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   Maui Trip: 20 December 2013 - 4 January 2014      Maui Trip 2012  
Cameras Used: Nikon D3200, Nikon D90, Sony HX20V & Sony T9
Click on the following 10 parts to open different image pages from this trip. From the 10 image pages, click the red HOME tab to get back to this Home Page.  Note: Some of these images are plants & insects not commonly photographed by casual observers on fun trips to Maui!
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© W.P. Armstrong 12 January 2014

Rainbow Over West Maui Mountains. Nikon D3200
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     Part 6:    Polynesian Seabean

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     Part 10:  Maui Animals

Maui Sunset & Unusual Ant (Leptogenys falcigera). Sony HX20V & Nikon D90

Hawaiian Islands: Arrow shows general direction of ferry between Maui & Molokai,

Disclaimer: Contrary to rumors, I do not have an aversion to seawater. My primary interest is terrestrial biology and botany. In addition, I do not expose my unprotected, hypersensitive facial skin to direct sunlight and water reflection. The following image links explain my reasoning; however, viewer discretion is advised.

     Microscopic Images        Cancer On Nose        Cancer On Forehead