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Fig & Fig Wasp Symbiosis Pages On Wayne's Word
Fig Lecture: The Sex Life Of Figs

Wayne's Word Fig Symbiosis Pages

  1. A Petrified Fig Syconium From The Cretaceous Period
  2. An Introductory Lecture On The Biology & Diversity Of Figs
  3. Bogus Nonpollinator Fig Wasps With Long Ovipositors
  4. Calimyrna Fig & Its Amazing Pollinator Wasp
  5. Calimyrna Fig Overwintering Mamme Crop
  6. Cauliflory In Tropical Species Of Figs (Ficus)
  7. Coevolution Of Fig & Fig Wasp: Vicarious Selection
  8. Evolution Of Dioecious Fig Species
  9. Ficus dammaropsis: A Remarkable Fig From New Guinea
  10. Fig Pith Sculpture: Microscopic Carvings From The Azores
  11. Figs Of The Holy Land (Their Role In World Religions)
  12. Gall Controversy: Do Fig Wasps Really Induce Gall Formation?     
  13. Hybrid Between Common Edible Fig & Creeping Fig
  14. Multiple Fruits Of The Mulberry Family (Moraceae)
  15. Pollination Patterns In Dioecious Figs
  16. Sex Determination & Life Cycle Of Common Fig (Ficus carica)
  17. Sexuality In Figs--Plant Sexuality & Political Correctness
  18. Strangler Figs & Banyans: Truly Remarkable Trees
  19. Summary Of Common Fig (Ficus carica) Life Cycle
  20. The Amazing Fig/Fig Wasp Relationship
  21. The Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila)--Source Of Grass Jelly
  22. Vicarious Selection In Figs (Richard Dawkin's Model)
  23. Reference Articles Cited In The Above On-Line Pages

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