Zach's Ants 2
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These are images of dead ants brought to me for identification by pilot Captain Zach
Updated by W.P. Armstrong, June 2023 [Plane Image: Wikimedia Commons]
1. Kaanapali Beach, Maui: Lesser Sneaking Ant (Cardiocondyla minutior)
2. African Driver Ant Queen: Deyrolle Natural History Store in Paris, France

1. Lesser Sneaking Ant (Cardiocondyla minutior)

The Lesser Sneaking Ant (Cardiocondyla minutior)

This minute ant is only about 1.5 mm in length (about 1/17th of an inch). It is native to the Indo-Malaysian region and widespread throughout the world tropics, including the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, four species are listed for the Hawaiian Islands, including C. emeryi, C. minutior, C. venustula, and C. wroughtonii. The curious name "sneaking ant" has been applied to the genus Cardiocondyla, presumedly because they are so small and inconspicuous. The specific epithet "minutior" is certainly approriate for this species because it is one of the smallest. Another species (C. mauritanica) that I found at my home in Twin Oaks Valley, San Diego County is slightly larger with a body length of 2.0 mm. Please refer to the following link for more information about this fascinating ant genus.

  Cardiocondyla mauritanica In Twin Oaks Valley  
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2. Driver Ant Queen (Dorylus sp. Labeled D. nigricans?)

Father's Day gift 2023: A driver ant queen (Dorylus) from Deyrolle Natural History Store in Paris, France. It certainly resembles a large wasp. In fact, ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors during the early Cretaceous period (130 million years ago) and diversified with the rise of flowering plants.

  See driver ant soldier (called siafu) on