Palm Canyon 2
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Borrego Palm Canyon & Palo Verde Canyon

© W.P. Armstrong 10 April 2008

Hwy 79 East of Lake Henshaw

Goldfields (Lasthenia californica) near Lake Henshaw.

  Another View Of Goldfields Taken From This Same Spot  

Palm Canyon

Acanthaceae: Carlowrightia arizonica (Arizona Carlowrightia)

The inconspicuous corolla of Carlowrightia arizonica is only 10 mm long.

Carlowrightia arizonica flower and fruit.

  Carlowrightia arizonica In Little Surprise Canyon  

Borrego Valley North Of Borrego Springs

Cactaceae: Cylindropuntia ganderi var. ganderi (Gander's Cholla)

The green petals and filaments of this Cylindropuntia ganderi fade to red with age.

  See Reddish-Brown Flowers Of Cylindropuntia wolffii  

A hapless honey bee impailed on the spines of Gander cholla (Cylindropuntia ganderi var. ganderi). This unfortunate event may have been facilitated by the gusty winds in this area.

Family Meloidae: Cysteodemus armatus (Inflated Blister Beetle)

The inflated blister beetle (Cysteodemus armatus), a curious beetle with a small head and inflated abdomen. Because it superficially resembles a spider it is sometimes called the desert spider beetle. This beetle feeds on ephemeral wildflowers as it scurries across sandy riverbeds and washes. The pitted back has several color variations.

Palo Verde Canyon

A well-camouflaged ground mantid (Litaneutria minor).

Fabaceae: Marina parryi (Parry's Dalea)

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