White Mtns 2013
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Arizona Road Trip Fall 2013: Arizona Plants (2)
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Pinetop, Arizona
Checkermallow (Sidalcea neomexicana) Malvaceae

Sidacea neomexicana along the edge of a silty creek. Closer
focusing on the stream background reveals a crayfish,

Cottonwood-Sedona, Arizona
Annual Goldeneye (Viguiera annua) Asteraceae

Annual goldeneye (Viguiera annua) appears in profusion after the monsoonal rains of late summer. Depending on the reference, it is also called "longleaf false goldeneye" under the names Heliomerus longifolia var. annua and H. annua. Whether these are synonyms or separate taxa (varieties) is unclear to this author.

Blue Aster (Machaeranthera asteroides var. asteroides) Asteraceae

Trailing Four O'Cock (Allionia incarnata) Nyctaginaceae

Colorado (Giant) Four O'Cock (Mirabilis multiflora) Nyctaginaceae