Cell/Mitosis Crossword Puzzle

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Cell & Mitosis Crossword Puzzle
Interactive Version


1. One member of a chromosome doublet.
6. Dark-staining body (composed of 2 chromatids) inside a cell during M-phase.
7. Chromosome number of sterile animal such as a mule.
9. Body part with definite physiological function (made of more than one tissue).
10. Shrinkage of the cell contents (within cell membrane) due to water loss.
12. Prominent intracellular plant organelle that contains mostly water.
14. World's smallest flowering plant that produces the world's smallest fruit.
17. Phase of mitosis when conjoined sister chromatids separate from each other.
18. Number of haploid sets in a hexaploid cell.
20. Diameter of field of view in millimeters when using the 4X objective.
21. Purple, grape-like bodies inside cells of a potato tuber.
22. Phase of mitosis when chromosomes become visibly shortened and thickened.
23. Organelle site of cellular respiration and ATP production.
26. Number of haploid sets of chromosomes in a decaploid cell.
28. Aggregation of the same type of cells all performing a similar function.
29. Exactly 1000 of these metric units equals one millimeter.
30. Color of dye used to stain cheek epithelial cells in Biology 100 lab.
31. A female chicken (domestic fowl). [The opposite of a rooster.]
32. Acronym for Palomar Community College.
35. Movement of water molecules through a selectively-permeable cell membrane.
39. Phase of mitosis when chromosome doublets line up along equatorial plate.
40. Primary molecular composition of chromatids--in addition to protein.
41. Site of synthesis of ribosomal RNA within the nucleus of a cell.
43. A haploid female reproductive cell.
44. Minute, membrane-bound structure in cytoplasm with a specific function.


1. Occurs in the cytoplasm of animal cells during M-phase (typically in pairs).
2. Approximately 25 of these metric units makes one inch.
3. Stain used to test for the presence of starch molecules.
4. How many cubical grains of ordinary table salt (NaCl) equals one millimeter?
5. Number of Barr bodies inside the cheek cell of a human male.
6. Photosynthetic organelle inside plant cells.
8. Cell with two sets of chromosomes.
11. Mitosis actually refers to the division of this organelle into duplicates.
13. Region where 2 chromatids of a chromosome doublet are attached.
14. Plant cell structure composed of cellulose and lignin.
15. Radiating protein strands at poles of an animal cell during M-phase.
16. Number of sets of chromosomes in a diploid cell.
19. Phase of cell cycle when the organelles and chromosomes replicate.
20. Number of cells in field of view with 4X objective (each cell is 0.8 mm).
24. Number of Barr bodies inside cheek cell of male with Klinefelter's Syndrome.
25. Movement of water molecules into porous material causing swelling.
27. Number of haploid sets of chromosomes in a nonaploid cell.
28. Phase of plant mitosis when the cell plate forms.
29. One set of chromosomes from the mother.
32. One set of chromosomes from the father.
33. Intracellular (intravacuolar) plant structure composed of calcium oxalate.
34. Cell with only one set of chromosomes.
36. Season of the year when smallest, most dense oak wood cells are produced.
37. Season of the year when largest stem (xylem) cells of an oak are produced.
38. Protein strands that attach to centromere region during M-phase of cell cycle.
42. Smallest subunit of a living system--containing cytoplasm and organelles.

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