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  In Memory Of My Father Paul Armstrong: Navy Seabee & Carpenter Extraordinaire  

 In Memory Of My Favorite Student During All The Years From Elementary School,
 High School, College, Graduate School & My Teaching Career At Palomar College

  In Memory Of My Dear Friend John Allison: Best Friends Since 6th Grade (1952)  

  In Memory Of Dr. R. J. Vogl, CSULA Professor Who Inspired My Career In Biology  

  Dear Colleagues & Friends During My Career At Palomar College  
Wonderful People That Truly Touched My Life

In Memory Of:

  Ed Groschwitz, Palomar College Chemistry Professor & Dear Friend  

  Kent Backart, Palomar College Chemistry Professor & Dear Friend  

  Lester Knapp, Palomar College Biology Professor & Dear Friend  

  Carolyn Benesh, Dear Friend & Co-Editor Of Ornament Magazine  

  Robert Ebert, Palomar College Biology Colleague & Dear Friend  

  Dr. George Zabka, Palomar College Botany Colleague & Dear Friend  

   Images Dedicated To Paul Armstrong: Father's Day & Memorial Day   

Wayne's Facebook Note #248 (27 March 2015)

A trip down memory lane: This is the little house in Arcadia where I grew up & played with ants during the 2nd millennium. It was built by my father, a U.S. Navy Seabee during the 2nd World War. My 1st Affair With Ants

Wayne's Facebook Note #250 (30 March 2015)

My father, a Navy Seabee, built a 2-story quonset hut cabin on this 4 acre parcel in the 1950s. It was later destroyed by fire and it took almost 50 years for the pinyon woodland to fully recover. I finally found this old black & white print of our cabin before it was painted!

Wayne's Facebook Note #370 (19 June 2016)

Happy Father's Day (19 June 2016). Image of my father working in his carpenter shop (City of Arcadia, CA). This was a marvelous place to work on school projects when I was in grade school.

Wayne's Facebook Note #409 (6 January 2017)

I was going through my father's WW II pictures, some of which are quite gory. I made a collage from 4 of his many images. Each year there are fewer and fewer of these brave men and women. We will never forget them.

Wayne's Facebook Note #449 (29 May 2017)

Memorial Day 2017: In memory of my father Paul Armstrong, U.S. Navy Seabee during World War II. He went ashore with U.S. Marines in the South Pacific and wore this helmet.

Wayne's Facebook Note #454 (17 June 2017)

Happy Father's Day (18 June 2017), posted on Facebook day before Father's Day: Image of my father (Paul Armstrong), carpenter extraordinaire, working in his carpenter shop (City of Arcadia, CA), circa 1960s.

Wayne's "Remember When" #62 (31 May 2020)

A corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas) appeared in my front yard (20 April 2020). This is the symbolic red poppy worn on Memorial Day & Veterans Day to commemorate all the brave men & women who gave their lives in World Wars. In fact, this is the red poppy native to Flanders Field, Belgium where millions of American & Allied soldiers fought and died in WWI. The poem "In Flanders Field" was written by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae in 1915. In grade school I remember my dear grandmother selling red "buddy poppies" for the VFW and American Legion in remembrance of all those who fought and died.

Wayne's "Remember When" #64 (21 June 2020)

HAPPY FATHER's DAY 2020. My father Paul Armstrong & my 1st car in front of my home in Arcadia, CA. Photo taken in the mid 1950s. I completely restored this old car with all new parts from Ford Obsolete in Downtown LA, including bumpers, chrome trim, dash, etc. I must say I truly miss my father (& my classic car). We logged many great memories together.

   My Dear Mother Ruth Armstrong: I Couldn't Have Made It Without Her!   

In Memory of

Carolyn Benesh

Special Friend

and Brilliant Coeditor

of Ornament Magazine

   Ornament Magazine  

My friendship with Carolyn, her husband Robert and son Patrick began in the early 1990s when I took many Palomar College field expeditions to the Caribbean, Central and South America. I became fascinated with drift seeds along beaches and tropical seed jewelry sold by street vendors. I wrote to the prestigious and beautiful magazine of human adornment Ornament regarding a possible article. I visited the Ornament headquarters in San Marcos and met these wonderful and talented people for the first time. Probably my most noteworthy accomplishment under these marvelous coeditors was documenting the lack of authenticity for coconut pearls in 2005.

When Elaine and I moved to our present home in Twin Oaks Valley in 2001 I had no idea that Carolyn & Robert lived 2 doors away. On a phone call when Robert and I discussed landmarks in our lovely neighborhood I suddenly realized that there were just too many coincidences! So this is when we really became close friends in many ways. We shared many happy times together, dinners, parties, watching presidential debates, field trips, etc. It all went by too quickly.

We all make numerous friendships during our lifetimes, but very few like Carolyn, Robert and Patrick. We were on the same level emotionally, politically and spiritually, and we admired their intellect and humor. I can truly say I loved this family. Bob & Patrick are strong and I know they will survive, but it will be difficult. For me it was excruciating saying goodbye to Carolyn. Elaine and I will truly miss our conversations and her lovely smile. I know time will heal our sadness, but we will never forget this beautiful lady as long as we live.

Carolyn passed away at home with Robert and Patrick by her side on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Our Lovely Little Neighborhood.