Imperial Co. Domelands
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Trail To The Domelands & Wind Caves of Imperial County
© W.P. Armstrong 1 March 2011
Highway S-2 En Route To The Domelands Trail Head

View of the Laguna Mts from Hwy S-2 in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

1. Mud Hills & Dark-Colored Limestone Oyster Reef Along Trail

2. Chenopodiaceae: Atriplex species (Saltbush)

Desert Holly (Atriplex hymenelytra)

An assortment of winged, one-seeded fruits (utricles) of saltbushes (Atriplex) from the Death Valley region: (A) A. canescens, (B) A. confertifolia, (C) A. hymenelytra, (D) A. polycarpa and (E) A. parryi. All of these species except (B) and (E) occur in the Anza-Borrego Desert region.

Atriplex elegans var. fasciculata (Wheelscale) in alkaline depression along trail to the Domelands.

3. Asteraceae: Malperia tenuis (Brown Turbans)

3. Solanaceae: Lycium fremontii (Fremont's Desert Thorn)

4. Fabaceae: Psorothamnus polydenius (Nevada Dalea)

Close-up view of the flower of Psorothamnus polydenius showing bright orange glands on the calyx.

Magnified view of a gland on the calyx of Psorothamnus polydenius showing cellular detail. 400x
[The diameter is roughly equivalent to the length of an average grain of ordinary table salt (NaCl).]

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5. Cactaceae: Echinocactus polycephalus var. polycephalus (Mojave Mound Cactus)

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6. Boraginaceae: Cryptantha maritima (White-Hair Cryptantha)

7. Order Tulostomatales: Stalked Desert Puffball

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8. Fossil Sand Dollars (Echinodermata) In Marine Sandstone

9. Fossiliferous Marine Limestones and Sandstones

A & B: Marine mollusks (pelecypods & gastropods); C: Limestone oyster reef; D: Sand dollars (echinoderms).

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10. Wind Caves and View of Carrizo Badlands

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