Pine (higher slopes in pine belt)
  425. P. jeffreyi Jeffrey Pine (high slopes & valleys in pine belt)
  426. P. monophylla One-Leaved Pinyon (mostly in Pinyon Mts.)
  427. P. quadrifolia Four-Leaved Pinyon (desert slopes Laguna Mts.)
  428. Pseudotsuga macrocarpa Big-Cone Douglas Fir (Volcan Mts.)

    Plantaginaceae: Plantain Family

  429. Plantago major Common Plantain (Hellhole Can.)
  430. P. ovata Woolly Plantain (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  431. P. patagonica Plantain (Collins Valley acc. to Chester 2009)

    Platanaceae: Sycamore Family

  432. Platanus racemosa California Sycamore

    Poaceae: Grass Family

  433. Achnatherum (Stipa) coronatum Giany Stipa (desert slopes of Laguna Mts.)
  434. A. (Stipa) parishii Parish's Stipa (Jacumba, CRHT?)
  435. A. (Stipa) speciosum Desert Needlegrass (Indian Canyon)
  436. Agrostis viridis Bent Grass (Naturalized; Borrego Palm Canyon)
  437. Andropogon saccharoides (syn. Bothriochloa barbinodis) Plumed Beardgrass
  438. Aristida adscensionis Six-Weeks Three-Awn (Coyote Mt. & Palm Canyon)
  439. A. purpurea var. nealleyi Nealley's Three-Awn (Hellhole Can., CRHT))
  440. A. purpurea var. parishii (A. parishii) Parish's Three-Awn Grass
  441. Avena barbata Slender Wild Oat
  442. Bouteloua aristidoides var. aristidoides Grama Grass (Palm Canyon)
  443. B. barbata Six-Weeks Grama
  444. Bromus arenarius Australian Chess (desert slope Laguna Mts.)
  445. B. carinatus var. carinatus California Brome (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  446. B. diandrus Ripgut Brome (CRHT)
  447. B. madritensis ssp. rubens (B. rubens) Foxtail Chess or Red Brome
  448. B. tectorum Downy Brome (near Culp Valley)
  449. B. trinii Chilean Chess (Collins Vallet acc. to Chester 2009)
  450. Cenchrus echinatus Southern Sand Bur (Coyote Creek)
  451. Cynodon dactlylon Bermuda Grass (Palm Canyon, CRHT)
  452. Digitaria sanguinalis Crab Grass (Montezuma Valley)
  453. Distichlis spicata Salt Grass
  454. Eragrostis cilianensis Stink Grass (Montezuma Valley)
  455. E. neomexicana Love Grass (Montezuma Valley)
  456. Erioneuron pulchellum (Tridens) Fluff Grass (stoloniferous; Coyote Mt.)
  457. Festuca octoflora var. hirtella Six-Weeks Fescue
  458. F. pacifica Pacific Fescue (Montezuma View Point)
  459. Hilaria rigida Galleta Grass (common tall grass of desert)
  460. Hordeum murinum ssp. glaucum Foxtail Barley (Coyote Creek)
  461. Hordeum vulgare Cultivated Barley
  462. Melica frutescens Tall Melic [Borrego Palm Canyon]
  463. M. impefecta? Melic Grass [CRHT near Culp Valley]
  464. Muhlenbergia asperifolia (Rockhouse Canyon)
  465. M. microsperma Littleseed Muhly (desert slope Laguna Mts; Hellhole can.)
  466. M. porteri Mesquite Grass
  467. M. rigens Deergrass (mostly in mts.)
  468. Nassella (Stipa) pulchra Purple Stipa
  469. Oryzopsis hymenoides Indian Ricegrass
  470. Pennisetum setaceum Fountain Grass (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  471. Phalaris minor Mediterranean Canary Grass (The Narrows)
  472. Phragmites australis Reed
  473. Poa bigelovii Blue Grass (Little Blair Valley)
  474. P. scabrella Pine Blue Grass (Montezuma View Point)
  475. Polypogon monspeliensis Rabbitfoot Grass (Coyote Creek)
  476. Schismus barbatus Schismus (extremely abundant in valleys)
  477. Sitanion hystrix Squirreltail Grass (mostly in mts.)
  478. S. jubatum (apparently more common in desert areas)
  479. Vulpia bromoides Six-Weeks Fescue (Borrego Palm Canyon; Collins Valley)
  480. V. myuros var. hirsuta (Festuca megalura) Foxtail Fescue
  481. V. octoflora var. hirtella Tufted Fescue (Borrego Palm Canyon)

