Albuquerque July 2016 Part 3
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Albuquerque Road Trip July 2016 Part 3
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Monsoon Clouds

Massive monsoon clouds east of Sandia Mountains in beautiful New Mexico. They bring incredible summer downpours, flash floods and a mass exodus of winged queens from ant nests.

Another image from the Arizona/New Mexico road trip: An impending monsoonal rain storm. The sky turned black and there were numerous lightning strikes. A video would have captured this scene better. The only downpour I ever experienced as strong as this was in Golfito, Costa Rica!

Winged Queen Ants Emerging From Nest Following Monsoon Rain

Pogonomyrmex winged queens (alate females) swarming in a mass exodus from the highest point on a sandstone outcrop. The large ants were landing all around me, including my face and hat!