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Neotropical Amber
Nature's New World Transparent Tomb
© W.P. Armstrong 31 March 2010

   30 Million-Year-Old Pseudoscorpion In Amber
   A Modern-Day Pseudoscorpion Sitting On A U.S. Penny
   Pseudoscorpion And Its Prey: A Bark Louse

A pseudoscorpion perfectly preserved in 30 million-year-old transparent tomb of Dominican Republic amber.

A modern-day pseudoscorpion sitting on the head of a U.S. Lincoln penny.

Size Of U.S. Penny Used In Wayne's Word Articles

A modern-day pseudoscorpion and its favorite food--a bark louse. This tiny cousin of the scorpion lives under the bark flakes of pine trees. Scholarly ones that live between the pages of books are called "book scorpions."

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