Palm Springs 1
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Palm Springs Tram & Living Desert Zoo
 Mormon Tea Images:   Tea 1     Tea 2 
 Mifflins In Snow     Snowman     Emily     Paige     Snowdog     Living Desert     Desert Train     Nana & Dinosaur 
All of the images on this page were taken with a Sony T-9 and T-10 on
a family outing to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram & Living Desert Zoo.
The Mifflins On Mt. San Jacinto

The Seldom Seen Mt. San Jacinto Snowman

The Rare & Endangered Mt. San Jacinto Snowdog

The Living Desert Zoo & Botanical Garden

Knobthorn acacia (Acacia nigrescens).

  The Unforgettable Acacias   
Ironwoods That Sink In Water

The Living Desert Butterfly & Hummingbird Exhibit

Orange julia (Dryas julia).

Zebra longwing (Heliconius charitonia).

Gray bird grasshopper (Schistocerca nitens).

Queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus).

Luna moth (Actius luna).

Green violetear hummingbird (Colibri thalassinus).

Living Desert Train

The Mifflins At Moorten Botanical Garden

Cabazon Dinosaur Park

Nana with a Tyrannosaurus rex (left) and velociraptor (right)!