Tehachapi Road Trip 2015 Part 10
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Tehachapi Road Trip Spring 2015 Part 10
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Miscellaneous Images

Lichens On Boulders Above Tehachapi Loop

Crustose rock lichens on granitic boulder overlooking Tehachapi Loop. Chartreuse lichen is probably Pleopsidium flavum (P. chlorophanum is very similar). Red lichen is species of Caloplaca (cf. C. ignea), also called the "flame firedot lichen."

Lennoaceae: Pholisma arenarium (Sand Plant)

The root parasite called sand plant (Pholisma arenarium) growing from the roots of rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus) in Sand Canyon (east of Tehachapi). The flower stalk has completey dried out.

Sand Plant in full bloom in Anza-Borrego Desert.

Pholisma arenarium in full bloom in Anza-Borrego Desert.

Unknown Fungus On Coast Live Oak At Pomona College

An unknown fungus on Quercus agrifolia stump.

Big-Headed Ants (Pheidole vistana) Back Home On Owens Peak

I didn't see any big-headed ants (Pheidole) on this trip, although I'm sure I walked near the nests of several species. So I decided to include P. vistana workers while sitting on my favorite rock outcrop at the summit of Owens Peak after I arrived home. I think the cooperation between workers in moving large chunks of Nature Valley Granola along a vertical rock face to their nest in a rock crevice is absolutely amazing.