Truckee Road Trip 2015 Part 8
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Truckee Road Trip Fall 2015 Part 8
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Miscellaneous Images From This Road Trip

Exceedingly Large Ant At My Hotel In Truckee

Gigantoantus truckensis: A realistic giant ant found in Truckee!

A Novel Use For Mason Jars!

Ceiling lights at Zephyr Cove Restaurant, Lake Tahoe

Assorted Aspen Leaves From Truckee

Leaves of Populus tremuloides collected on the ground in Truckee.

Pine Lichen On Jeffrey Pines

Letharia vulpina (Pine lichen or wolf lichen): This is a fruticose lichen that grows epiphytically on conifer limbs and branches. The large black "cups" are fungal spore-bearing structures called apothecia.

Prince Albert In A Can

While walking in downtown Reno I found this can of Prince Albert for sale in an antique store: For my entire life I have searched for Prince Albert in a can. I finally found the can but Prince Albert was not inside. All I know is that he has been on the can for at least 50 years!

Mustang Ranch College Of Interpersonal Relationships

While staying in Sparks, Nevada I decided to visit the infamous Mustang Ranch College Of Interpersonal Relationships. Classes were already in session and enrollment was first come, first served. Since I didn't have an appointment, I just walked around the historic campus.