Nikon D-40X Images Part 5

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Images Taken With Nikon D-40X Part 5
 FM-2 Film Images:   Film 1     Film 2 
Images on this page were taken with a Nikon D-40x and 18-200 mm Nikkor lens.
All of the images were taken as a macro with lens fully extended (zoomed out).

Nikon D-40x with 18-200 mm Nikkor lens and SB-400 Flash.

The following three images were taken with two 2000 lumen
fluorescent lamps on a light box. Without electronic flash.

This is uncropped image of penny. Diameter of penny is 19 mm.

  How Large Is The Penny In Above Image  

Tarantula hawk wasp with very little cropping.

The following image of Geranium was taken in Program mode without flash.

The following image of Geranium was taken in Manual mode with SB-400 flash.

Views Of Palomar Mountain From Hidden Meadows

Views Of Orb Weaver Spider In Web

Funnel-Web Spider Family (Agelenidae)

A funnel-web spider or "corner spider" (Hololema curta) in its web.

Hand Held View Of The Moon With Nikon 18-200 Lens

Hand Held View Of The Moon With Sony H5 + Teleconverter

Hand Held View Of Papilio cresphontes With Nikon 18-200 Lens