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Wobbling Wheel

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Sarah's Photo Album

Rock Climbing With Mr. Wolffia
Riding Mule On Mt. San Jacinto

Sarah and Rock Lichens

The steep, eastern escarpment of Mt. San Jacinto is covered with colorful colonies of crustose rock lichens. In the photo are orange Caloplaca saxicola and yellow Acarospora chlorophana, two common species in the high mountains of southern California. Lichens are fungi containing photosynthetic algal cells. Living together they form a remarkable marriage in which both partners benefit. The algal cells provide food (carbohydrates) for the fungus, while the fungal body provides a safe home for the algal cells. Without each other, they could not survive in this harsh environment of extreme temperatures and long periods without a drop of water.

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Sarah and Giant Legume Pods

Sarah holding two enormous legume pods from a large woody vine or liana of the tropical rain forest. This unusual legume belongs to the genus Entada, possibly the Old World species E. phaseoloides. It is similar to the New World species called the sea heart (E. gigas), except sea heart pods are larger and very flimsy. In fact, sea heart pods are the world's longest bean pod. They usually break apart into one-seeded sections and the large brown seeds are distinctly heart-shaped. The seeds of Entada species are carried by torrential rains into rivers and eventually into the sea where they often drift to the shores of distant continents and islands.

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Sarah's First Fish

This bass was caught by Sarah at Doane Pond on Palomar Mountain. What is astounding about this catch is that she did it with a little stick, a piece of fishing line, and an old lure, all of which she found on the ground by the pond. Other people fishing nearby were not catching any fish, and yet they were using fancy fishing rods, nets, tackle boxes and bait. Incidentally, the fish was thrown back into the pond to give the other people a chance.

Sarah modeling an official Wayne's Word T-shirt, the standard
uniform for the entire staff at Wayne's Word. These shirts have
become quite popular and are in great demand by naturalists,
college students, teachers, and unemployed biologists.

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