Arthropods 5b

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Eucalyptus Long-Horned Wood Boring Beetle
A Beetle That Bores Into The Wood Of Eucalyptus Trees
© W.P. Armstrong 15 April 2009
Another Wayne's Word Page Dedicated To Beetles
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Long-Horned Beetle Family (Cerambycidae)

Phoracantha recurva, a long-horned wood-boring beetle introduced into southern California from Australia. According to A. V. Evans and J. N. Hogue (Field Guide to Beetles of California, 2006), it was first discovered at the University of California at Riverside in 1995. The antennae are covered with dense, golden hairs. Another closely related species (P. semipunctata) without hairy antennae was found in 1984 on dying eucalyptus trees in Orange County. The larvae of both species tunnel between the bark and wood of Eucalyptus, but construct their pupal chambers in the heartwood. Adult beetles are attracted to fallen branches and injured or water-stressed trees.

Eucalyptus Introduced Into Southern California
 Red Gum Lerp Introduced Into Southern California 

All images on this page were taken on a light box with a Nikon D-40x and 60mm Micro
Nikkor macro lens using a Phoenix RF46N ring flash.  Settings: F-22 at 1/200th, ISO 200.

     Nikon D-40x Images (Part 1)   
     Nikon D-40x Images (Part 2)   
     Nikon D-40x Images (Part 3)   
    Nikon D-40x Brodiaea Images  


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