Arizona Road Trip Jan-Feb 2017 Part 9
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Arizona Road Trip Jan-Feb 2017 Part 9
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Miscellaneous (2)

Classic Car Show In Mesa, Arizona 4 February 2017

Remember When: Drive-in restaurants & classic cars during the 1950s. A hamburger, fries & coke was .25 + .15 + .10. Photo taken 4 February 2017 at classic car show in Mesa, Arizona. I once did this with my 48 Ford Convertible, not a Corvette like in photo!

Remember When: I restored an old 1948 Ford convertible like the one in image during the 1950s while attending Arcadia High School. A similar black 1946 Ford was driven by Biff Tannen in the movie "Back To The Future." BTW, a yellow 1948 Ford convertible was used in the original "Karate Kid."

A Few Images At Car Show Taken With iPhone 6:

I had a chrome dash in my 48 Ford just like this.