Wayne's Trivia Notes #12
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Wayne's Trivia Note #364 (30 May 2016)

Red wildflowers in full bloom on Owens Peak (31 May 2016): Mimulus aurantiacus var. puniceus (monkey flower), Silene laciniata ssp. laciniata (Indian Pink) & Delphinium cardinale (scarlet larkspur).

Wayne's Trivia Note #365 (30 May 2016)

Imagine living with your queen & hundreds of sisters all packed into a single acorn! I have yet to find a colony of these ants in an acorn. See Images By Alex Wild

Wayne's Trivia Note #366 (3 June 2016)

Why do I have so many trivia notes about ants? I am doing an ant survey at Daley Ranch for the City of Escondido. See Wayne's Word: Ants Of Daley Ranch

Wayne's Trivia Note #367 (8 June 2016)

Daley Ranch Quiz: 4 Choices: 1. Leaf A is poison oak; 2. Leaf B is poison oak; 3. Both leaves are poison oak; 4. Neither leaf is poison oak. See Wayne's Word for Answer   See Wayne's Poison Oak Article

Wayne's Trivia Note #368 (16 June 2016)

Many interesting insects and spiders show up in my ant traps at Daley Ranch. This is a camel cricket (family Rhaphidophoridae). Members of this family have strongly curved bodies, giving them a hump-backed appearance--hence the name "camel crickets." Unlike true crickets of the family Gryllidae, they lack wings and auditory organs.

Wayne's Trivia Note #369 (19 June 2016)

Last night's sunset from my home in Twin Oaks Valley, San Marcos. The clouds were enhanced by the huge Sherpa Fire in Santa Barbara.

Wayne's Trivia Note #370 (19 June 2016)

Happy Father's Day (19 June 2016). Image of my father working in his carpenter shop (City of Arcadia, CA).

Wayne's Trivia Note #371 (21 June 2016)

Last night's full moon (20 June) was a significant event. It coincided with the 2016 summer solstice, longest day of the year, strawberry harvest, and the expiration of your Costco American Express Credit Card! A "Strawberry Moon" doesn't mean the moon will turn a certain shade of red. That only occurs during a lunar eclipse, and unlike the past two years, we don't have any total lunar eclipses during 2016. More Wayne's Word Moon Images

Wayne's Trivia Note #372 (22 June 2016)

20 June 2016: Tiniest ant found at Daley Ranch thus far! Daley Ranch Largest Ant   My ant obsession takes my mind off of politics and gives me some desperately-needed exercise!

Wayne's Trivia Note #373 (29 June 2016)

Last Monday I spotted what appeared to be a gold nugget at Daley Ranch. My monetary excitement was short-lived. Close examination revealed that my gold nugget had legs--it was a small metallic beetle!

Wayne's Trivia Note #374 (2 July 2016)

A second gold beetle in Escondido (golden tortoise beetle). If they were made of real gold I would be a wealthy man!

Wayne's Trivia Note #375 (9 July 2016)

Last night I went on a search & enjoy mission in my backyard to find a preying mantis!

Wayne's Trivia Note #376 (12 July 2016)

My Ancestry.com DNA results are in: No surprises with Great Britain & Ireland (60% of my Pizza Graph). I already predicted these large percentage slices based on my surname and predisposition to basal cell carcinomas in sunny, southerly latitudes!

Wayne's Trivia Note #377 (29 July 2016)

Massive monsoon clouds east of Sandia Mountains in beautiful New Mexico. They bring incredible summer downpours, lightning, flash floods and a mass exodus of winged queens from ant nests.

Wayne's Trivia Note #378 (2 August 2016)

Another image from my recent road trip to Arizona-New Mexico: An impending monsoonal rain storm. The sky turned black and there were numerous lightning strikes. A video would have captured this scene better. The only downpour I ever experienced as strong as this was in Golfito, Costa Rica!

Wayne's Trivia Note #379 (8 August 2016)

A remarkable clay lens clearing in the chaparral hillside above my home in San Marcos. It contains some very interesting rare & endangered plants, including the San Diego thornmint (see next image).

  See Article About Thornmint & Clay Lens On Wayne's Word  

Wayne's Trivia Note #380 (12 August 2016)

Ants are harder than plants! Does the tiny spine on your hind tibia have comb-like hairs on one side; or do you have a minute triangular appendage on the tip of your stinger? These are two of many microscopic ant characteristics that require at least 100x magnification for a positive ID.

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