Deadly Daturas

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Deadly Daturas In Full Bloom

Large, trumpet-shaped flowers of jimsonweed (Datura) and tree datura
(Brugmansia) include some of the world's most spectacular blossoms.

The large, trumpet-shaped flowers of jimsonweed (Datura wrightii) are sometimes tinged with purple and resemble giant morning glory blossoms. It actually belongs to the tomato family (Solanaceae) along with petunias, potatoes and tomatoes. This remarkable plant is common along roadsides and riverbeds throughout the western United States, and is one of the largest and most striking of all native wildflowers.

This colorful tree datura (Brugmansia sanguinea) is used by herbal healers called "curanderos" in the highlands of Peru. The tree daturas were once placed in the genus Datura because of their similar flowers and potent tropane alkaloids.

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