Lake Calavera
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Lake Calavera Preserve: Carlsbad, California
© W.P. Armstrong 26 April 2009

Lake Calavera with 513-ft. "Mount Calavera" in the distance. The "mountain" is actually a 22 million-year-old volcanic plug: A mass of volcanic rock that solidified in the vent of an ancient volcano. After millions of years, the volcano has eroded away leaving only the resistant core. The western face was mined for gravel in the early 1900s, leaving a precipitous vertical cliff.

Boulder covered by crustose lichens. The lemon-yellow lichen is probably Acarospora socialis. Although this lichen appears to fit the description for A. schleicheri in Lichens of California by M. E. Hale (1988), most modern lichen floras state that A. schleicheri is a soil (terricolous) species. In fact, even A. H. Magnusson (1929) describes A. schleicheri as a soil lichen in "The Yellow Species of Acarospora in North America" (Mycologia 21 (5): 249-260). In the latter reference under "growing on stone" this yellow lichen keys out to A. socialis.

Fagaceae: Quercus dumosa (Nuttall's Scrub Oak)

Quercus dumosa surrounded by shrubs of the coastal sage scrub, including lemonadeberry (Rhus integrifolia) and coastal sagebrush (Artemisia californica).

Plantaginaceae: Plantago rhodosperma (Red-Seeded Plantain)

This small annual with reddish seeds is listed as a synonym of Plantago virginica in the 1996 Jepson Manual.

Cyperaceae: Scirpus californicus (California Bulrush)

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Harlequin Bug Nymph (Pentatomidae) On Black Mustard

Harlequin bug nymph (Murgantia histrionica).

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