Truckee Road Trip 2015 Part 7
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Truckee Road Trip Fall 2015 Part 7
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Ant Species Observed On This Road Trip (Cont.)

Truckee Ants Of The Jeffrey Pine Forest

Formica oreas: A field ant native to the high Sierra Nevada.

More Images Of Formica oreas In Truckee Area:

Another Formica Nest West Of Truckee

A Large Carpenter Ant In Truckee

This appears to be Camponotus modoc: A large carpenter ant native to the Sierra Nevada. It was collected in the Jeffrey pine forest near Truckee.

Honeypot Ant North Of Bishop (6,000 ft. Elevation)

Myrmecocystus (Subgenus Endiodioctes): A fascinating genus common to the Mojave & Colorado deserts. They are easily identified by their long maxillary palps. The circular nest entrance is also distinctive. The bright red head of this species is similar to M. mendax and M. semirufus; however, I have not as yet verified the specific epithet.

  Myrmecocystus mendax/semirufus in Anza-Borrego Desert  

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