Lone Pine Nov 2016 Part 8
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Lone Pine Road Trip Nov 2016 Part 8
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Ants Of Owens Valley & White Mtns
Owens Valley: City Of Independence

Although they mostly harvest seeds and grains, these Messor pergandei are feasting on a Werthers butterscotch candy. The workers are polymorphic and have several size variations. Their nest was near the western hackberry just west of the Eastern California Museum in Independence.

High Elevation Ants In White Mtns

This carpenter ant was found in the Poleta Limestone outcrops along the road to the Schulman Grove of bristlecone pines. It resembles on-line images of Camponotus sansabeanus which is reported from the White Mountains.

This polymorphic field ant was found along the road to the Schulman Grove of bristlecone pines at about 10,000 ft. elevation. It resembles on-line images of Formica subpolita which is reported from 12,500 ft.

Honeypot Ant North Of Bishop (6,000 ft. Elevation)

Myrmecocystus (Subgenus Endiodioctes): A fascinating genus common to the Mojave & Colorado deserts. They are easily identified by their long maxillary palps. The circular nest entrance is also distinctive. The bright red head of this species is similar to M. mendax and M. semirufus; however, I have not as yet verified the specific epithet.

  Myrmecocystus mendax/semirufus in Anza-Borrego Desert  

Inyokern Area Along US Hwy 395 South Of Owens Valley

Pogonomyrmex: Large, dark red-black harvester ants similar to P. rugosus, or possibly hybrids with P. barbatus. These ants definitely have a painful sting: 3.0 out of 4.0 on following Schmidt Sting Pain Index.

Schmidt Sting Pain Index

Sting Rating
Comparison Analogy
Sweat Bee
Like a tiny spark has has singed a hair on your arm.
Fire Ant
Like walking on a carpet & getting a static electricity shock.
Bullhorn Acacia Ant
Like someone fired a staple into your cheek or hand.
Bald-Faced Hornet
Like getting your hand mashed in a revolving door.
Like extinguishing a cigar on your tongue.
Honey Bee
Like a burning matchhead that lands on your skin.
Red Harvester Ant
Like using a drill to excavate your ingrown toenail.
Paper Wasp
Like spilling a beaker of hydrochloric acid on a paper cut.
Pepsis Wasp
Like dropping a running hair drier into your bubble bath.
Bullet Ant
Walking on hot charcoals with 3 inch rusty nail in your heel.