Table Of Botanical Records

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Table Of Botanical Records
© W.P. Armstrong, 30 November 2021
Numbers Refer To Record Breaker Pages (Part I and Part II)

I. Table For Record Breakers Part I

Botanical Record
Name Of Plant
Comments & Runners-Up
1. Oldest Living Tree Creosote Bush (Larrea tridentata) King's Holly (Lomatia tasmanica) of Tasmania.
   Other Old Life Forms Crustose Rock Lichens Glacier NP map lichen 8,600 years old.
   Oldest Germinated Seed Campion (Silene stenophylla) Date palm seed (Phoenix dactylifera).
   Earliest Land Plants Liverworts: Ancient Ancestry Ordovician Period Chart   Bottle Liverwort
2. Oldest Living Fossil Ginkgo Tree & Osmuda Fern Found in Jurassic and Triassic Rocks.
3. Most Massive Tree Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron) Aspen clone and Armillaria fungus mycelia.
4. Tallest Living Tree Coast Redwood (Sequoia) Rivaled by Australian Eucalyptus regnans.
5. Hardest Wood Lignum Vitae (Guaiacum officinale) South African black ironwood (Olea laurifolia)
6. Smallest Fl. Plant Watermeal (Wolffia globosa) Rivaled by the Australian Wolffia angusta.
   Smallest Flower Watermeal (Wolffia) species A single microscopic stamen & pistil.
   Largest Flowering Plant Sierra Madre Wisteria? (Probably Not) Probably A Giant Banyan or Aspen Clone.
   Largest Flower Corpse Lily (Rafflesia arnoldii) Rain forests of Sumatra & Borneo.
   Largest Inflorescence Bromeliad (Puya raimondii) Talipot palm of India (Corypha umbraculifera).
   Stinky Fls Trap Insects Pipevines (Aristolochia) Trap insects for cross pollination.
7. Smallest Fruit Wolffia globosa or W. angusta One-seeded fruit is called a utricle.
   Largest Fruit Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) Many-seeded fruit is called a pome.
   Largest Fruit On A Tree Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) Related to breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis).
   Largest Bean Pod Sea Heart (Entada gigas) Heart-shaped seeds drift across oceans!
   Largest Seed Cone Tropical Cycads Lepidozamia and Encephalartos.
   Largest Sperm Cycad (Zamia roezlii) Almost as large as Wolffia plant body!
8. Large Hitchhiker Fruit Devil's Claw (Proboscidea) North and South American anachronism?
9. Largest Vegetable True Yam (Dioscorea) Kelp (algae) & horseradish tree (Moringa).
10. Smallest Seed Epiphytic Tropical Orchids Seeds the size of spores or dust particles!
   Largest Seed Seychelles Is. Palm (Lodoicea) Largest seed embryo: Mora oleifera
11. Largest Leaf Raffia Palm (Raphia regalis) Amazonian water lily (Victoria amazonica)
   Smallest Leaf Duckweed (Spirolela polyrrhiza) Prophyllum is technically a reduced leaf.

II. Table For Record Breakers Part II

Botanical Record
Name Of Plant
Comments & Runners-Up
12. Largest Flying Seed Climbing Gourd (Alsomitra macrocarpa) Large helicopter seeds of Diptocarpaceae.
   Large Flying Fruit Quipo Tree (Cavanillesia platanifolia) Massive rain forest tree native to Panama.
13. Drift Seed Record Mary's Bean (Merremia discoidesperma) Longest "documented" drift seed record.
14. Fastest Reproduction Wolffia microscopica Native To India One nonillion plants in about four months.
15. Fastest Growing Some Bamboo (grow over 30 in/day) Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) 18 in/day.
   Tallest Grass Timber Bamboo (Dendrocalamus) Flowering bamboo; Phytoliths in grasses.
16. Fastest Trapdoor Carnivorous Bladderwort (Utricularia) Jaws of trapjaw ant much faster!
17. Deadliest Seeds Castor Bean (Ricinus communis) Also rosary bean (Abrus precatorius).
   Deadliest Microbe Botulism (Clostridium botulinum) Aflatoxins from mold (Aspergillus flavus).
18. Most Painful Plant Jumping Cholla (Opuntia bigelovii) Australian bush nettles (Dendrocnide ).
   Most Miserable Poison Oak & Ivy (Toxicodendron) Miserable cell-mediated immune respone.
19. Most Valuable Jewel Baltic Amber (Ancient Araucariad) New World Amber, Jet & Vegetable Ivory.
20. Coconut Pearl Hoax Probably From Tridacna Clam Authenticity Of Coconut Pearl Questioned.
21. Complex Plant-Insect Fig (Ficus) & Fig Wasps 830 Species Sex Life Of Figs On Wayne's Word.
   1st Cultivated Plant? Parthenocarpic (Ficus carica) or Cereal Wasps & Calimyrna Figs With Seeds.
22. Largest Ballistic Seed Sandbox Tree (Hura crepitans) Seed capsule explodes like a grenade!
23. Bizarre Wildflower Sand Food (Pholisma sonorae) Sand dune endemic: Calif. & Baja Calif.
24. Smallest Poppy Pygmy Poppy (Canbya candida) Rare California endemic wildflower.
25. Hottest Chile Pepper Capsicum chinense 'Moruga Scorpion' New Mex. State U. Chile Pepper Institute.
26. Largest Plant Family #1 Asteraceae (Sunflower Family) #2 Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)
27. Longest Plant Name Bulb Plant Genus: Ornithogalum Species: adseptentrionesvergentulum
28. Most Primitive Flower Amborella trichopoda Native to New Caledonia
29. Rarest Flowering Plant Pennantia baylisiana? Other Species? Native to New Zealand
30. Most Unusual Habitat A Lichen That Lives On Rabbit Poop! Pinnacles National Park, Calif.
31. Largest Plant Genus Locoweeds (Rattleweeds): Astragalus Some California Locoweeds

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