Palomar College Arboretum Lecture 1
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Wayne's Word® Home Page:

Coastal Sage Scrub Plant Community
Biomes & Plant Communities: Definitions

Coastal Sage Scrub (Biology 100 Lab Manual)
Two Species Of Rattlesnakes In Local Hills Near Palomar College

Coastal Sage Scrub Plant List List By Family

Fire Adaptations: Ashes To Wildflowers

Allelopathy: Spotted Knapweed (1)     Spotted Knapweed (2)

Lichens In Local Hillsides West Of Campus

Lichens On Owens Peak (Palomar "P")

Palomar College Arboretum

Plants Of The Palomar College Arboretum

Red M-number: Refers to Plant List Used for Botany 100
Underlined Species: On Page Of GPS Coordinates
Google Map Of Species With GPS Coordinates

DNA & New Taxonomy Of Plants
Plant Classification Lecture

            Cladogram For The Duckweed Family
            Duckweeds Now Placed In Arum Family
            The Duckweeds: Smallest Flowering Plants
            Flow Chart For Duckweed Family (Morphology)
            Cladogram For The Arum Family (Chloroplast DNA)