Cave Creek Canyon 2014
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Cave Creek Canyon Fall 2014: Non-Ant Arthropods
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Southern Snout Butterfly In Superstition Mtns

Southern Snout (Libytheana carinenta): Family Nymphalidae. In October 2014 these butterflies were abundant on palo verde trees (Cercidium microphyllum = Parkinsonia microphylla) at Lost Dutchman State Park.

Lorquin's Admiral At South Fork Of Cave Creek Canyon

Lorquin's Admiral (Limintis lorquini): Family Nymphalidae. This species was observed in the South Fork of Cave Creek Canyon on this road trip, but the Riker Mount was purchased at swap shop in nearby Rodeo.

Interesting Caterpillar At Cave Creek Ranch

Unidentified Plant Bug At Cave Creek Ranch

This species is similar to leaf-footed bug (Acanthocephala) that is common in Texas.

Centipede In Cave Creek Canyon

Unidentified Red Blister Beetle? In Chiricahua National Park

Argiope Orb Spider In Little Dragoon Mtns

This species is similar to the banded argiope (Argiope trifasciata).

Large Horse Lubber Grasshopper Near Wilcox, Arizona

Horse lubber grasshopper (Taeniopoda eques).

Pinacate Beetle On Harvester Ant Nest Near Willcox, Arizona

A large pinacate beetle (Eleodes obscurus sulcipennis) on a harvester ant nest. This species is a detritivore and often feeds near harvester ant nests. Scent glands secrete a strong, disagreeable odor that repels the ants.

  See Pinacate Beetle On Harvester Ant Hill Near Snowflake, Arizona  

Another Large Tenebrionid Beetle At Cave Creek Ranch