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Remember When: Things,
People & Wonderful Memories!

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  In Memory Of My Dear Friend John Allison: Best Friends Since 6th Grade (1952)  

  In Memory Of Dr. R. J. Vogl, CSULA Professor Who Inspired My Career In Biology  

  In Memory Of Ed Groschwitz, Palomar College Chemistry Professor & Dear Friend  

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   Year 2014 (Days 4749 - 5113 of the 3rd Millennium)   
  1. An Indispensable Tool In The Early Days Of 5 1/4-inch Floppy Disks
  2. My 1st Word Processor When I Began Teaching At Palomar College     
  3. Accurate, Portable, Scientific Calculator That Requires No Batteries
  4. "Red Car": The Original Mass Transit System For Southern California
  5. Loading Old Film Camera. Scanned Images Still Rival Digital Cameras
  6. Lead Shields To Protect Rolls Of Film From Airport X-Ray Machines
  7. Digital Storage Media That Became Obsolete During Past 15 years!
  8. Musical Recording Media That Became Obsolete During My Career
  9. A Remarkable Lizard That Once Occurred Near Palomar College
  10. Burrowing Owls Once Nested In The Fields Near Palomar College
  11. Students Used 51/4" tutorial diskettes in the Library Learning Center
  12. SuperWorks: The Program That Made Me Switch From Apple To PCs

   Year 2015 (Days 5114 - 5478 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain: Softdrinks From The Early 1950s
  2. Do You Remember The Wigwag (Pendulum) Railroad Crossing Signals?
  3. Do You Remember These Candies That Were Popular In The 1950s?
  4. Remember When: Palomar Teaching Images From The 2nd Millennium!

   Year 2016 (Days 5479 - 5844 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. Name Of Device On Old Wood-Burning Stove At Santa Anita Train Depot
  2. My Glass Antique Car From The 1940s. It Was Once Filled With Candy!
  3. Bright Red Circassian Seeds, Each Containing 12 Tiny Carved Elephants
  4. Circassian Seed Containing 12 Different Animals Instead Of 12 Elephants
  5. 1949 Donald Duck Comic Book About Square Eggs: "Lost In The Andes"
  6. In The 1960s I Used My Brunton Compass To Navigate. Now I Use iPhone!
  7. In The Late 1990s My 1st Digital Camera Saved Images To 3.5" Diskettes!
  8. Do People Still Use Animated Gif Images To Illustrate Moving Objects?
  9. Some Of My Storage Devices That Became Obsolete In The Past 20 Yrs
  10. My Old Carbide Lantern--It Never Needs Batteries Or A Charging Outlet!
  11. Singer Child's Sewing Machine From 1920s That Doesn't Need Electricity
  12. Comparison Between Shell Casing of .22 Long Rifle & 5 Inch Naval Gun
  13. General Patton's Colorado Desert Training Center North Of Salton Sea
  14. During My Years At Arcadia High School I Restored A 48 Ford Convertible
  15. As A Young Botany Teacher At Palomar College I Loved To Date Trees
  16. An Energy Efficient Method Of Scrubbing Clothes Without Electricity
  17. Mountain Top Cafe: I ate here today (1 Nov 2016) & about 50 years ago!
  18. Ingenuity From 19th Century: Binary Data Storage On Regina Music Box

   Year 2017 (Days 5845 - 6209 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. Remember When: Drive-in Restaurants & Classic Cars During the 1950s
  2. Nikkormat EL: An Amazing Old 35mm SLR Camera I Bought In The 1970s

   Year 2018 (Days 6210 - 6574 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. State Of The Art Eastman Kodak Camera When I Was Eleven Years Old
  2. Match Box Holders Were Common In Kitchens During My Formitive Years
  3. Like A Plasma Ball, My Model-T Ford Coil Produced High Voltage Lightning!
  4. My Modest Botanist Quarters: Tetiaroa Atoll, French Polynesia (Aug 1987)
  5. My Biology Student (Malek) From Pakistan & His Cooper's Hawk (Jan 1972)
  6. In Memory Of My Friend & Teacher Dr. Richard J. Vogl At Cal State Univ LA
  7. Classic Cameras Used By John From Palomar Mt Observatory, Elaine & Me
  8. Memorable Flights With Amazing Palomar Professor & Pilot Dr. Kent Backart
  9. In College In 1963 This Was My 1st Camera Capable Of Macrophotography
  10. 50 Years Before Amazon, Everything You Wanted Was From Sears Catalog
  11. Over 50 Years Ago I Found A Mantispid On The Palomar College Campus!

