Anza-Borrego Desert Lecture 1
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Lecture: Curiosities Of The Desert #1
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Little-known & unusual inhabitants of Anza-Borrego Desert
State Park, from microbes that change the desert landscape
to strange insects and many beautiful & bizarre wildflowers.

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1.   Desert Varnish: Appendaged Bacteria

2.   Desert Stromatolites: Cyanobacteria

3.   Cryptobiotic Crust: Lichens (Algae &
   Fungi), Mosses & Liverworts

4.   Parasitic Flowering Plants: Mistletoe,
   Broomrapes, Sand Plant & Sand Food

            Desert Mistletoe (Phoradendron californicum)
            Desert Broomrape (Orobanche cooperi)
            Sand Plant (Pholisma arenarium)
            Sand Food (Pholisma sonorae): Most Bizarre Wildflower

5.   Pilostyles: A Most Unusual Wildflower

            Dyeweed & Harvester Ants

6.   Harvester Ants In The Colorado Desert

            Honeypot Ants (Myrmecocystus)
            Leaf-Cutter Ants (Acromyrmex)
            More Leaf-Cutter Ants (Acromyrmex)

7.   Duckweed: Smallest Flowering Plant In
   Anza-Borrego Desert

            Duckweed Family Taxonomy Using Morphology
            Arum Family Phylogeny Using Chloroplast DNA
            Eurphorbia Family: Minute Flowers In Cyathium

  8.   The Cryptic Cryptanthas (Popcorn Flowers)

            Cryptanthas In Moonlight Canyon Wash
            Cryptantha Species On Wayne's Word

  9.   Nemacladus: Minute Beautiful Wildflowers

            Nemacladus In Henderson Canyon
            Nemacladus In Moonlight Canyon Wash
            The Rare Nemacladus twisselmannii

10.   Devil's Claw: Hitchhiker On Big Animals

            Ultimate & Painful Hitchhikers
            The Remarkable Cocklebur
            Grab Lotus Hitchhiker Pod
            The Genus Lotus Is Now Acmispon

11.   Locoweeds: Wild & Crazy Plants

            Mind Altering Plant Alkaloids
            A Locoweed & A Dead Steer
            Model Of Locoweed Poison Molecule
            Endemic Dune Locoweed & Sand Food

12.   The Bizarre Palm-Boring Beetle

            Links To Spiders & Insects

13.   The Unusual Moth Lacewing

            Link To The Order Neuroptera

14.   Ground Mantid In Palo Verde Canyon

            More Images Of Preying Mantids

15.   Southern California Mites

            Scorpions & Ticks

16.   Sand Cockroach In Coyote Creek

            More Images Of Cockroaches

17.   The Terrible Sahara Mustard

            Another Mustard In San Diego Co.