Wood/Plant Fiber Crossword
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Wood & Plant Fiber Crossword
Interactive Version

Across Clues:

 1. Plane of wood cut in which the growth rings are parallel to each other.
 3. Another word for radially-sawed lumber.
 6. Gymnosperm word with specific gravity less than 0.40 is rated as ____.
 8. Another word for tangentially-sawed lumber.
10. Long, thick-walled fiber cells in the phloem parenchyma of stems.
14. Lignified, mostly dead tissue conducting water & minerals upward in a stem.
15. Primary use for abaca fiber.
17. Type of hemp from the African plant called Sansevieria.
18. Suberized tissue in woody plants formed on outer root and stem surfaces.
20. Number of haploid sets of chromosomes in a triploid cell.
21. Ribbonlike aggregations of cells extending radially through xylem tissue.
22. New Zealand plant producing high quality leaf fiber (cultivated on campus).
24. Plant fiber made into most of the world's non-naval string and rope.
26. Name of New World plant family with hooked seed pods used in basketry.
28. Layer of meristematic cells producing lateral growth of a tree trunk.
29. Arizona plant with seed capsules used in making Indian baskets (2 words).
31. A difference in the size and density of spring/summer xylem is an annual ____.
32. Short, fat, water-conducting cells in the xylem tissue.
34. Long, slender, water-conducting cells in xylem tissue (with pointed ends).
36. Plant fiber from the leaves of a banana species (Musa textilis).
38. Fruit that belongs to the same family as abaca fibers.
39. Plant fiber produced from mesocarp of the coconut.
42. Plant fiber produced inside pods of tropical tree of the Bombacaceae.
43. Dicot wood with specific gravity greater than 0.60 is rated as ____.
44. Dry wood with specific gravity greater than 1.0 will ____ in water.

Down Clues:

 2. Phenolic polymer imparting great strength, hardness, and brown color to wood.
 4. Another word for donkey (may be male or female).
 5. Water absorbent plant fiber made into linen textiles.
 7. Thorny tree with seed pods lined with silky hairs ( the ____ silk tree).
 8. Stem tissue conducting food sugars made in leaves to the root tissues.
 9. Synthetic polypeptide made from condensation polymerization reaction.
10. All tissues in a tree trunk outside of the cambium layer.
11. Plant fiber woven into burlap, sackcloth and tough twines.
12. Chromosome number that is more than diploid (more than 2n).
13. Brilliant Greek scientist who discovered the principles of buoyancy.
16. Parenchyma tissue occupying central portion of a stem (inside xylem layer).
19. Hemp fiber indigenous to the Philippine Islands.
23. North American plant used as a substitute for kapok during World War II.
25. Plant fiber made into lustrous China grass cloth.
27. Dry wood with specific gravity less than 1.0 will ____ in water.
28. Tissue between epidermis and phloem of stem (& endodermis of root).
30. Type of hemp that comes chiefly from the male of this dioecious species.
33. Xylem tissue in a dicot root is shaped like a 4-pronged ____.
35. The most important plant fiber in terms of total annual production in tons.
36. Name of plant that produces the leaf fibers called sisal.
37. The lignified xylem tissue of a tree trunk (mostly composed of dead cells).
40. Synthetic textile fiber made from the cellulose of wood pulp.
41. A woody monocot.

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