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Emily, Paige &
Jack's Page
Table Of Contents

  1. Some Fun Optical Illusions
  2. Some Nifty Puzzles & Games
  3. Creative Art By Emily
  4. Creative Art By Paige
  5. Creative Art By Jack

Al the Suckermouth Catfish

1. Some Nifty Optical Illusions


Count the black dots!

Are the horizontal lines parallel or do they slope?

Keep staring at the black dot in the center.  After a
while the gray haze around it will appear to shrink.

How many legs does this elephant have?

Focus on the dot in center and move your
head toward and away from the monitor.

How many leafhoppers can you see in this image?
Click on the photograph to see the exact number.

2. Some Nifty Games & Puzzles

Play A Game Of Tic-Tac-Toe
Get More Nifty Java Script Games ]
Click on the button next to each position to place an X.


Island Wari & Mancala: Wayne & Sarah's Favorite Game

Board Games From The Caribbean Islands & Africa

Before you can play the following on-line Java and Flash versions, you need to
learn about the game using one of the many game boards that are available.
Please read the section about Island Wari and Mancala on Wayne's Word:

  How To Play Island Wari & Mancala  

 Go To The Java Version   Go To The Flash Version 

An assortment of Wari boards, also known by the Arabic name "Mancala." Each board has a row of 6 cuplike depressions or wells on each side and a larger (home base) well at each end (or between the 2 rows). Some versions of Mancala are played without the large home base wells (see lower board in above image). Some of the boards are hinged and fold up into a compact case for traveling. The computerized versions of Wari can be conveniently played on a laptop or a smart phone.

Simile Crossword Puzzle #1
Interactive Version

Webster's New World Dictionary defines a simile as a figure of speech
in which one thing is likened to another, dissimilar thing by the use of like,
as, etc. Some similes have become popular American clichés.



1. Blind as a ... 1. Busy as a ...
2. Neat as a ... 2. Easy as ...
4. Flat as a ... 3. Naked as a ...
8. Mad as a wet ... 5. Funny as a ...
9. Dry as a ... 6. Clean as a ...
11. Pretty as a ... 7. Straight as an ...
13. Dead as a ... 10. Sharp as a ...
14. Quick as a ... 12. Nutty as a ...
18. Dull as ... 15. Sly as a ...
20. Crazy as a ... 16. Fresh as a ...
21. Smart as a ... 17. Smooth as ...
22. Slippery as an ... 19. Red as a ...
23. Poor as a ... 20. Happy as a ...
25. Drunk as a ... 24. Cool as a ...
27. Stubborn as a ... 26. Hard as ...
28. Free as a ... 28. Clear as a ...
30. Fit as a ... 29. Sick as a ...
32. Quiet as a ... 31. Tight as a ...
33. White as a ... 33. Ugly as ...

Other Games On Wayne's Word:

3. Creative Art By Emily

© Emily 28 April 2011

4. Creative Art By Paige

© Paige 28 April 2011

5. Creative Art By Jack

© Jack 28 April 2011

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