Oregon 2010 Trip #18
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Oregon 2010 Trip Page #18
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Addendum #2: Extra Images From Trip

Seed cone of noble fir (Abies procera), a beautiful conifer that grows along the shore of Crater Lake. The scales of this cone are subtended by conspicuous pointed bracts.

Longitudinal section through the cap of a mushroom with a porous (spongy) underside rather than gills. The spores are produced inside the numerous vertical microscopic tubules. This is probably a species of Boletus.

Clark's Nutcracker, a subalpine bird that inhabitats the forest around Crater Lake. One if its favorite foods are seeds of the whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis).

Gray Jay, a common and friendly bird throughout Crater Lake National Park.

An obese golden-mantled ground squirrel at the edge of Crater Lake.

This noisy grasshopper inhabits the barren, steep slopes of the rocky caldera around Crater Lake. Males fly into the air making a loud, cracking sound (crepitation), hopefully attracting a female. It belongs to the bandwinged grasshopper subfamily Oedipodinae.

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