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Humorous Events In Wayne's
40 YearTeaching Career

Published Occasionally On Facebook

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   Year 2020 (Days 6940 - 7305 of the 3rd Millennium)   

  1. A Fascinating Encounter With Orangutan At The San Diego Zoo
  2. Filbert-Rubber Tree Hybrid Presented To Me In My Biology Class
  3. Embarrassing Spelling & Pronunciation Of Currency In Costa Rica!
  4. Sand Grains On My Rear In Costa Rica Were Actually Tick Larvae
  5. Attempting To Ask A Pharmacist In Costa Rica For Sulfur Powder
  6. My Peter Sellers Comedy Imitation At A Formal Sit Down Dinner
  7. Itchy Seeds In My Long Underwear On Cold Night In Death Valley
  8. Conversations About Penis Sheath Gourd From Ethnic Art Show
  9. Quoted Incorrectly In Story About Rare Plants Near Palomar College
  10. My Experience As Character Witness In DUI Case At Superior Court

   Year 2021 (Days 7306 - 7670 of the 3rd Millennium)   

   Year 2022 (Days 7671 - 8035 of the 3rd Millennium)