Northeast San Diego County
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Travertine Palms Wash
(North Side Of Santa Rosa Mountains, NE San Diego Co.)

© W.P. Armstrong 21 January 2008

  Plants Of Extreme Northeast San Diego County  

The Santa Rosa Mountains and a wash lined with palo verde trees (Cercidium floridum).

Canyon wall showing sedimentary strata.

Cryptobiotic Crust: Mostly The Soil Lichen (Placidium)

The dark crust is mostly the squamulose lichen Placidium lacinulatum. According to lichenologist Kerry Knudson, the crust also contains the isidiate cyanolichen Collema coccophorum.

  Cryptobiotic Crust In Anza-Borrego State Park  

Colorful Wildflowers In February & March 2008

Asteraceae: Calycoseris wrightii (White Tackstem)

The glistening, gland-tipped hairs (trichomes) on the stem of Calycoseris wrightii resemble minute translucent tacks. The Jepson Desert Manual (2002) describes the glands as "dark colored" for Calycoceris parryi and "pale" for C. wrightii. Magnification 15x.

Onagraceae: Camisonia claviformis ssp. aurantiaca (Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose)

This species produces large quantities of stringy, yellow pollen.

Hydrophyllaceae: Phacelia crenulata var. ambigua (Heliotrope Phacelia)

Malvaceae: Eremalche rotundifolia (Desert Five-Spot)

Views looking north toward the Salton Sea

Oasis of California Fan Palms (Washingtonia filifera)

Cactaceae: Opuntia ganderi & Mammillaria tetrancistra

Gander's cholla (Cylindropuntia ganderi).

  Anza-Borrego Desert Chollas 1  
Anza-Borrego Desert Chollas 2

Fish-hook cactus (Mammillaria tetrancistra).

Mammillaria tetrancistra. The areoles have 3-4 fish-hook spines.

  Mammillaria dioica in Paloverde Wash  

Moon Over The Salton Sea

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