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Photos Of Ecological Adaptations #3

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A green preying mantid photographed at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego County.

A walking stick photographed at the San Diego Wild Animal Park..

The male wood duck is brightly colored while the female is brown and camouflaged.

Male mallards have a green head, while the female is mottled brown and camouflaged.

The California condor has the largest wingspan of all flying birds on earth today, with a spread of over nine feet (3 m). This bird is back from the brink of extinction, thanks to the condor breeding program at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Athough they are related to vultures, the condor is much larger. Adults have a reddish head, while the head of juveniles is dark (dusky). Their native habitat in California is the south Coast Ranges bordering the San Joaquin Valley.

Catfish in a large pond at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

This well camouflaged orb weaver spider hides during the daytime under the
brown painted eaves of a patio. See the following image of this large spider.

An orb weaver spider.

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