Albuquerque July 2016 Part 4
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Albuquerque Road Trip July 2016 Part 4
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Freight Trains (1)

Kingman, Arizona

Kingman Train: 6 Lead Engines

Old Kingman, Ariz. Steam Engine 3759

Santa Fe Railway 3759 is a standard gauge 4-8-4, Northern type, steam railway locomotive built by Baldwin in 1928. It is on display in Locomotive Park, located between Andy Devine Avenue and Beale Street in Kingman, Arizona. Originally a coal-burning locomotive with 73-inch drivers, the fleet was converted to oil in 1936 and rebuilt between 1938 and 1941 with 80-inch drivers. Its regular service was pulling passenger trains on the Santa Fe's main line through Kingman, which was a water stop. Retired in 1953, the engine had traveled over 2,585,000 miles. The main wheels of this giant steam locomotive are over 6 ft. tall.

Needles, California