    Polemoniaceae: Phlox Family

  482. Allophyllum glutinosum Sticky Allophyllum (Coyote Cr--Collins Valley)
  483. Eriastrum diffusum Miniature Woolly Star
  484. E. eremicum Desert Woolly Stat
  485. E. sapphirinum (Montezuma Road overlooking Borrego Springs)
  486. Gilia australis Gilia (branched scapose annual, wide rachis; Palm Canyon)
  487. G. caruifolia Blue Gilia (mts. along desert edge; scapose annual
  488. G. diegensis Bird's Nest Gilia (common in mts; Banner Can)
  489. G. latifolia Broad-Leaved Gilia (Coyote Creek & Coyote Mt.)
  490. G. ochroleuca ssp. exilis (resembles Allophyllum; Palm Canyon, Banner Grade)
  491. G. stellata (Borrego Palm Can; Alcoholic Pass, Pinyon Mtn; bent white hairs)
  492. G. transmontana (Borrego Palm Canyon, Henderson Canyon)
  493. Ipomopsis tenuifolia Scarlet Gilia (Jacumba area)
  494. Langloisia setosissima ssp. setosissima Ocotillo & Split Mt. area)
  495. Loeseliastrum (Langloisia) matthewsii Desert Calico (Henderson Canyon)
  496. L. schottii Langloisia (San Felipe Valley, Pinyon Mtn)
  497. Leptosiphon (Linanthus) aureus var. aureus Desert Gold
  498. L. (Linanthus) aureus var. decorus Desert Gold
  499. L. (Linanthus) lemmonii Lemmon Linanthus (Butterfield Ranch, Cool Can, Indian Can)
  500. L. (Linanthus) liniflorus Great Basin Linanthus (Lake Henshaw region]
  501. Linanthus bellus Desert Beauty (Jacumba area)
  502. L. bigelovii (Montezuma View Point; also L. lemmonii
  503. L. dianthiflorus Ground Pink (W. edge of desert)
  504. L. jonesii (uncommon--upper Coyote Creek; Alcoholic Pass Trail)
  505. Linanthus (Leptodactylon) pungens Hall's Prickly Phlox (Mt. Springs Grade)
  506. Microsteris gracilis Beggar Gilia (Montezuma Valley)
  507. Phlox austromontana Desert Mountain Phlox (Inspiration Point, Julian

    Polygonaceae: Buckwheat Family

  508. Chorizanthe brevicornu Spine Flower (Coyote Creek)
  509. C. fimbriata var. laciniata Fringed Spineflower (Palm Canyon)
  510. C. rigida Rigid Chorizanthe
  511. C. thurberi (Vallecito area)
  512. Eriogonum angulosum Wild Buckwheat (desert slopes)
  513. E. apiculatum San Jacinto Buckwheat (Pinyon Mtn)
  514. E. davidsonii Davidson's Buckwheat (Hellhole Can., CRHT)
  515. E. deflexum Skeleton Weed
  516. E. elongatum Tall Buckwheat (Culp Valley)
  517. E. fasciculatum ssp. polifolium Wild Buckwheat
  518. E. gracile var. incultum [CRHT at Culp Valley trailhead.]
  519. E. inflatum Desert Trumpet (also var. deflatum)
  520. E. reniforme Kidney-Leaved Buckwheat (small annual, Carrizo Wash)
  521. E. thomasii Wild Buckwheat (small annual)
  522. E. thurberi Thurber's Buckwheat (San Felipe Valley; small annual)
  523. E. trichopes Wild Buckwheat (annual--trichotomous branching; Coyote Mt)
  524. E. wrightii var. nodosum Knotty Buckwheat (Palm Can, CRHT, Cool Can)
  525. Nemacaulis denudata (var. gracilis) Woolly Heads
  526. Pterostegia drymarioides Calif. Threadstem (Borrego Palm Canyon)

    Portulacaceae: Purslane Family

  527. Calandrinia ambigua Desert Pot-Herb
  528. C. ciliata var. menziesii Red-Maids (occasional desert edge)
  529. Calyptridium monandrum Sand Cress
  530. Claytonia exigua ssp. exigua Montane Miner's Lettuce (washed into Palm Can.?)
  531. C. parviflora ssp. parfiflora Miner's Lettuce (native to Borrego Palm Canyon?)
  532. C. parviflora ssp. viridis Montane Miner's Lettuce (washed into Palm Canyon)
  533. C. perfoliata ssp perfoliata Miner's Lettuce (Borrego Palm Canyon)

