Truckee Road Trip 2015 Part 6
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Truckee Road Trip Fall 2015 Part 6
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Ant Species Observed On This Road Trip

Inyokern Area Along US Hwy 395

Pogonomyrmex: Large, dark red-black harvester ants similar to P. rugosus, or possibly hybrids with P. barbatus. These ants definitely have a painful sting.

Messor pergandei: Shiny black, non-stinging harvester ants that are very common throughout the Mojave & Colorado Desert areas.

Ant Nests Near June Lake Turnoff On US Hwy 395

Formica: Multiple nests (yellow arrows) of field or wood ants in the understory of a Jeffrey pine forest. This is just one of the many species of Formica encountered on this trip. Formica species are common in wooded (forested) areas with 175 described species. In the Truckee region alone there are 19 species.

Sparks, Nevada: Near Red Hawk Resort

Pogonomyrmex: Stinging red harvester ants similar to P. californicus. The nest mounds were unusually large. The water bottle is shown for a size comparison.

Pavement Ant Workers (Tetramorium caespitum)

Tetramorium caespitum (Pavement Ant): Small, slow-moving ant introduced from Europe.

Truckee Ants Of The Jeffrey Pine Forest

Formica oreas: A field ant native to the high Sierra Nevada.