   Year 2019 (Days 6575 - 6939 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. My 1st 35 mm Camera Purchased In 1961 At Sears In Pasadena, California.
  2. In The Late 1950s I Worked Out With A Whitely Chest Pull To Repel Bullies!
  3. In The 1950s I Enhanced This Classic Hubley Cap Gun With Flat Black Paint
  4. In The 1970s I Had A Racoon Family Living At My Rural Home In Escondido
  5. My Classic 48 Ford Convertible Was A Model Used In Several Popular Movies
  6. Restored Richfield Gas Station On Hwy 66 Where I Got Gas In The 50s & 60s
  7. Found My Frank Buck Explorer's Sun Watch, My Prized Possession At Age 8!
  8. Biology Class Decades Ago: Unusual Hybrid Between Filbert & Rubber Tree!
  9. The Apple IIe: My 1st Computer Back In The Mid 1980s When I Went Digital
  10. My Original Popeye Silver Spoon & Fork Set Might Be A Collectible Today
  11. Some Of My Childhood Collections On Pathway To Becoming A Taxonomist
  12. It's Probably Time To Replace My Old Washing Machine With A Newer Model

   Year 2020 (Days 6940 - 7305 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. My Most Amazing Photo: A Lichen That Grows On Rabbit Poop!
  2. My Old Portable Typewriter That I Used Throughout Grade School & College
  3. Corn Poppy In My Front Yard: A Poppy To Commemorate All The War Dead
  4. Lagenaria Gourd Grown Many Years Ago & Painted To Resemble Rattlesnake
  5. Father's Day 2020: My Father & Classic 48 Ford Convertible Circa Late 1950s
  6. Found Metallic Green Fly In July 2020 That I Remember As Child In The 1950s!
  7. Two Vintage Cars I Owned, Worked On and Drove During The 1950s & 1960s!
  8. A Very Stressful Botany Field Trip On Beautiful Mt. Baldy With A Happy Ending

   Year 2021 (Days 7306 - 7670 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. Stood On Top Of Many High Mtns But Regrettably Never Wore Hat Or Sunscreen
  2. Another Arduous, Alpine Hike Over 50 Years Ago Without A Hat Or Sunscreen
  3. The Amazing Fig & Its Symbiotic Wasp: Communication With Richard Dawkins
  4. The Electric Street Cars & Steam Engines Of Arcadia, CA DuringThe Early 1950s

   Year 2022 (Days 7671 - 8035 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. Anther Smut: A Sexually Transmitted Plant Disease Discovered On Palomar Mtn
  2. San Clemente Island Brodiaea: Good Example Of A True Endemic Wildflower
  3. Many Years Ago Wayne (Alias Mr. Wolffia) & Wayne's Word Placed On Wikimedia
  4. In The 1950s, Lawn Mowers Were Commonly Powered By Your Back & Arms
  5. Memorable (Stressful) Hike To Summit Of Mt. Baldy In 1988 With Botany Class

   Year 2023 (Days 8036 - 8400 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. Kodachrome Wildflower Images Taken During Latter Decades Of 2nd Millennium
  2. Knobcone Pine Cones From My Fire Ecology Days At CSULA Over 50 Years Ago
  3. A Dead Steer In Kern County Who Dined On A Notoriously Poisonous Locoweed
  4. Does Anyone Remember The MS-DOS C:\ Prompt On A Windows 98 Computer?
  5. How Computer Technology & Internet Access Has Changed In Past 30 Years!

   Year 2024 (Days 8401 - 8766 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. Hike 50 Years Ago Into Sierra Nevada To Photograph The Rare Foxtail Pine
  2. Hike Over 40 Years Ago To Search For Arizona Devils Claw In Panamint Range
  3. My Most Strenuous Hike Over 30 Years Ago Was To The Summit Of Mt. Whitney
  4. In 1980s My Record For "Smallest Flowering Plants" Was Published In Guinness