Biology 100 Syllabus Addendum
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Biology 100 Course Syllabus Addendum, W.P. Armstrong

During recent semesters, I have found it necessary to make
the following additions to my Biology 100 Course Syllabus:

  1. Student Conduct In The Classroom: Students are expected to follow the guidelines for student conduct listed in the Palomar College Student Handbook. Do NOT talk in class while the instructor is lecturing, either during lecture or laboratory. After TWO warnings for excessive talking (or any other classroom disruption) the student will be automatically (electronically) dropped from the class.

  2. Cheating On Exams & Quizzes: Any student caught cheating on an exam or quiz will receive a zero on that test. If the cheating is discovered on an exam or quiz after the last day to withdraw without penalty (after Friday of the 8th week), the student will receive a letter grade of "F" for the semester.

  3. Attendance Of Lecture & Lab: Any student with three or more unexcused absences from lecture classes, and one or more unexcused absenses from laboratory sessions, MAY be dropped from the class. In other words, if you miss more than 6 hours of class you can be legally dropped from the course.

  4. Multiple Choice Exams & Quizzes: All exams and quizzes will be of the multiple choice type using ScanTron answer forms (50 questions per side). You will need about 10-12 of these forms during the semester. Laboratory quizzes will be based primarily on the exercises in the Biology 100 Laboratory Manual plus review material from lecture and supplementary lab exercises on-line at Wayne's Word. Lecture exams are based primarily on the lecture plus supplemental on-line reading at Wayne's Word. Be sure to check the Biology 100 Tab at the top of the Wayne's Word home page (

  5. Make-Ups For Exams & Quizzes: There will be no make-ups for laboratory quizzes. Make-ups for major exams will only be allowed by special permission from the instructor and will consist of detailed essay questions rather than multiple choice questions. Several extra credit assignments during the semester will allow a student to supplement a missing quiz or low exam score.

  6. Posting Grades On Window Of LS-2: An up-to-date spreadsheet of all exams and quizzes will be posted on the window of the lab room LS-2. Students will be listed according to the last 4 digits of their Palomar College student ID number. Since there are 104 or 10,000 different possible numbers, the chances of two students out of 100 having the same last 4 digits is minimal.

  7. Required Books For This Class: The only required book for this class is Biology 100 Laboratory Manual & Workbook by W.P. Armstrong. Do NOT buy used copies of this manual because they are often written in, and they usually have missing pages that have been torn out and turned in during a previous semester. Because I have placed volumes of supplemental material on-line at Wayne's Word, the textbook by Silvia Mader is only recommended but NOT required.

  8. Advanced Biology Students: If you are planning to major in the biomedical field and have taken a recent high school biology class with the grade of "B" or better, it is recommended that you sign up for General Biology I (Biology 200) and General Biology II (Biology 201). This in-depth, one year (two semester) sequence of general biology is the best option for biology majors planning to transfer from Palomar College to four-year colleges and universities.

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