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Index Of Cameras Used On Wayne's Word

Smart Phones vs. High Zoom Point & Shoot Cameras Like Sony HX-50

First of all, I must say that the image quality of smart phone cameras like Samsung & iPhones is getting better and better. They take remarkably good pictures with built in software. However, as of 25 December 2019 they still cannot compete with some point and shoot cameras with high quality movable lenses, particularly high zoom cameras like the Sony HX50 & HX60. Can your smart phone pick up craters on the moon or barely see the rings of saturn? If have taken some remakable images of distant animals that were invisible or barely visible to the naked eye. See Sony HX images (#10, #11 & #12 below). Of course, these images ideally require some time-consuming optimization with Photoshop. When it comes to SLR & mirroreless Nikon & Canon cameras with removable (interchangeable) lenses, they are in a league by themselves!

Wayne's Word Camera Images

  1. Nikon SLR Camera Pages
  2. Nikon Macro & Telephoto Lenses
  3. Tips On Photographing Live Ants
  4. Sony T9 & T10 Mini Cameras
  5. Sony T9 Spider Images
  6. Tips For Sony T9 & T10 Users
  7. Sony DSC W-300 On Microscope
  8. Sony DSC TX5 Waterproof Camera
  9. Sony DSC HX9v Camera   
  10. Sony DSC HX20v Camera
  11. Sony DSC HX50v Camera
  12. Sony DSC HX60v Camera
  13. Excellent iPhone 6 Images

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