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(Including Images From Huntington Botanical Gaden & L.A. Arboretum)
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Cameras Used On This Trip: Nikon D-3200, Nikon D-40x, Sony HX-20, Sony T-9, Sony T-10
© W.P. Armstrong 2 April 2015

Windmills On A Ridge Overlooking Tehachapi
Table Of Contents

     Part 1:  Memory Lane Images

     Part 2:  Huntington Bot. Garden

     Part 3:  LA County Arboretum

     Part 4:  Cajon Pass Freight Trains

     Part 5:  Tehachapi Freight Trains (1)

     Part 6:  Tehachapi Freight Trains (2)

     Part 7:  Ant Species (1)

     Part 8:  Ant Species (2)

     Part 9:  Other Insects

     Part 10:  Miscellaneous

A note to viewers of this page: Tehachapi and Cajon Pass are marvelous places to photograph freight trains. They often have more than 100 cars and extend for more than a mile. Individual cars when fully loaded may weigh up to 100 tons, so it takes multiple engines to pull this incredible load up a 2.2 percent grade. I observed one train with nine engines: 5 in front, 2 in the middle, and 2 at the end! The largest CW locomotives produce 6,000 horespower each, a total of 54,000 hp (6 x 9). With 140 fully loaded cars this adds of up to over 14,000 tons not counting the nine engines which are over 100 tons each!

Depending on the load, it takes at least 5 large 100 ton engines (locomotives) to pull a train with 100 cars up this 2.2 percent Cajon Pass grade. The train is over a mile long and weighs thousands of tons! This area is along the San Andreas Fault. One track has a section with a 3 percent grade which is the limit for long freight trains.

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