White Mtns 2013
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Arizona Road Trip Fall 2013: Arizona Ants (2)
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SnowFlake, Arizona

A large cf. Pogonomyrmex occidentalis ant hill near the Apache Railway in Snowflake, Arizona.

A large pinacate beetle (Eleodes obscurus sulcipennis) on the above large ant hill. This species is a detritivore and often feeds near harvester ant nests. Scent glands secrete a strong, disagreeable odor that repels the ants.

Holbrook, Arizona

Assorted pieces of weather-polished agate. The ground was littered with these attractive rocks. They are probably fragments of petrified logs that occur nearby in Petrified Forest National Park.

Holbrook, Arizona

Subgenus Myrmecocystus

Honeypot Ant (Myrmecocystus)

Probably M. mexicanus

Cottonwood, Arizona

Myrmicinae: Long Legged Ants (Aphaenogaster cockerelli)

A group of long-legged ants (Aphaenogaster cockerelli) carrying a piece of Nature Valley granola back to their nest. These ants are very abundant along the curbs and sidewalks at night. Unlike the nearby havester ant colonies, they do not sting. They are actually quite curious and friendly,