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3 Strenuous Hikes In Search Of Interesting Plants

(1) Wayne's Remember When #82 (16 January 2024)

Remember When: 50 years ago I went on a strenuous 20 mile roundtrip hike (4,000 ft. elevation gain) to the summit of Alta Peak in Sequoia National Park. I wanted to photograph the rare foxtail pine endemic to California. Like most of my old friends, I must admit that I really miss those days when I was young.

(2) Wayne's "Remember When" #83 (20 January 2024)

Remember When: Over 40 years ago I went on another strenuous hike from Death Valley to snow-covered Panamint Range in search of Arizona devils claw (unicorn plant) introduced by Shoshone "Hungry Bill" at his ranch in late 1800s. Whether it was truly naturalized is controversial, but I found seed capsule evidence of plants growing at his remote ranch in Panamint Range.

(3) Wayne's "Remember When" #84 (23 January 2024)

Based on distance, elevation gain & altitude, my most strenuous hike was to the summit of Mt. Whitney, highest mountain in contiguous U.S. In fact, at 14,500 ft. you are getting about 60% of normal oxygen with each breath. Regarding the truly remarkable Hulda Crooks, I am amazed she made this long, difficult hike at age 91!

Wayne's "Remember When" #85 (27 March 2024)

In the early 1980s I submitted undisputed record for "Smallest Flowering Plants" to Guinness Book. It was published in the UK & U.S. editions. BTW, chaffweed is incorrect since 3 species of Wolffia are known from Britain.

  World's Smallest Flowering Plants