Tehachapi Road Trip 2015 Part 6
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Tehachapi Road Trip Spring 2015 Part 6
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Tehachapi Freight Trains (2 of 2))

My longest Tehachapi train, I lost count after 100 cars. It had 10 large engines, 8 in front and 2 at the rear. With a conservative estimate of 5,000 horsepower per engine (large engines may have 6,000 hp), this train generates at least 50,000 hp. With engines that weigh over 100 tons each and freight cars with load capacities of over 100 tons, this train has a potential total weight of over 11,000 tons. I doubt if 50,000 horses could pull this load up theTehachapi grade!

More Images Of 10 Engine Tehachapi Freight Train

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