Rattlesnake Canyon 2011
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Scissors Crossing To Rattlesnake Canyon December 2011
San Diego County, California   © W.P. Armstrong 15 December 2011

Fremont Cottonwood (Populus fremontii) near Scissors Crossing

Font's Point Wash

Dried, reddish-brown flower stalk of Orobanche cooperi near its host shrub Ambrosia dumosa.

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail

Lute Fault Scarp. The alluvium was uplifted along the Clark Fault, a branch of the San Jacinto Fault. In the distance is Clark Dry Lake and Coyote Mountain.

Entering the steep, striated walls of Rattlesnake Canyon.

Crossosoma bigelovii in crevice of a vertical rock wall.

Crossosoma bigelovii in Henderson Canyon

Parry's Dalea (Marina parryi): Another Interesting Discovery

Marina parryi in Nearby Paloverde Canyon

Close-up view of the stem of creosote bush (Larrea tridentata). The dark resin globs are secretions from the creosote bush lac insect (Tachardiella larreae.)

Barrel cactus (Ferocactus cylindraceus).

Mohave mound cactus (Echinocactus polycephalus var. polycephalus).

Mojave Mound Cactus From Nearby Paloverde Wash

Bearded cryptantha (Cryptantha barbigera).

Phoradendron californicum on palo verde (Cercidium floridum ssp. floridum).

Sunset and approaching rain clouds from the west.

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