    Primulaceae: Primrose Family

  534. Anagallis arvensis Pimpernel

    Pteridaceae: Bracken Fern Family

  535. Adiantum capillus-veneris Venus-Hair Fern (Palm Canyon, Hellhole Can.)
  536. Cheilanthes covillei Beady Lipfern (Bead Fern; CRHT, Pinyon Mtn)
  537. C. (Notholaena) parryi Cottony Lipfern (Palm Can, Mt. Palm Springs, Canebrake)
  538. C. viscida Viscid Lipfern (Pinyon Mtn, Henderson Can., Hellhole Can.)
  539. Pellaea mucronata Bird's Foot Fern
  540. Pentagramma triangularis ssp. maxonii Goldenback Fern (Oriflamme Can.)
  541. Pentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularis Goldenback Fern
  542. Notholaena californica (Cheilanthes deserti) California Cloak Fern (Henderson Can.)

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    Ranunculaceae: Buttercup Family

  543. Anemone tuberosa Desert Anemone (slope or Laguna Mts.)
  544. Delphinium parishii ssp. subglobosum Desert Larkspur
  545. Ranunculus cymbalaria var. saximontanus Desert Buttercup

    Recedaceae: Mignonette Family

  546. Oligomeris linifolia Narrowleaf Oligomeris

    Rhamnaceae: Buckthorn Family

  547. Ceanothus greggii var. perplexans Cup-Leaf Ceanothus
  548. Ziziphus (Condalia) parryi var. parryi Desert Jujube (Culp Valley CRHT)

    Rosaceae: Rose Family

  549. Adenostoma fasciculatum Chamise (desert edge)
  550. A. sparsifolium Redshank or Ribbon Wood
  551. Cercocarpus betuloides var. b Mountain Mahogany (Oriflamme Canyon)
  552. Coleogyne ramosissima Blackbush
  553. Rosa californica Wild Rose (Lost Valley area)
  554. Potentilla saxosa Desert Cinquefoil (rocky crevices)
  555. Prunus fasciculata Desert Almond (Cool Canyon)
  556. P. fremontii Desert Apricot (Hellhole Can, CRHT, Cool Can)
  557. P. ilicifolia Holly-Leaf Cherry (upper Culp Valley)
  558. Purshia glandulosa Antelope Bush (Jacumba area)

    Rubiaceae: Madder or Coffee Family

  559. Galium andrewsii Bedstraw (mostly mts. and Montezuma View Point)
  560. G. aparine Common Bedstraw (Palm Canyon)
  561. G. angustifolium ssp. angustifolium Narrowleaf Bedstraw (CRHT)
  562. G. angustifolium ssp. borregoense Borrego Bedstraw (Palm Can., CRHT)
  563. G. stellatum ssp. eremicum Bedstraw (CRHT)

    Rutaceae: Rue or Citrus Family

  564. Thamnosma montana Turpentine Broom

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    Salicaceae: Willow Family

  565. Populus fremontii Fremont Cottonwood
  566. Salix exigua Slender Willow (desert streams)
  567. S. laevigata Red Willow (Carrizo Gorge, Oriflamme Can. & Hellhole Can.)
  568. S. lasiolepis Arroyo Willow (mostly cismontane & mts.)
  569. S. gooddingii Black Willow (large desert willow)

