Plant Classification Lecture 1
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The Classification Of Plants
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   *Notes On Diversity Of The California Flora*
How plants are classified and named. Vegetative and reproductive terminology,
including modern phylogenetic classification using chloroplast DNA. Flowering
plants will be emphasized, including their sudden origin in the fossil record.

See: Judd, W.S., Campbell, C.S., Kellogg, E.A., Stevens, P.F., and M.J. Donoghue. 2008.
Plant Systematics: A Phylogenetic Approach. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Mass.

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1.   How To Identify Plants: 3 Ways To Find A Plant's Name

2.   Revised 2012 Jepson Manual       Go To UC Press

            List Of Plant Families
            Key To The Plant Families
            Key To The Genera
            Glossary Of Terms Used In Jepson Manual
            Geographic Subdivisions Of California

3.   Name Changes & Diversity Of California Flora      

4.   Diversity Of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)      

            Locoweeds: Largest Genus Of Angiosperms
            Index Of Wayne's Word Wildflower Images
            Cypress Species In California
            Pine Species In California
            More Plant Taxonomy Links

5.   Classification of Living Systems

            Five Kingdoms Of Life
            Major Divisions Of Life
            Look Up Genus On Kew Plant List
            Find Plant On CalPhotos Database

6.   Vegetative Terminology

            Root & Stem Terminology
            Leaf Terminology
            Leaf Shapes & Surfaces

7.   Reproductive Terminology

            Flower Terminology
            Inflorescence Terminology
            Fruit Terminology
            Key To Major Fruit Types

8.   Dichotomous Keys

            Indented Key To Duckweed Genera
            Flow Chart For Duckweed Family
            On-Line Key To Duckweed Family
            Key To Duckweed Genera In Jepson Manual
            Duckweed Family In Flora of North America
            Key To Southern California Brodiaeas
            Cryptantha In Southern California
            Key To Cryptantha In Jepson Manual
            Drawings Of Plant Unknowns For Botany 110
            Flora ID Northwest Computerized Keys
            Herbarium Collections & Labels
            Key To Wayne's Word Hippo Family

9.   Procedure For Naming A Plant

            Brodiaeas In Central & S. California
            Searching The Literature
            Basalt On The Santa Rosa Plateau
            B. santarosae Images & Collecting Type Specimen
            Article In Madrono (California Botanical Society)
            Article In Fremontia (California Native Plant Society)

Lecture: Plant Mysteries & Mistakes!

10a.   Plant Name Proven To Be A Hoax

            Coconut Pearl: Most Valuable Gem
            Coconut Pearl: Proof Of Authenticity

10b.   Plants Named Incorrectly: 3 Examples

            Araucarioxylon arizonicum in Arizona
            Ficus ceratops in Badlands of Montana
            Proposed Name Change For The Genus Landoltia

11.   DNA & Modern Plant Systematics

            DNA Structure & Function
            DNA & Phylogenetic Trees

12.   Duckweed Family Phylogenetic Trees

            Flow Chart For Duckweed Family (Morphology)
            Cladogram For The Duckweed Family
            Duckweeds Now Placed In Arum Family
            Duckweeds: Smallest Flowering Plants
            Cladogram For The Arum Family (Chloroplast DNA)
            Generate Crossword Puzzle Patterns Like Cladograms

13.   Other Changes Using Chloroplast DNA

            Cladogram For Gymnsperm Families
            Brodiaeas Now In Themidaceae
            Major Changes To Other Families
            Major Changes To Dicot Families

14.   Origin Of Potato Using Chloroplast DNA

            Irish Potato Originally From Chiloé

15.   Lichens & Gel Electrophoresis

            Lichen Symbiosis: A True Synergistic Relationship

16.   Darwin's Abominable Mystery

            Origin Of Flowering Plants
            Evolution & Origin Of Life