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As of Day 8278 of the 3rd Millennium, Wayne's Word calendars are only made by Vista Print. Unfortunately, they are not available to the public online like they were with Cafe Press. They all came directly from images on the Wayne's Word website. Calendars are posted at the following link to show examples of Wayne's Word photography:

Note: The following calendars were once available through Cafe Press. Although they are no longer available, I posted their covers to show examples of my photography.

Scenic Calendar #1

** Scenic Calendar #2

Scenic Calendar #3

Arthropod Calendar #1

Scenic Calendar #4

Scenic Calendar #5

Scenic Calendar #6

Wayne's Train Calendar #1

Wayne's Train Calendar #2

Scenic Calendar #7

Scenic Calendar #8

Scenic Calendar #9

Scenic Calendar #10

Scenic Calendar #11


Note: For Some Odd Reason Unbeknown To Me Cafe Press Has
Discontinued All Of The Following Single Page Calendar Prints!

Single Page Calendar Prints (11" x 17")

Trestle: Torrey Pines Lagoon

Freight Train: Dillon, Montana

Freight Train: Alberta, Canada

Freight Train: Kingman, Arizona

Goose Island: Glacier Nat. Park

Lightning: Twin Oaks Valley

Jumping Spider Close-Up

Assortment of Sea Beans
ID of Sea Beans in Above Image

Palomar College Arboretum

Santa Rosa Basalt Brodiaea

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

Birchwood Rainbow View

RR Trestle Near Essex, MT

Makoshika State Park, MT

Mt. Denali, Alaska

Mammillaria tetrancistra

Harvest Moon: White Mtns

Hunter Moon: Escondido

Silver Sword: Haleakala

Hamburger Seed (Mucuna)

Hunter Moon Over Sedona

Total Eclipse Of Super Moon

Aspen North Of Mono Lake

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Most calendar images were taken with a Nikon D-40x and Nikon D-3200 using a 18-200 mm Nikkor lens. Several Sony cameras were also used on a few images. Some images were scanned from 35 mm Kodochrome transparencies taken with a Nikon FM-2 and 55 mm Micro Nikkor lens.
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