    Saururaceae: Lizard-Tail Family

  570. Anemopsis californica Yerba Mansa (marshy areas)

    Saxifragaceae: Saxifrage Family

  571. Heuchera brevistaminea Laguna Alumroot (desert slopes)

    Scrophulariaceae: Snapdragon Family

  572. Antirrhinum filipes Yellow Climbing Snapdragon (Palm Canyon)
  573. A. coulterianum White Snapdragon
  574. Castilleja foliolosa Woolly Indian Paintbrush (upper canyons; CRHT)
  575. C. minor ssp. spiralis (C. stenantha) Annual Indian Paintbrush (Indian Can)
  576. Collinsia concolor Collinsia (Montezuma View Point; Palm Canyon)
  577. Keckiella antirrhinoides ssp. microphylla Yellow Bush Penstemon
  578. Mimulus aridus Jacumba Monkey Flower (Mt. Springs Grade)
  579. M. bigelovii var. bigelovii Desert Monkey-Flower
  580. M. floribundus Showy Monkey Flower (Borrego Palm Canyon)
  581. M. fremontii Fremont Monkey-Flower (corolla glabrous within)
  582. M. guttatus Monkey-Flower (wet upper elevations)
  583. M. longiflorus var. longiflorus Bush Monkey-Flower (Montezuma View Point)
  584. M. pilosus Downy Monkey Flower (Coyote Creek--Collins Valley)
  585. Mohavea confertiflora Ghost Flower
  586. Penstemon centranthifolius Scarlet Bugler
  587. P. clevelandii var. clevelandii Cleveland Penstemon (Alma Can; corolla red-purple)
  588. P. clevelandii var. connatus Cleveland Penstemon Henderson Can.
  589. P. x parishii Hybrid (P. centranthifolius x P. spectabilis) Laguna Rim Trail
  590. P. spectabilis Showy Penstemon (mostly mountains and cismontane)
  591. P. thurberi ssp. thurberi Desert Bush Penstemon (corolla lavender-rose)
  592. Scrophularia californica ssp. floribunda California Figwort (Grapevine Canyon)
  593. Veronica anagallis-aquatica Speedwell (Palm Can, Lower Willows in Coyote Cr)

    Selaginellaceae: Club-Moss Fmmily

  594. Selaginella bigelovii Club Moss (Oriflamme Canyon; usually cismontane)
  595. Selaginella eremophila Desert Selaginella (Box Canyon, Palm Canyon)

    Simmondsiaceae: Simmondsia Family

  596. Simmondsia chinensis Goatnut (Whalenut)

    Solanaceae: Nightshade Family

  597. Datura discolor Jimsonweed (calyx prismatic; caps. nodding)
  598. D. wrightii Jimsonweed (calyx tubular; fls. pp to 20 cm)
  599. Lycium andersonii Box Thorn (lvs. < 5 mm wide; Scissors Xing, Palm Can.)
  600. L. brevipes var. brevipes (lvs. fleshy, spatulate-oblance.; Bor. Val., CRHT)
  601. L. cooperi Peach Box Thorn (constricted fruit; Scissors Crossing, Cool Can.)
  602. L. fremontii Desert Thorn (long calyx tube 3-6 mm; Mt. Palm Springs; Collins Val)
  603. L. parishii (calyx tube not over 3 mm; rare--Mt. Palm Springs)
  604. Nicotiana clevelandii Cleveland Tobacco (Vallecito area)
  605. N. obtusifolia (N. trigonophylla) Desert Tobacco (lvs. clasping base, Palm Can.)
  606. Physalis crassifolia Desert Ground-Cherry
  607. Solanum douglasii White Nightshade (Hellhole Can.)
  608. S. elaeagnifolium Silverleaf Nettle
  609. S. parishii Purple Nightshade (mostly coastal; possibly Culp Valley)

    Sterculiaceae: Sterculia Family (Chocolate Family)

  610. Ayenia compacta Desert Ayenia (rocky desert slopes; Palm Canyon)
  611. Fremontodendron californicum Flannel Bush (slopes of Laguna Mts.)

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    Tamaricaceae: Tamarisk Family

  612. Tamarix aphylla Athel Tree (commonly planted for windbreak)
  613. T. chinensis (this may be same sp. as T. ramosissima)
  614. T. parviflora (More common in alkaline areas of the coast.)
  615. T. ramosissima (T. pentandra) Tamarisk or Salt Cedar (Coyote Creek)

    Typhaceae: Cattail Family

  616. Typha domingensis Tule Cattail (Coyote Creek, Rockhouse Can.)

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    Ulmaceae: Elm Family

  617. Celtis reticulata Western Hackberry (Rare: desert slopes Laguna Mts.)

    Urticaceae: Nettle Family

  618. Parietaria hespera var. hespera Western Pellitory (Palm Canyon)

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    Viscaceae: Mistletoe Family

  619. Arceuthobium campylopodum Pine Mistletoe (parasitic on P. coulteri & jeffreyi)
  620. Phoradendron densum (parasitic on Juniperus)
  621. P. californicum Mesquite Mistletoe (lvs. scalelike)
  622. P. macrophyllum Mistletoe (parastic on cottonwood & sycamore; Jacumba)
  623. P. villosum Oak Mistletoe (parasitic on Quercus; Jacumba)

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    Zygophyllaceae: Caltrop Family

  624. Fagonia laevis Fagonia (Coyote Creek area--Coyote Mt.)
  625. F. pachyacantha Fagonia (northeastern corner or San Diego Co.)
  626. Larrea tridentata (divaricata) Creosote Bush
  627. Tribulus terrestris Puncture Vine (a noxious weed)

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